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How to freeze garlic

Garlic is a staple in so many recipes in our opinion. It’s not stunning to us the least bit that many recipes begin with asking you to saute garlic and onions when you concentrate on how delicious it tastes.

As so much as we predict there can not at all be an extreme quantity of garlic (we are the type of people who be taught 1 clove of garlic as 4 cloves of garlic!), there are events the place you may have overestimated how so much you should have for a recipe, resulting in having a ton of garlic cloves with no use for them.

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The concern is that these cloves may flip harmful sooner than you get to utilize them.

This will go away you questioning whether or not or not it’s advisable toss them inside the trash or whether or not or not it’s possible you’ll defend them someway for another day.

Can you freeze garlic ?

Whether or not or not it’s a garlic clove , chopped garlic , garlic scape , or minced garlic , garlic might be frozen. So now it’s possible you’ll make a garlic paste with olive oil to make garlic bread anytime. Merely take care in the way in which you retailer garlic .

The plain methodology for conserving meals inside the freezer. And lucky for you, we’re proper right here to let you recognize that garlic might be frozen!

Peeled garlic is the proper type of garlic to freeze, and on this text, we will be exploring exactly how one can freeze peeled garlic for the proper outcomes.

Freezing Peeled Garlic

We’re utterly joyful to affirm that it is a resounding certain within the case of freezing peeled garlic. Garlic cloves which had been peeled might be frozen in airtight baggage or containers for as a lot as 6 months and nonetheless model just about nearly as good as they did as soon as that they had been modern!

Nonetheless, sooner than you go ahead and easily throw your entire garlic cloves into the freezer willy nilly, we now have some concepts and strategies to share with you that may make it simpler to to get the proper out of your garlic cloves, regardless of dish you are making. Keep it up finding out to hunt out out additional.

Does freezing affect the model of garlic?

The freezing of peeled garlic cloves would not affect the model of it. It should keep as tasty and recognizable as a result of it did on the day you froze it.

Nonetheless, we have to be clear and allow you to know that whereas the model will keep the an identical, the texture is susceptible to be altered.

Current garlic when it is chopped or diced from clove is relatively crisp. Nonetheless, when you freeze garlic it develops a softer texture. It will not be as company as modern garlic.

For many who plan to cook dinner dinner your garlic then this softness will make no distinction in anyway as cooking would have softened it anyway.

That being talked about, within the occasion you had been planning to utilize it raw in a salad or totally different dish you may positively uncover this texture change.

Preparing Your Garlic for Freezing

As annoying because it’s, the 1st step in freezing your garlic is to peel it. This can be tedious and time consuming if in case you may have a lot of garlic to peel.

To try this place your full garlic bulb onto a bit flooring and push down on it to separate each of the cloves.

You probably can then get to work with peeling. You’ll be able to do that manually if you’d like, using clear fingers and nails to softly pierce the cloves and peel. Nonetheless, we now have a wonderful increased methodology!

All you need is a jar sufficiently huge to hold your entire garlic cloves, ideally with a lid. A mason jar or earlier sauce jar will work correctly.

Place your cloves inside, put the lid on tight, and shake! No truly! In a few minutes, the garlic cloves can have started to peel all by themselves and it will merely take you a couple of minutes to look by the cloves and peel off any stubborn objects.

Discard the whole peelings. To ensure that you it’s possible you’ll decrease the tip of the cloves off, additionally known as the premise end. That’s optionally obtainable, nonetheless within the occasion you usually take away them you must do it at this stage. They’re now ready for freezing!

Storing Them inside the Freezer

A few of the important options of freezing garlic cloves to keep in mind is the reality that garlic smells very pungent.

For many who freeze your peeled garlic cloves incorrectly then there is a threat that the odor will leach onto your entire totally different frozen meals. Take it from us – frozen garlic-flavored chocolate chip ice cream is not good!

With this in ideas, your peeled garlic cloves needs to be adequately saved so the scent can’t escape. This will additionally make them a lot much less inclined to freezer burn.

For that purpose, we advocate that on the very least, you place your garlic cloves into an airtight freezer-safe bag with a ziplock. Push out the whole additional air from the airtight zip lock freezer bag and label it with the contents and date you might need frozen them.

For additional security, it’s possible you’ll then place that freezer-safe ziplock bag into an airtight container, much like a bit of Tupperware. This may assure your garlic is doubly protected.

One different methodology for freezing that yields fantastic outcomes is freezing them in a glass mason jar. Make certain the mason jar has enough space for the cloves to extend inside the freezer, nonetheless that there is not an extreme quantity of additional home.

You moreover wish to make it possible for the jar is protected for the freezer and clear sooner than freezing it. To verify your mason jar is protected, ensure you solely use straight sided mason jars and fill them to the freeze line. In case you’re not cautious, your glass jar can crack on account of the freezer inflicting the contents to extend.

Using all of these methods, your frozen peeled garlic cloves will protect in your freezer for as a lot as 6 months. They’re typically saved safely for an entire 12 months, nonetheless after 6 months their texture may be very completely totally different and the model may get milder. Use them as shortly as attainable to get in all probability probably the most out of them.

Using Your Frozen Garlic Cloves

As your cloves are already peeled, it’s possible you’ll merely take them out of the freezer and throw them into any dish you want.

In case you’re cooking the cloves in a recipe much like a sauce, soup, or stew it’s possible you’ll throw the whole clove in with out defrosting.

Whether it is advisable decrease it up it’s possible you’ll go away the cloves at room temperature for a short while. It will not take them higher than an hour to defrost.

In case you’re in a rush it’s possible you’ll run them beneath room temperature water to get them softer for chopping. Using this system it is also potential to pop them proper right into a garlic press to mince them.


There you might need it! Our easy peasy data to freezing peeled garlic! Thanks for finding out!

Shield your garlic harvest—or a bonus buy you found on the native market—by freezing. Study to freeze garlic safely.

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You’ll harvest bigger garlic bulbs when you plant them in fall. Spring-planted garlic produces, nonetheless the proper harvest follows fall planting. The trick to planting fall garlic is to get bulbs into soil in time to let roots start rising nonetheless not so early that tops sprout by soil. Aim for about Four to six weeks earlier to the underside freezing. After planting, add a thick layer of straw to insulate soil and promote worm train and extra root progress.

{Photograph} by: {Photograph} by Julie Martens Forney

{Photograph} by Julie Martens Forney

For garlic lovers, there’s no such issue as an extreme quantity of garlic. Nevertheless when you develop your particular person plentiful crop or seize a bag of bulbs on the native warehouse retailer, cloves normally start sprouting sooner than you must use all of it. What’s a thrifty cook dinner dinner to do? Can you freeze garlic cloves? The reply is a robust certain.

Garlic is pretty versatile within the case of freezing. You probably can freeze raw full unpeeled bulbs, specific particular person cloves (peeled or unpeeled), or chopped garlic. You possibly can even cook dinner dinner or course of garlic into quite a few sorts that make meal prep a breeze. Frozen garlic lacks the crunchy texture of up to date, nonetheless the style stays strong—and undoubtedly lacks the chemical model that sometimes accompanies jarred garlic.

A typical methodology for freezing garlic is placing peeled cloves—chopped or full—in olive oil. That’s actually the one protected possibility to guard garlic in oil. Garlic is a low acid meals, and when it’s positioned in oil, the environment lacks oxygen. This combine provides the correct rising circumstances for the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which produces botulism-causing toxin.

For many who retailer garlic in oil at room temperature or in a fridge that’s not held continuously beneath 40°F, you’re putting your self and your family members at risk for contracting botulism. If botulism toxin develops and is eaten, demise occurs in just some days with out medical intervention. Even when you freeze garlic in oil, not at all thaw it or let it sit at room temperature prior to utilize. Always change frozen garlic in oil instantly from the freezer to a cooking dish.

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Study to freeze greens, fruit and even eggs and milk, and see how easy it is to extend the lifetime of perishable meals.

To freeze garlic cloves in olive oil, puree peeled cloves in a meals processor with oil. Use a ratio of 1 half garlic to 2 components oil. Pack the puree into an airtight container. At this ratio, the oil retains the mix from ever freezing secure, so it’s possible you’ll scoop out what you need as you’re cooking. Garlic oil makes a ravishing base for sauces and sautéing veggies. It’s moreover a tasty addition to mashed potatoes, cooked pasta, and artichokes.

A twist on this idea is to create garlic paste. Puree peeled garlic cloves, together with a splash of kosher salt and barely olive oil—adequate to sort a paste. Use a spoon or scoop to sort balls of garlic paste. Flash freeze on a parchment-lined tray, then toss frozen balls proper right into a freezer bag.

For many who don’t want garlic oil, it’s possible you’ll freeze full specific particular person cloves—peeled or not—in airtight containers or freezer baggage. As quickly as garlic freezes, peels come off merely, nonetheless assume ahead to your typical meal prep. For many who’re usually fast on time, it might be positively definitely worth the effort to peel cloves sooner than freezing.

Chop peeled cloves and tuck into snack dimension baggage, freezing in a thin layer. To utilize, merely break off a bit of the frozen layer. Alternatively, it’s possible you’ll flash freeze garlic—full cloves or chopped—on a parchment-lined tray. Toss the frozen garlic into freezer baggage.

Whatever the manner you freeze garlic, ensure you seal it in a container that acquired’t allow garlic odor to flee and style your freezer—and each little factor in it. Double and even triple bag garlic that’s saved in freezer baggage.

How one can Freeze Greens

Be taught methods for freezing greens so you might have modern model prolonged after the rising season ends.

When you get 12 heads of garlic as a substitute of the one one you ordered for grocery provide, you might need just some decisions.

You probably can gorge your self on garlic-heavy meals like one-pot pasta with clam sauce and spaghetti carbonara. Or it’s possible you’ll merely freeze it.

Wait, can you freeze garlic? Certain! There are only a few strategies to go about it, nonetheless each one will give you flavorful, pungent garlic at your fingertips (nonetheless not on your fingertips) everytime you need it.

Listed below are the three most interesting methods for freezing garlic, counting on the way in which you must use it in the long term.

How one can freeze garlic: the immediately lazy methodology

Merely separate the cloves, nonetheless don’t peel them. Put them in a mason jar or totally different lidded container and freeze them.

When you’re ready to utilize the garlic in a recipe, it’s possible you’ll peel and chop as many cloves as you need.

Freezing full garlic cloves modifications the texture a bit: they’ll be barely bit spongy as quickly as they thaw.

And since they’re already barely softer, the slices or chopped paste will cook dinner dinner sooner inside the pan than modern garlic will. Protect an in depth eye in your garlic within the occasion you’re cooking it from frozen to confirm it doesn’t burn.

Moreover, take heed that greater cloves acquired’t thaw as shortly as smaller cloves. So when you want to smash them after which mince them, you’re going to must attend a few minutes sooner than doing so.

Attempt it in my favorite Caesar dressing.

How one can freeze garlic: the delayed gratification methodology

This system of freezing garlic requires additional up-front work, nonetheless you’ll be rewarded with a greater prep time within the case of cooking with the frozen garlic.

You’re primarily making your particular person minced garlic cubes.

Peel as many garlic cloves as you might need or want to make use of (at least 2 heads’ worth of garlic to make this system worthwhile).

Place them in a mini meals processor and add adequate olive oil to flippantly coat the cloves—to not cowl them totally. Use about 1 tablespoon for every head’s worth of cloves.

Pulse to chop the garlic, scraping the bowl down as needed, until the cloves are coarsely minced.

Line a baking sheet with waxed paper and drop teaspoons of the minced garlic puree onto the sheet. Freeze secure, then change the drops to a sealed container or bag.

Each teaspoon is regarding the equal of 1 big garlic clove or 2 small-to-medium cloves.

Use them as you may modern garlic in any recipe that requires sauteeing or simmering garlic. Merely don’t forget that these, too, cook dinner dinner prior to modern garlic would within the an identical recipe.

One other methodology: roast it

You in all probability have so much garlic that you’d be capable of nonetheless freeze full cloves and make garlic paste blobs and nonetheless have a bunch of heads of garlic left over, it’s possible you’ll roast them and freeze the puree.

Observe the instructions for roasting garlic, nonetheless as a substitute of wrapping one specific particular person head of garlic in foil, wrap a whole bunch.

You’ll be able to do them individually or just line them up on one large foil sq. and wrap it up as an outsized bundle.

For many who’re roasting a lot of heads within the an identical piece of foil, it’ll take longer for the garlic to roast. Rigorously peel a nook of foil open to confirm after 1 hour, and protect checking every 15 minutes until the garlic is golden brown.

As quickly because the garlic is roasted and funky adequate to take care of, squeeze the puree out of all the heads proper right into a bowl.

Line a baking sheet with waxed paper and drop tablespoons of roasted garlic puree onto the sheet. Freeze secure, then change to a sealed container or bag.

Use these little blobs of rich garlic style anyplace you want barely improve.

Thaw one and swirl into mashed potatoes or add to your favorite meatballs.

Or add instantly from frozen to broth for an upgraded French onion soup.

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Love garlic nonetheless hate mincing it for every recipe? Proper right here’s a data on how one can freeze garlic so that you simply’ll have freshly minced garlic available every time!

Can I Freeze Garlic?!

You probably can undoubtedly freeze garlic! I’ve been doing it for ages and shared it in one among my Instagram Reels not too manner again and after some DMs, I needed to make an in depth data on it! My favourite methodology of prepping garlic is methodology 1 down beneath.

Why You Should Mince Your Private Garlic (And Then Freeze It)

  • It makes life easy. I actually like being able to open my freezer and seize a cube of minced garlic capable of go. It saves me from having to mince garlic 2 to 3 events a day when cooking.
  • I like making my very personal minced garlic on account of I uncover that the store-bought ones have a barely bitter model to them.
  • You probably can decide how minced you want them. I like mine barely chunky nonetheless it’s possible you’ll protect pulsing until your garlic is nearer to a paste within the occasion you want.
  • After a little bit of labor (I decrease and peel the garlic in entrance of the TV!), it’s possible you’ll make an enormous adequate batch to remaining Three to 6 months.

What You’ll Need

  • Garlic — I usually put collectively spherical 5 bulbs of garlic at a time. — within the occasion you don’t have one, it’s possible you’ll minced with a knife but it surely absolutely’ll take a while.

How one can Freeze Garlic

  • Peel the garlic.
  • Swap garlic cloves to a meals processor. Pulse until minced to your liking.
  • Approach 1 — tablespoon: Swap the minced garlic unfold on a parchment lined sheet pan. Cowl with plastic wrap and freeze for 2-Three hours or until frozen. Scale back until roughly 1 inch by 1 inch squares. Swap into an airtight container or freezer baggage and retailer inside the freezer. Use from frozen.
  • That’s my go to methodology! I wish to advocate this system out of the three.
  • Approach 2 — in containers or baggage: Swap the minced garlic into small freezer protected containers or small freezer baggage. I want to make indentswith a knife inside the garlic after packing them into the containers so it’s less complicated to scoop out as needed. For many who overlook, you would possibly have to chip at it a bit. Or let it sit for a few minutes at room temperature and it’ll soften adequate to scoop some out.
  • Approach 3 — in ice cube trays: Swap the minced garlic into ice cube trays and freeze for 2-Three hours or until frozen. Swap the frozen garlic into an airtight container or freezer bag and use from frozen.

Frozen garlic lasts Three to 6 months when saved precisely.

1″ squares comes out to roughly a bit higher than 1 teaspoon of minced garlic.

That you must use frozen garlic akin to you do with freshly minced garlic. I usually add it to a pot or pan straight from frozen. To ensure that you, it’s possible you’ll thaw it beforehand, it doesn’t take prolonged to thaw a cube of garlic.

Be taught all the data and strategies for Freezing Garlic to keep away from losing your self time and cash. A stash of frozen garlic in your freezer can merely be added to important dishes, soups, and sauces for quick meals that the whole family will love.

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Take into consideration what your meal prep goes to look like within the occasion you don’t have to peel and chop garlic anytime you need it? Take into consideration me your kitchen fairy godmother, on account of I’m about to make that dream a actuality.

A bag or container of frozen minced/chopped or full cloves of garlic capable of go makes your easy healthful meal prep a breeze. Tons of prepped frozen produce is a staple in our Freezer Requirements. Add inside the data of how one can freeze onions, and weeknight dinners are about to get superior.

We actually endure this kitchen staple so shortly that I plant a 4&events;6 yard mattress yearly to develop my very personal! Involved about together with some to your yard? Do this publish on How one can Plant Garlic Step by Step.

Can You Freeze Garlic?

Certain! Freezing helps defend that inconceivable style everybody is aware of and love. And since it might make it simpler to whip up speedy meals, you’re going to adore it far more.

Is Frozen Garlic as Good as Current?

For many who’re planning to utilize it in dishes like Instantaneous Pot Garlic Parmesan Rice or roasting it for Fried Gnocchi and Veggies, you acquired’t even be succesful to tell the excellence! For recipes like Baked Brie in Puff Pastry, I might stick to modern.


    and parchment for freezing full cloves
  • Silicone muffin tin or mini muffin tin with parchment liners
  • Slicing board
  • Sharp knife to make it less complicated to chop a bunch at once

How Prolonged Can You Protect Garlic inside the Freezer?

Frozen garlic will remaining in a standard freezer for six months. You in all probability have a deep freeze/stand-alone freezer, you’re protected to take care of it in there for as a lot as a 12 months.

How Do You Thaw Frozen Garlic?

For minced, I merely stick a frozen “disk” in my recipe whereas cooking. No thawing required! For full cloves, it’s possible you’ll allow them to thaw at room temperature for an hour or microwave for 15 seconds.

If the whole cloves may be roasted, like being added to a Paleo Roast Hen, together with them to the recipe nonetheless frozen is totally optimistic.

Skilled Concepts/Recipe Notes

  • Protect the minced garlic inside the parchment muffin liners when storing inside the freezer to cease them from sticking to at least one one other.
  • I strongly advocate storing the frozen minced garlic in eight oz (jam-sized) canning jars inside the freezer. I would like 4 ozjars for full cloves. The garlic odor will linger in reusable silicone storage baggage. Related:Canning Supplies Guidelines
  • For many who don’t want to make use of mini muffin tins, freeze the minced garlic/olive oil mixture in a bowl. When it is halfway frozen, dollop spoonfuls of the mix onto a baking sheet lined with parchment. Take away the dollops when completely frozen and freeze in small canning jars.


  • Strive all my tasty recipes that use garlic
  • Do this entire data on how one can freeze modern produce

You in all probability have leftover heads/cloves, attempt your hand at roasting it! My two favorite methods are Instantaneous Pot Roasted Garlic and Air Fryer Roasted Garlic.

Freezing Garlic


  • ▢ 20 cloves garlic
  • ▢ 1/4 cup olive oil



How one can Freeze Minced Garlic

How one can Freeze Total Garlic


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Retailer this Put up:

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Meals Processor

Rimmed Baking Sheet

Parchment – Bleach Free and Compostable

Prep As quickly as Cook dinner dinner Twice (cookbook)

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Thanks so much for this publish. I cook dinner dinner every single meal for my family of 5, and listen, at this stage inside the pandemic…I’m over it. The thought-about mincing garlic for dinner is a no. Enter the frozen garlic pucks in my freezer correct now. Smart. I think about my freezer will not ever be with out prepped garlic as soon as extra!

Alicia, I actually really feel your ache with being over the meal prep and manufacturing. I’m so glad these garlic pucks have helped make like a tiny bit less complicated for you.

I’m actually making one different batch proper now!

Thanks! Now i can stop searching for the overpriced plastic-encased frozen garlic cubes from the grocery retailer. They’re such a time saver nonetheless harmful for my pockets and the earth. Positively going to DIY any further!

You’re so correct – you’re going to be saving a boatload! You’re about to be a meal prep ninja. 🙂

Having that’s available is so helpful I’ll perhaps buy the big bag of pre-peeled garlic from Costco as soon as extra to try this as soon as I run low. (I purchased it a pair months prior to now on account of it was the one modern garlic accessible after which needed to decide how you need to use a whole bag sooner than it acquired yucky – Sarah to the rescue!)

The one change I made was to utilize sunflower oil (I don’t on a regular basis want the flavour of olive oil since I reap the benefits of garlic in all types of dishes). It made them a contact softer I imagine, nonetheless not problematically so. Moreover, I had so much that I froze some unfold thinly on a parchment lined sheet pan that I then broke into thirds and stashed in a gallon ziptop bag. This has been helpful as soon as I solely need a clove or two worth reasonably than the larger amount in a mini-muffin cup; I merely break off a bit from the sheet as needed.

At first of the Pandemic, when meals was scarce not he cupboards, I overbought once I found one factor that I repeatedly use. Costco had an unlimited bag of garlic that I bought. It appears that evidently no matter using some garlic on daily basis, I nonetheless have tons to maintain that I fear will go harmful even conserving it in a cool, darkish, place. I am going to comply together with your concepts for freezing it.. thanks so much!

We not too way back picked up a Costco-sized bag of garlic and I couldn’t stand the considered it going harmful sooner than we acquired by all of it. As if in cue, Sarah posts this straightforward and easy methodology for freezing garlic. My fingers will perhaps protect the vampires away for a while nonetheless it is so worth it to cut down on prep time eventually.

Haha, I on a regular basis know once I’ve been chopping garlic on account of my showers are very garlic-scented the next day!!

Glad I’d help protect Ivan in garlic for just some weeks.

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