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How to compose a melody

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Melodies embrace a growth of tones in steps. They’re the “singable” part of a little bit of music, the precept sound that shines earlier all the background elements and embellishments. It would not matter what kind of music you’re writing, you might have considered trying a melody. With a powerful foundation throughout the fundamentals of music and a few exercise routines and strategies, it’s possible you’ll uncover it is less complicated than you assume to place in writing a melody.

  • We will be using musical phrases on this text because of it is troublesome to elucidate these ideas with out them. Some shall be outlined nevertheless others are too difficult to cowl in a straightforward sentence. In case you do not understand points like beats, measures, and time, it’s possible you’ll have to do some learning first.
  • The most common music form often called AABA. Due to this there are two “verses”, a “chorus”, after which one different “verse”. In several phrases, a bit that sounds a way, then one different that sounds the similar, then one factor completely completely different, then a return to the theme of the first half.
  • There are many completely differing kinds nonetheless, so carry out a little analysis to hunt out which one is best for you. You might keep in mind AAAA, ABCD, AABACA, and lots of others. Otherwise you probably can break from this solely, in any case.
  • As an example, the chord growth for blues and jazz adjust to particular sorts. Jazz makes heavy use of particular chords, so it’s possible you’ll have to lookup jazz chords sooner than writing songs like that.
  • Write down how the notes change. How do they assemble? How does the necessary factor make you are feeling? How does the melody work with the lyrics? What’s good regarding the melody? What doesn’t work or what may probably be larger? You might swap these lessons to your particular person melodies.
  • In case you wouldn’t have an instrument, you probably can sing or use an internet based mostly instrument. You’ll uncover many free pianos on web pages and on apps on the market to your cell machine.
  • Individuals who discover themselves naturally musically-inclined will sometimes merely offer you little bits of music like this, like how an artist might get an thought for a painting. If this describes you, protect a digital voice recorder or a pocket e book (in case you perceive any form of music notation)
  • You’ll uncover web pages that play chords for you in case you wouldn’t have an instrument to work with otherwise you have no idea plenty of chords.
  • Try buzzing alongside to the chords and fiddle with strategies to make it additional difficult. Because you probably can solely make one sound at a time, it’s possible you’ll uncover you might have a melody sooner than you perceive it. Do not fret about lyrics instantly: expert musicians almost always write a melody first and use nonsense sounds moderately than phrases.
  • An outstanding practice is to borrow from a novel model of music. Say you have to write a of us music, as an illustration. Try borrowing from rap. Want to write down a country music? Borrow from classical.
  • Among the many finest examples of that’s the allegro con brio from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. He took solely a basic motif and repeated it many times and created one of many important iconic objects of music ever.
  • A bassline could also be straightforward or it might be difficult, could also be fast or it might be sluggish. In some genres of music, the bassline follows a particular pattern, as in soar blues the place it is almost always a scale of quarter notes. The one important half is that it matches with and helps the melody you might have written.
  • Start by establishing what key your melody was written in. Certain chords sound larger with positive keys than others. As an example, in case your music begins with a C, then a C chord shall be a pure place to start.
  • As soon as you alter between chords will really rely in your music, nevertheless try and time the modifications to important sounds or modifications throughout the melody. Usually, chord modifications will happen on the downbeat, at or in path of the beginning of a measure. It is also doable to make use of a chord change to information into one different chord. As an example, in a 4/4 music, you would possibly want one chord on the downbeat of 1 after which one different on 4, sooner than primary into the chord change at one throughout the subsequent measure.

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To compose your particular person melody, start by making a base, which is just like the inspiration or building of the music. In case you’ve got an instrument, comparable to a guitar or a piano, merely fiddle with completely completely different patterns until you uncover one factor that sounds good. Once you don’t have an instrument, there are quite a few web pages and apps which have units you have to use instead. Upon getting a small growth of notes, corresponding to three – 4, try and assemble upon this idea to rework it proper right into a melody. Once you’re struggling to provide you ideas, attempt using a motif. A motif is solely a set of notes that repeat with slight variations. To help your melody shine, offer you a bassline. That’s primarily the background part of your music. For additional ideas on composing a melody, like recommendations on add chords, study on!

“What are you going to ship me out of the room buzzing?”
That’s the commonest question I ask my school college students when educating them recommendations on compose music.

Contemplate any good piece of music from any model and it will (likely) have a implausible melody.
I’ve heard it sometimes talked about that “writing music takes 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration”.
I’m undecided of the maths, nevertheless melodic writing really entails a mixture of these 2 elements.
Usually a good melody will merely pop into your head as if it has been divinely impressed; on completely different occasions you will must work at 2 or 3 melodic ideas over a protracted timeframe, mixing them up until you lastly produce a melody that evokes.

The Melody Writing Toolkit

It helps once you’ve obtained an consciousness of what’s throughout the melodic toolbox.
So, listed below are plenty of ideas for recommendations on write a superb melody.

Choose a key

Choose a key to compose in.
Elementary rule of thumb – if you would like your piece to sound fully happy or uplifting then choose a primary scale.
If you want it to sound sad/reflective/melancholic then choose a minor key.

In case you’re merely starting out I counsel you compose using C primary and A minor.

There are 2 necessary strategies of composing a melody by means of improvisation- writing a motif/riff and writing a melody over a chord growth.

Motif writing (or motivic enchancment)

It’s a extremely regarded technique of writing and rising a melody.
You might compose a melody on this technique by each improvising on an instrument/voice or by way of the usage of a sheet music software program program programme.

1. Play (or sing) the size of the necessary factor – attempt collaborating in it going up after which play it happening.
2. Try deciding on out Three or 4 notes of the size. Mix up the order you play them in.
3. Try repeating 1 or 2 of the notes and change the rhythm of what you are collaborating in until you uncover an thought you are happy with (this preliminary thought that you just offer you often called a motif).
4. Doc/write down your motif.
5. Repeat the above course of until you might have 4 or 5 doable melodic ideas/motifs.

Writing a melody over a chord growth

Most fashionable modern music is written on this technique.

1. Work out the primary chords of the necessary factor you are writing in (these are chords 1, 4 and 5 of the size and are written in Roman numerals – I IV V). As an example, in case you’re writing in C primary the primary chords are C F and G. In case you’re writing in A minor the primary chords are A minor, D minor and E.
2. Choose a chord growth. A chord growth is solely the order throughout which you choose to change chords. I counsel that you just start by writing a chord growth over 4 or Eight bars. Make sure you start and end on chord I. Apart from that, merely attempt experimenting to work out which sounds “best” the place.
3. Play your chord growth on the piano using your left hand. As quickly as you probably can play the chord growth you are capable of improvise a melody extreme.
4. Improvise a melody – Play the three notes of each chord one after one different in the most effective hand (that is called a broken chord) similtaneously you are collaborating within the chord throughout the left hand. In several phrases, in case you’re taking half in a C primary broken chord you’d play C – E – G. Try mixing up the order you play them in (you probably can play G then C the E). Probably play 2 of one in all many notes (G-G-C-E), and lots of others.. Moreover, attempt varied the rhythm of the notes you are collaborating in.
You may rapidly uncover that melodic ideas come and “work” with the chord growth you might have chosen.

Don’t Overlook

Always report/write down your melodic ideas as rapidly as you might have thought of them – whether or not or not you like to utilize a cellphone, mp3 recorder, or manuscript paper, it doesn’t matter; the key is getting the thought down. It is extraordinarily irritating to provide you a implausible melodic thought, make your self a cup of tea to rejoice after which sit once more down on the piano solely to hunt out you might have forgotten it!!

An incredible melody always makes a music additional memorable. It sounds obvious to say, nevertheless it is fantastic how sometimes we put emphasis on completely different elements of the music comparable to groove or lyric, taking melody with no consideration. We might slip into our typical patterns, which may suggest that we let our melody be determined by the lyric or the chords we’re collaborating in. At first, this really produces songs that work. Nevertheless after a while, it produces many songs that sound the similar. No person music is very memorable.


Some genres are pushed by melody higher than others. From these melody-driven genres we hear songs from which we’ll acquire devices for writing good melodies. Basically probably the most basic facet of a melody is the motif. The motif could also be just a few notes or plenty of measures prolonged. A motif is repeated all by way of the half, and a music typically includes plenty of memorable motifs that distinction with one another. So as an illustration, the melodic motif of the verse shall be distinctly completely completely different than the melodic motif of the chorus. We will provide you with a melodic motif organically, by trial and error, or by consciously controlling plenty of strategies.

Some fairly easy and environment friendly strategies are outlined throughout the course Songwriting: Melody, and outlined in my e-book Beginning Songwriting. The choice to utilize prolonged notes or fast notes, lots of leisure space or little or no leisure space, prolonged phrases or fast phrases, and to start the phrase on, sooner than, or after the downbeat of the measure, are all elements of the melody we’ll administration. One of many essential widespread devices for writing dynamic proper right into a music melody is controlling the pitch. However once we rely on pitch alone to create distinction and curiosity for our melodies, we’re turning our once more on many alternative good devices.


Songwriters who’re good singers usually dilute the melodic motif an extreme quantity of too rapidly with vocal embellishments. Most often, we singer-songwriters don’t use enough repetition. It is as if we’re afraid of boring our listener. Nevertheless what actually happens is, we very the melody so much so that the listener doesn’t get a clear sense of what the melody is. Aiming to make use of additional repetition can result in stronger songs.

Singers who sing successfully would possibly face the issue that even poor lyrics sound good after they sing them. They may have in no way wanted to downside themselves lyrically, and so when pitching their songs to completely different artists, the bones of the music merely aren’t very strong. This goes for melody, too. Getting reliable regarding the bones of the music is our first step in writing larger melodies.

Once you don’t keep in mind your self a strong singer, attempt that as an influence. You might’t rely in your voice to make a poor lyric sound good. An incredible melody is an effective melody, even one sung significantly mediocrely.


An incredible practice to place in writing larger melodies is to determine on one technique to make use of all through each music we write. Possibly the tactic you will attempt is using additional leisure space in your melody of the verse. Possibly you make the most of shorter notes together with leisure space, and the melody turns into additional punchy, aggressive, or energetic. This may occasionally encourage a model new lyric top quality, too, that stretches your mannequin. The additional we’ll observe the one technique in its extreme, the less complicated it is to see that technique working.

So for instance, in case you occur to’re going to attempt writing a melody with fast notes and loads of leisure space, be sure that these fast notes are actually fast and you are not infusing the melody with prolonged notes proper right here and there. Try this for the whole verse, and when you get to the chorus, immediately use longer notes. It’s going to create good distinction, and shine a pleasing spotlight on the technique of shorter notes you’ve got been using throughout the verse. Distinction and repetition, too extreme strategies, are the key to take care of the listener involved about prepared for what comes subsequent.

Proper right here it’s possible you’ll research step-by-step recommendations on write your first melody on this music precept lesson about music composition for freshmen.

Examine The correct method to Write a Melody

A melody could also be fast or prolonged. Straightforward, plain, weird, sweet. one thing the least bit. Nevertheless it might be arduous to start composing a melody when one thing is possible.

This lesson is an practice in recommendations on write a melody step-by-step. It’s designed to get you started and to recuperate from any writing blocks. (Merely keep in mind that one thing could also be adjusted as you wish- it’s your melody in any case!)

Would you want to research from a grasp music writer? Click on on proper right here for additional!

Tip: Make certain to print out just a few of my free printable staff paper sooner than you begin!

Sharpen your pencil, and observe to place in writing the notes, clefs and lots of others. as you discover out about them. It’s going to make each factor you research proper right here less complicated to remember.

The correct method to Write a Melody in 12 Straightforward Steps

1. Resolve a Scale

Resolve a scale. It may probably be any scale or mode, nevertheless for this practice I will ask you to pick each a critical or a minor scale. It’s as a result of it is easy to begin with (and to hunt out chords that match later).

2. Draw a Graphic Outline

Draw a straightforward graphic outline of the way in which you’d like your melody to maneuver in pitches. Up or down, enormous jumps or clear.

Draw a picture, no notes however. As you concentrate on the seen outline of the melody, moreover take into consideration the sound, maybe rhythm, and velocity and lots of others. So your graphic melody thought might look one factor like this:

Preserve it straightforward. Nothing fancy. That’s solely to have as a basic considered the type of the melody and to help to start your inventive juices flowing!

3. Decide How Many Measures

Decide what variety of measures you want to the melody to be. It’s a good suggestion to start with 4 or Eight measures. It supplies a pleasing stability, and is simple to work with when you start out to study to write down a melody.

4. Divide the Graphic in Parts

Divide your graphic throughout the amount of measures you decided. 4 or Eight elements, or «measures» the place it seems to make sense (visually).

5. Scale and Key Signature

Write your scale and its key signature. That’s the basic supplies to your melody. Like this occasion in C primary:

Needed and useful “hook” notes are the primary, 4th, fifth and seventh (leads “dwelling” to the eighth/1st). These are good to end in, leisure on and usually start a measure with.

6. Put collectively Your Workers Traces

Put collectively a staff with a G-clef and key signature. Do not write time signature, we don’t know what rhythm will fit your melody however! Nevertheless do draw bar traces for the number of measures you chose.

7. Write End Phrase

To set the mood of the piece to reflect the size you chose, end your melody on the first concentrate on the size. Throughout the occasion that’s C. So throughout the remaining measure, as a result of the ultimate remember I write the remember C.

8. Resolve Notes From the Scale

Now take a look at your graphic diagram. For each measure, determine notes from the size on the height you wanted, to kind the melodic outline.

Use solely indications of notes, or full notes. (The remember values we’ll resolve later.) You may be free to change your ideas everytime you want.

What Makes a Good Melody?

  • An outstanding melody is in a comfy range to sing or play in.
  • It has repeated elements, may probably be every in melody and rhythm.
  • An outstanding melody is attention-grabbing, nevertheless doesn’t have too many ideas to get difficult.
  • It may have some elements of shock, possibly an attention-grabbing interval or beautiful landing remember, nevertheless used sparely.

9. Preserve The Melody Straightforward

Does the outline look good visually? Are there any greater interval jumps?

Most singers and instrumentalists do not benefit from huge jumps throughout the music.

To make it smoother, be sure that a soar of a seventh goes to the next remember up, the octave, that any intervals greater than a fifth is not going to be used too sometimes, and steer clear of jumps greater than an octave.

10. Check out!

First «model» check out. Play the melody in your instrument. Get a very really feel for which notes have to go sooner or slower, and within the occasion that they want to be grouped collectively someplace. Make any modifications you need.

11. Add Rhythm

Now start jotting throughout the rhythm. Make notes you’d want to be sooner eighth or 16th notes; longer notes quarter, half or full. Preserve it straightforward.

Actually really feel what notes you want additional emphasised, this supplies you with an considered what meter the piece must be in! The additional emphasised notes may probably be the precept beats. Mark them out. Make any modifications or modifications that you just like.

12. Meter and Time Signature

What do you assume the meter is? Do you actually really feel the melody in 2, 3, 4 beats per measure or one factor else? In case you’ve got problem proper right here, attempt my lesson about musical meter.

Decide the time signature you are feeling is actually probably the most acceptable, and regulate the remember values for all measures. Play by means of the melody and make any corrections you need.

Repeated rhythm patterns are good. Try to include that!

All achieved? Try to not be a perfectionist. That’s your first attempt learning recommendations on write a melody. The tune might even shock you and get a «life» of its private!

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Let me stat out by asking you a question. When you’ve got been to place in writing a straightforward melody as follows:

Are you writing the melody first? Certain. Nevertheless you are moreover writing the harmony first. Let me make clear.

The Melody Should Outline The Harmony

As a beginner composer, it is extremely necessary be explicit about what you write. The reason for that’s you are nonetheless learning the craft. Coaching specificity throughout the music you compose teaches you an important issue, how not to be ambiguous.

Ambiguity is an affect that might probably be used deliberately for positive outcomes, nevertheless we’re not concerned about that proper right here. For our capabilities in learning recommendations on compose music, ambiguity is our enemy. We do not obtain any experience from merely throwing down notes on a little bit of paper.

So once more to the above occasion.

You may uncover throughout the first bar, three explicit notes are carried out.

With merely these three notes, it’s vitally clear what the harmony is, the tonic, significantly as they’re firstly of the composition. Nevertheless after these notes, there could also be one different, very explicit decide that helps us outline the harmony as successfully.

If we title these two notes by their scale diploma determine, the principle tone, then it’s normally very clear what the harmony must be, V or dominant.

After which in any case, it goes once more to the tonic scale diploma after this.

So we discover your self with this:

The aim I am making an attempt to make is you probably can technique a composition horizontally, writing a melody first, otherwise you probably can technique it vertically, writing the harmony first. Nevertheless, in case you occur to really have to make leaps and bounds in your composing, it’s best to observe composing non-ambiguous music, that takes into consideration every melody and harmony on the similar time. It’s going to help you to hone your experience and supply the sources to flesh out what you hear in your head.

As an practice, see in case you occur to can fill out the harmony on this melody beneath.

Let me know what you assume.

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About Jon Brantingham

I am a film composer, and lover of music precept. I’ve spent just a few years figuring out the devices and strategies that really work for composers, and now I would like to coach them to you.

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If my guitar harmony is collaborating in C (tonic) for 1 bar, should my melody steer clear of hitting an A remember. Should I solely comply with 1-3-5 throughout the melody to steer clear of ambiguity?

Contemplate A over the C chord as creating rigidity that could be resolved by transferring that A once more to a G. You don’t should make your melody solely out of the chord tones, nevertheless it’s best to understand how they lay out structurally and the way in which non-chord tones relate.

thanks for this textual content

Howdy I beloved the practice. I to place in writing scores for movement photos and variouse completely different duties. I am always in search of to neighborhood, research and share info. In case you want please contact me at [email protected] maybe we might every develop our networks.
-alex lee

I was attempting on the musical stage the place you current the tonic notes after which the dominant remember (V). I don’t understand. The dominant remember is the fifth diploma of a musical scale; and on the first staff written on the best of the net web page, the dominant is known as a result of the 4th remember. I don’t understand. Is the 4th remember thought-about the dominant if it is a dotted remember?

The dominant is always the fifth diploma of the size, nevertheless counting on the necessary factor and the clef it might be completely completely different notes.

That occasion confused me, too. If we take our tonic to be C, a B may very well be not a dominant, nevertheless a seventh. So besides there could also be some trick I’m missing, the harmony analysis is flawed.

The B leading to C correct sooner than the tip of the theme implies a dominant chord. The viiº chord is simply not virtually as frequent as a result of the V chord in a cadence.

Can you help me understand recommendations on write a composition with the melody and harmony intertwined with out writing horizontally or vertically?

Thanks for the question.

I’ve a typical reply that I really feel will help you to. Please remember that a lot of these could also be achieved concurrently. For instance, I wish to advocate learning to study music whereas learning to play an instrument.

On to the reply:

I’ve many sources on this website that are devoted to learning composition:

    – This textual content discusses my philosophy of composition and learning. – There are over 120 articles devoted to many alternative issues of composition. – A relatively small number of reveals, nevertheless very compact in presentation. I extraordinarily counsel listening to them. – That’s an Eight lesson course that reveals you recommendations on compose a straightforward piece in small ternary form. – This course covers a ton of foundational supplies, and is advisable for composers of any potential stage, nevertheless considerably beginner’s, or intermediate potential composers who have to fill in info gaps. – This teaches you recommendations on write objects that are longer by way of the usage of loosening strategies and enchancment strategies.

Get a powerful base in learning music and collaborating in some form of instrument.

I might moreover extraordinarily counsel practising ear teaching and transcription. This potential will help strengthen your potential to audit. Audiation is the tactic of with the power to understand music that you just hear in your head. This suggests a melody or chord growth that you just take into consideration.

It comes proper all the way down to inserting throughout the time to actually understand the craft of composition. Once you put throughout the effort, I can educate you.

Oh positive, that’s such a fascinating topic, one we might spend a lifetime ruminating over. In your occasion, you current 6 notes. It may probably be argued that these 6 notes – written as they’re – haven’t any place in a little bit of music except for the reality that one will be part of any 6 notes collectively, nevertheless that an precise composer would change the D as an illustration with an Eb, and I can think about examples the place the chord of F has been carried out, nevertheless the solo remember is E that has no place throughout the F chord, nevertheless nevertheless creates a singular harmony.

Nevertheless to get once more to the topic, let’s suppose you assembled in a room Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Mahler, Shostakovitch, Webern, Stravinsky, Wagner, and another composers you probably can think about, along with jazz, rock and people musicians, how would each of them technique your 6 notes?

It’s like giving a writer 6 phrases and asking him to place in writing a story. He might ask: who’s the supposed viewers, in any case, there’s little degree in writing besides there are readers. Likewise, our composers might ask what are you attempting to achieve, is it the beginning of a grand symphony, or a nursery rhyme, or one factor to get of us to bop to, or is it for an X-factor contestant, or is it film music?

In case you perceive what you are composing for, then this will have an effect on the harmonies and the final building. Will these 6 notes be larger positioned inside a little bit of music because of a composer might say, these 6 notes are inconsequential, what counts is the next remember because of that may flip an in some other case inconsequential piece of music proper right into a sensational masterpiece, and in case you want to understand that, be all ears to the ultimate movement of Mahler’s 2nd symphony, when a minute or so into it, an abrupt change in key marks the beginning of possibly one of many important profound endings of any piece of music I’ve ever heard.