How to cook corn

Be taught to organize dinner corn on the cob 6 alternative routes! Microwaving, boiling, steaming, pressure cooking, oven roasting, and grilling are utterly completely different methods to rework the kernels into sweet and tender bites.

Modern ears of sweet corn is a staple vegetable cherished all yr prolonged, nevertheless it peaks via the warmth summer season months. It’s no shock they always make an look all through cookouts and barbecues. It’s moreover not a shock that it’s a favorite handheld facet dish. You get the benefits of a vegetable, with the fashion of a dessert!

Corn on the cob may very well be prepared inside the microwave, on the vary, inside the Immediate Pot, roasted inside the oven, and on the grill. Crucial question is when do you peel the husk and silk, sooner than or after cooking? You’ll rapidly uncover out!

How one can put together dinner corn on the cob

Cooking corn transforms the raw starches and pectin inside the crops’ cell partitions into juicy, sweet, and crispy bites. In line with Put together dinner’s Illustrated, the very best inside temperature doneness differ is 150 to 170ºF (66 to 77ºC). This can be achieved using different cooking methods.

The technique you choose for cooking relies on what’s most helpful, what number of people are being served, and what fashion profile is desired. Grilling and oven roasting is basically probably the most smart methods for feeding a crowd and supplies basically probably the most style. Microwaving, steaming, boiling, and pressure cooking provides associated textures, giving plump and juicy kernels. Regardless of the best way you like it, I’ve acquired a way in an effort to grasp.

Microwaved Corn on the Cob

  • Place unshucked corn on a microwave-safe dish.
  • Put together dinner 4 minutes, add additional time if wished until kernels are tender.
  • Cool corn for 5 minutes sooner than eradicating the husk and silk.

Boiled Corn on the Cob

  • Fill a giant pot with enough water to cowl the corn.
  • Convey to a boil.
  • Shuck the corn.
  • Drop the corn into the boiling water, cowl and in the reduction of heat to medium.
  • Put together dinner corn until the kernels are tender, 6 to eight minutes.

Steamed Corn on the Cob

  • Add water to a pot so that it would not rise above the steamer basket.
  • Place steaming basket after which corn into the pot.
  • Cowl the pot and heat on extreme until the brand new water begins to steam.
  • Put together dinner the corn until the kernels are tender, about 4 to 6 minutes.

Immediate Pot Corn on the Cob

  • Shuck the corn.
  • Pour the water into the pressure cooker and place a trivet on prime.
  • Place the corn inside the pot, stacking two on prime.
  • Put together dinner at extreme pressure for 2 minutes.
  • Quick-release the pressure.
  • Fastidiously take away the lid and serve immediately.

Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob

  • Preheat oven to 375ºF (191ºC).
  • Shuck the corn.
  • Place each ear of corn on a little bit of aluminum foil.
  • Place butter inside the center, sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • Tightly wrap and roast immediately on the oven rack, butter facet up.
  • Put together dinner until kernels are tender, about 30 minutes.
  • Allow corn to sit back for at least 5 minutes sooner than opening.

Grilled Corn on the Cob

  • Preheat grill over extreme heat (400 to 450ºF / 204 to 232ºC).
  • Shuck the corn, or if hottest, take away the silk and go away one layer of husk.
  • Brush olive oil corn with olive oil, after which sprinkle with salt.
  • Grill and cover, put together dinner for Eight to 12 minutes, flipping the corn every 2 to a few minutes to char all sides.

Purchasing for corn

Modern corn tastes the sweetest correct after harvesting, so buy native or from farmer’s market if attainable. Seek for corn with a good outer inexperienced husk that is not dried out, and a great deal of silk. Take a bit peek on the tip of the ear for the company and plump kernels.

The silk should even have moisture locked in. For individuals who see any tiny holes inside the husk, avoid them, these are from worms! Nonetheless don’t peel once more all the husks. As a result of the corn dries out, the pure sugars start to transform to starch and don’t fashion just about nearly as good.

How do you retailer corn on the cob?

Retailer corn inside the fridge in its husk. Make sure that to wrap it tightly in a plastic bag, the dry air is the enemy. If the kernels dry out, it will fashion starchy. Taking it a step further, you can wrap the cobs in damp paper towels, after which place inside a plastic bag to keep up them moist. Eat corn on the cob inside Three days.

How do you set collectively corn on the cob?

Counting on the best way you put together dinner the corn, merely peel once more the husk and take away the silk. Wash after which dry in the event you’re oven roasting or grilling. The corn husk may very well be left on for methods like microwaving and on the barbecue. Some people want to peel once more the husk and take away the silk, and some go away it intact, cooks choice.

Corn on the cob vitamin

In line with the USDA Meals Composition Database, 1 medium ear of corn (102g) accommodates the subsequent nutritional vitamins:

  • 90 power
  • Three grams of protein
  • 1 gram of fat
  • 19 grams of carbohydrates
  • 5 grams of sugar
  • 1 gram of fiber
  • 180 milligrams of potassium
  • 3.6 milligram vitamin C

Nicely being benefits of corn

Corn or Zea mays kernels are low fat, fibrous, and a starchy superior carbohydrate. When eaten straight from the cob, it provides a provide of sustained energy and dietary benefits. One serving is notable inside the ranges of potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C.

The yellow pigmentation provides antioxidants known as lutein, good for eye nicely being and zeaxanthin for pores and pores and skin nicely being. It has the subsequent amount of insoluble to soluble fiber, providing digestive benefits. Try to purchase pure corn if on the market for basically probably the most nourishing crop.

What are the strategies to utilize corn?

  • Grill some corn to make elotes (Mexican highway corn)
  • Make a Mexican highway corn salad
  • Add some to a vegetable salad
  • Toss into the batter for cornbread
  • Stir some into cauliflower corn chowder

Does salted water make the corn additional flavorful?

Some cooks add salt to the cooking water when boiling corn on the cob. The salted water would possibly frivolously season the ground, nevertheless would not make a significant have an effect on in seasoning the inside of the kernel. The huge sodium ions take a few hours to utterly diffuse into the kernels. Nonetheless, solely 6 to eight minutes is required to soften the kernels and put together dinner the raw starches for a juicy and sweet ear. Considerably butter and salt correct sooner than consuming make a tastier have an effect on!

It isn’t summer season until you have got had corn on the cob. It’s at every barbecue, it makes the proper facet dish to, umm, each little factor, and besides you’re Michael Bublé, no person judges you whereas gobbling one down with every palms. Luckily, the summer season staple is quick and easy and wouldn’t even need fussy toppings (besides you want them — we’ve now so many pleasing ideas for a way one can prime corn). Solely a pat of butter and a generous seasoning of salt and pepper.

1. Boil in VERY salty water.

Use a very powerful pot you’ve got obtained, fill it with water, and salt it really correctly. One among many first lessons I keep in mind at culinary school was my chef calling all of us over and having us fashion a spoonful of his pot of salted water. It tasted similar to the ocean and he proudly acknowledged that every single pot of salted water we use for boiling ANYTHING should fashion like that. So don’t be shy. Your corn is not going to fashion salty finally — the salt will merely help convey out its style. Convey your correctly salted water to a boil.

2. Shuck it good.

Whereas your water is heating up, pull off your corn husks. This will likely get messy due to all the tiny strings, so we advise doing it over a trash can. Starting on the tip, seize all the husk and as lots of the strings as attainable and rip down. Repeat until all the husk is off. Rub off as lots of the lingering strings as attainable. (You could usually see {{that a}} hack for eradicating the strings is to utilize a transparent toothbrush — we don’t buy it.)

3. Boil ’em quick.

How prolonged to boil corn is a very powerful problem proper right here. There aren’t good indicators for when it’s carried out, nevertheless they will look a bit plumper and might be snug and juicy. Using tongs, drop your corn into the boiling water. Return the water to a boil, then put together dinner your corn for 5 minutes. Set a timer because of once you let your corn overcook the kernels can become highly effective. The aim is juicy, crunchy kernels, not mushy dry ones.

4. Butter it up.

Brush with melted butter, season with salt and pepper, and let summer season begin.

Have you ever ever tried this method however? Inform us what you assume inside the suggestions beneath!

Be taught to boil corn on the cob! Sweet, juicy, and golden, it’s the BEST summer season facet dish. Excessive it with butter, salt, and pepper, and dig in!

I really feel my love of seasonal cooking comes from all the corn on the cob I ate as a toddler. Within the summertime, my mom served boiled corn on the cob with dinner nearly every evening time. She’d resolve it up from a farm stand shut by, so it was always super-sweet and up to date. I couldn’t get enough of it – the juicy, golden kernels coated in butter and sprinkled with salt. To this day, the thought of that summer season sweet corn makes my mouth start watering.

I’ve posted recipes for steamed corn on the cob and grilled corn on the cob to date, nevertheless I’ve on no account shared my approach for a way one can boil corn. I prefer it because of it’s SO easy, and it yields the sweetest, juiciest corn on the cob you can even make. The recipe is definitely easy, so I don’t have any giant ideas or ideas, nevertheless I will say one issue: the fresher your corn is, the upper your corn on the cob might be. Take pleasure in!

How one can Boil Corn on the Cob

My approach for a way one can boil corn on the cob is simple. You solely need 1 ingredient: latest sweet corn! You’ll put together dinner as many ears as you’d like, as long as your pot is large enough for all the ears to be completely submerged.

First, take away the husks from the corn. Discard the inexperienced corn husks and the silks, the thin strands that cling to each ear of corn. While you’re employed, convey a giant pot of water to a boil.

Then, put together dinner the corn. Add the corn to the boiling water and put together dinner, uncovered, until the kernels are tender and golden. Exactly how prolonged to boil corn on the cob will vary primarily based totally on how loads you’re cooking and the best way you need your corn. I often go for 3-5 minutes, which shouldn’t be for for much longer than the time it takes for the water to return to a boil after you add the corn. If the corn is accomplished sooner than the rest of the meal is ready, I flip off the vary, leaving the corn inside the scorching water to keep up warmth until I’m in a position to serve it.

Lastly, eat! Take away the corn from the pot and change it to a serving platter. Serve it with butter, salt, and pepper, or regardless of fixings you need.

Boiled Corn on the Cob Serving Options

I like together with grilled corn to tacos and salads, nevertheless every time I’m boiling corn, I’m nearly always going to eat it off the cob. The one approach to get pleasure from it is with butter, salt, and pepper, nevertheless your decisions don’t end there. Listed beneath are a few ideas for altering it up:

  • Use compound butter in its place of ordinary butter. Any of these 4 variations may very well be unimaginable!
  • Drizzle it in a yummy sauce, like chipotle sauce or vegan ranch.
  • Sprinkle it with latest herbs. I prefer to suggest cilantro, basil, or chives.
  • Spice it up. Mud it with smoked paprika or chili powder.
  • Make Mexican-style corn on the cob. After boiling corn, brush it with adobo sauce from a can of chipotles and prime it with crumbled Cotija cheese.

Let me know what variations you try!

Spherical out the meal with cookout fare like veggie burgers, black bean burgers, or BBQ jackfruit sandwiches and a latest summer season salad. Or, serve your cooked corn on the cob as a facet dish with regardless of you’d like!

Further Favorite Corn Recipes

For individuals who cherished finding out how one can boil corn, try one amongst these summer season corn recipes subsequent:

My mother-in-law gave me this quick and easy recipe for the sweetest, tastiest corn cobs!


Recipe Summary examine


  • 2 tablespoons white sugar
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 6 ears corn on the cob, husks and silk eradicated
  • Step 1

Fill a giant pot about 3/4 filled with water and convey to a boil. Stir in sugar and lemon juice, dissolving the sugar. Gently place ears of corn into boiling water, cowl the pot, flip off the heat, and let the corn put together dinner inside the scorching water until tender, about 10 minutes.

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Most helpful optimistic overview

Have made it like this sooner than. I choose it. Leaving a 5 star to counteract the jerk that left a 1 star overview because of her husband’s a diabetic. Reviewing recipes you can’t eat and didn’t make is a dick switch. Get a life and quit making me do this.

Most helpful important overview

Didn’t pretty put together dinner enough. I’ve found the corn should boil for a bit first

  • 5 star values:

Have made it like this sooner than. I choose it. Leaving a 5 star to counteract the jerk that left a 1 star overview because of her husband’s a diabetic. Reviewing recipes you can’t eat and didn’t make is a dick switch. Get a life and quit making me do this.

Glorious! Any additional, that’s how I might be making corn on the cob. you can’t fashion the lemon juice or the sugar, nevertheless it supplies a refined sweetness and the corn wouldn’t get overcooked and chewy. Adore it! UPDATE 2018: 6 years later, that’s nonetheless the one method I will make corn on the cob – even my mom wished my “secret” for glorious corn EVERY TIME.

Fully delicious, I did add a bit milk to the water which I always do anyway.

SUMMER! I grew up in NW PA on a Dairy Farm the place we grew a complete lot of COB; I’ve always cooked it the an identical method salted boiling water, add the corn, cowl and take away from heat.i have no idea what compelled me to check out ideas nevertheless I found 2 yours with lemon juice and sugar and one different with vinegar and sugar..used 2 pots and lemon juice gained palms down. The vinegar and sugar was increased than my genuine approach nevertheless after 30 years will ever use one thing nevertheless sugar and lemon juice as soon as extra. The leftover corn that I butter and wrap for easy microwave reheating stayed crisper and didn’t have the mushy spots. Thanks for a incredible recipe !

I’m unable to contemplate it nevertheless actually probably the greatest corn I’ve ever had. As soon as I study the recipe and critiques I assumed that’s crazy, it should most likely’t make a distinction in order so as to add sugar and lemon juice nevertheless it really did. It really launched out the flavour of the corn. And I moreover didn’t take into account that letting it sit for 10 minutes would completely put together dinner the corn nevertheless it did, utterly. I might counsel when putting the corn in guaranteeing the water comes once more to a boil for a few seconds sooner than turning it off to let it sit or you can protect it on the underside lowest setting for the 10 min. I might be making corn this way any extra!!

Didn’t pretty put together dinner enough. I’ve found the corn should boil for a bit first

Thanks Jamie! This convenient hint made it very easy. Glorious corn on the cob! Not mushy, very company just like I wanted.

Preferred it, cherished it, cherished it. Thanks Jamie. I like easy recipes that fashion good and don’t require a complete lot of components or fuss. This was fabulous. Didn’t change an element.

I was nervous that I didnt have any milk in order so as to add to my water. I havent made corn on the cob since I married an individual with lactose intolerance:) I was trying to find a method to make the corn sweet and tender. It was glorious. I even had not so good corn to start out out with and this made it increased! Thanks!

My hubby claims lemon juice ruins each little factor . . . you can usually depend upon me to overcook or undercook corn on the cob. I adopted the recipe exactly (squeezing the latest lemon juice in with out uncover). The outcomes have been excellent! Corn so sweet, tender, latest and juicy! Hubby thought it was profitable! It is not my apply to keep up secrets and techniques and strategies with strangers — nevertheless Jamie’s addition of lemon juice is a secret we’ll share 4-ever!

Sweet and very easy. try it!

I didn’t fashion a distinction

Made our corn crisp and the kids cherished it!

So deliciously sweet and easy to make! Positively making corn on the cob this way any extra! 🙂

I couldn’t inform a distinction from merely boiling the corn in water as regular.

Preferred this corn on the cob and the best way quick and simple it is to make. Thanks a bunch!

Easy main recipe with a bit one factor further. Merely what I was trying to find, and the corn was cooked glorious.

Corn On the Cob is my favorite!! I’ve been using this method to make Modern and Frozen corn on the cobb for as long as I have been cooking. (about 65years). That’s how grandmother and mama made corn on the cob if it was not being roasted. One different hint the water must be at a full rolling boil and the corn at room temperature when it is launched to the water. On no account allow your corn to organize dinner larger than 10 minutes, it will become highly effective. The longer the put together time for supper the more durable the corn will become. It has solely to organize dinner prolonged enough to congeal the milk contained within the kernels. Furthermore, as quickly because the corn is cooked it will dry out and alter into highly effective if left unattended. If that you must protect the corn warmth for a short interval use a deep dish and half of cup warmth not scorching water and half of cup warmth not scorching full milk, a generous tablespoon of BUTTER and a pinch of sugar. Cowl and let stand in a barely warmth oven. When in a position to plate bear in mind to roll each ear inside the water milk mixture to see that each piece is moist.

To revisit this recipe, go to My Account, then View saved recipes.

To revisit this recipe, go to My Account, then View saved recipes.

To revisit this recipe, go to My Account, then View saved recipes.

There’s nothing like latest corn on the cob, quickly boiled, unfold with loads of sweet butter, and sprinkled with salt. Two ears per particular person would possibly seem like an accurate serving, nevertheless appetites run extreme when corn is in season and freshly picked.


Merely sooner than cooking, husk the corn, pull off the silky threads, and cut back out any blemishes with a pointed knife. Drop the corn into a giant pot filled with boiling salted water. Cowl the pot and let the water return to a boil as soon as extra, then flip off the heat and protect the pot lined. After about 5 minutes, take away enough ears for a main serving. You’ll protect the remaining corn warmth inside the water for another 10 minutes with out its turning into highly effective. Serve with loads of butter and salt.

How would you value Elementary Approach for Cooking Corn on the Cob?

i dont really like this im merely attempting to get the celebs to a few

Glorious every time. That’s my go-to recipe for the sweet corn I develop in my yard and likewise corn from the farmers market.

No individual Talks About The Cooler Approach , For A Crowd . Place Corn In The Bottom Of Cooler , Shucked , De-silked , Cleaned Or Not , Add Boiling Water Merely To Cowl , Shut Lid , Wait 10 To 15 Minutes. Your Ready To Eat . If Not Cleaned , Use Cob End As A Cope with And Scale back By means of The First Row Of Corn , Then Seize The Totally different End , The Silk End And Squeeze Like A Blackhead And Pop , Out Comes The Clear Corn , Merely Like A Giant Ol' Pimple .

Kansas Metropolis , Dwelling Of The Chiefs .

@BACHMANDENI – I CONCUR with EVERYTHING you’ve got obtained talked about and guess what, I'm from IOWA, too! Completely the EASIEST method in the event you want to shuck and boil: take away the husks, place room temp full ears in a pot of water on vary. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes on MedHigh (oven variation) and permit them to get to a boil, spinning them a few situations so cooking is even. That's it! NEVER FAIL and EVERYONE can get pleasure from with out worrying about tooth OR being snug. They will moreover season how they like it. I exploit this method for every form of corn for regular meals any time and the response I get from EVERYONE is "Good corn!" I, too, LOVE corn on the grill, inside the husk, roasted, and so forth. Nonetheless I’ve an affinity for reductive "recipes" even MORE, ones which might be so main and easy, they’re NO FAIL and CONSISTENT. I put leftover ears in fridge and they’re usually reheated merely. Okay.I.S.S. Approach from IA

Straight from the yard, husked and I adopted the epicurious recipe to the letter as a result of it was my first time rising and cooking them. I used pure butter nevertheless not too lavishly. after that they had their 5 minutes I took them out and after buttering them I sprinkled frivolously with salt and pepper. What a pleasing breakfast! I might positively make these as soon as extra.

I am 82 (years) I don’t say earlier, and I refuse to go cutesy and say youthful. Merely 82. I grew up in between Granby (PO deal with) and Grand Lake. My father taught me to organize dinner corn. He put them, husk and all in a container and lined them with correctly water (artesian-like, pure and unadulterated) and there they sat each until dinner, that day or the next. Then he threw them (as is) inside the oven. We did not grill, one thing. It was a hearth hazard, and it merely ‘wasn’t carried out’. I’m uncertain whether or not or not they even had grills then. When the Corn was ready, you wanted to husk it your self, and the inside threads (I don’t assume I even know what they’re known as) obtained right here off with the husk, just a few if any wanted to be cleaned off sooner than consuming. I nonetheless put together dinner my corn as my father did. All of the husking and trying to find harmful Kernels and knifing them out is loads bunk. I nonetheless don’t have a grill, nevertheless I do have darn good corn.

None of these critiques have been helpful. A overview of a recipe is supposed to say "I made this and it wished/didn't need [x]". Thanks for nothing, people.

FFS. It is corn. Boil some water. Throw the corn in. Cowl. Flip off the heat. Salt and sugar do not matter.

I'm sticking to what my Kentucky grandmother taught me 60 years up to now: shuck the corn, boil 8-10 minutes in salted water. The corn is each sweet or not–save your sugar for one factor useful.

I’ve study repeatedly to on no account, beneath any circumstance, add salt to the water as this toughens the corn. Sugar, optimistic. nevertheless on no account, ever salt.

I bought some regionally grown corn within the current day and cooked it this evening per your instructions and they also have been delicious. I will protect making it this way. It was easy and the corn cooked utterly.

Good main recipe as acknowledged

I uncover all of these corn recipes a bunch of bs after they don't even level out what kind of corn is to be cooked. The newer varieties are so resilient to utterly differing types of cooking I swear they may survive a nuclear blast. After which there’s the issue of whether or not or not they’re GMO or not, which seems to be fastidiously averted. Personally, I do not want to eat one chunk of Monsanto's genetically engineered pesticide containing corn. What I want to see is an intelligent article in regards to the place to hunt out heirloom corn (you already know, like all the heirloom tomatoes all of us want to take a look at) and the way one can put together dinner that. Don't see any of that available on the market.

One of many easiest methods to organize dinner it is put it in ur bum for 36 hours then voila! it's in a position to go inside the pot. I work at Four seasons.

as an example: Boston Ma.

That’s my no- brainer recipe. Chilly water in pot, tablespoon sugar, ears of corn. Cowl, and convey to a boil. It's carried out . Salt and butter, or what ever you want to fashion, and enjoy. Wala .