How to grow garlic

A member of the onion household, this staple of Mediterranean cooking is straightforward to develop in a heat sunny web site with well-drained soil. It’s grown from cloves, which is likely to be most attention-grabbing planted in late autumn, and is able to reap the next summer season season season.

Jobs to do now

  • Plant express specific particular person cloves
  • Cowl with horticultural fleece to discourage birds

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Leap to

Garlic is grown by planting express specific particular person cloves of garlic (comparatively than sowing seeds), often in autumn – see Plant, under, for full particulars.

Garlic is mostly bother free and wishes little repairs, aside from watering in dry spells, and customary weeding. Furthermore snip off any flower stems that begin to variety.


Water garlic all via dry spells in spring and early summer season season season, to bolster bulb dimension. Nonetheless, don’t water as rapidly as a result of the bulbs are large and appropriately fashioned, as this may occasionally encourage rotting. Yellowing foliage is an indication that the bulbs are reaching this stage of maturity.

Try to keep away from overhead watering, because it ought to presumably encourage fungal sicknesses.


Garlic crops want full picture voltaic, so preserve weeds at bay to make sure crops don’t get shaded. Weeding is most attention-grabbing accomplished by hand, as hoeing dangers damaging the creating bulbs. To keep away from the necessity to weed repeatedly, consider planting by way of black plastic sheeting or weed-suppressing membrane.


What to plant

At all times purchase named kinds of garlic from a yard centre or mail-order provider. It’s best to not plant garlic from a grocery retailer – it’d carry sicknesses and be unsuitable for the British native local weather, so outcomes can be disappointing.

There are many kinds of garlic to choose from – look considerably for these with an RHS Award of Yard Revenue (AGM), which reveals they carried out appropriately in rising trials – see our pointers of AGM fruit and veg.

There are two predominant kinds of garlic – hardneck and softneck.

Hardneck garlic:

Produces fewer, larger cloves, coated with a looser tunic

Has a stronger, additional attention-grabbing flavour

Retailers solely till mid-winter

​Usually produces flower stalks

Softneck garlic:

Produces smaller, additional tightly packed cloves

Retailers for longer – if planted in autumn it will preserve appropriately into the next winter, if planted in spring it will preserve till the center of the next spring

Doesn’t produce flower stalks until careworn

Elephant garlic

Elephant garlic (Allium ampeloprasum) is often bought as garlic, nonetheless is definitely additional rigorously associated to leeks. It produces a small variety of very large cloves with a light-weight flavour. It wants a protracted, heat rising season to produce a superb crop and is most attention-grabbing planted in October.

The cloves often don’t divide, producing merely barely larger single-clove (solo) bulbs. Early planting usually reduces the incidence of solo bulbs. The one-clove bulb shall be harvested and every eaten or planted as quickly as further the next autumn, when it will usually produce segmented cloves.

The place and when to plant

Garlic wants a interval of chilly, so is mostly planted in late autumn or early winter. Most varieties want one to 2 months at 0–10°C (32–50°F) for good bulb enchancment. Nonetheless, some cultivars are acceptable for planting in early spring.

In case your soil is heavy and damp over winter, it’s larger to start out garlic off in modules in a coldframe ahead of planting out in spring.

Garlic likes a sunny, well-drained web site. Moist soil and/or excessive humidity all through the foliage could make crops additional inclined to illness, significantly if planted in autumn. Garlic doesn’t thrive in acid soil (under pH 6.5), nonetheless it is doable you will cut back acidity by making use of lime in autumn and winter.

How one can plant

Earlier to planting, take away any weeds then enhance the soil’s constructing, moisture retention and nutrient ranges by digging in pure matter. Apply about two bucketfuls of well-rotted manure or yard compost each sq. metre/yard. Avoid utilizing present manure.

Little fertiliser is required at planting. On widespread soil, apply a general-purpose fertiliser at a value of 25g/1oz per sq. metre/yard. The place pure matter was not utilized, double the quantity of fertiliser. To scale back the necessity for weeding later, you could cowl the soil with black plastic sheeting or weed-suppressing membrane, then plant the cloves by way of slits.

Rigorously break up the bulbs into express specific particular person cloves or segments. Take care to plant them the appropriate technique up, with the flat basal plate dealing with downwards and the pointed finish upwards.

Area the cloves 15cm (6in) aside, with the tip 2.5cm (1in) under the soil floor. In gentle soil, deeper planting can produce larger bulbs, nonetheless don’t plant deeply in heavy soil. Area rows 30cm (1ft) aside.

Forestall birds from pulling up newly planted cloves by overlaying with horticultural fleece till appropriately rooted in.

Planting in modules

On heavy, moist soil, garlic is most attention-grabbing began off in modules in autumn, overwintered in a coldframe or unheated greenhouse, then planted out in spring.

Partly fill a modular tray with multi-purpose or soil-based compost

Insert one clove into every module and canopy with compost

Protect in a cool place – a well-ventilated coldframe is sweet – to present safety from the harshest winter native climate

Ensure that the compost is moist nonetheless not moist

Plant out in spring, 15cm (6in) aside


Whereas the bulbs are nonetheless rising, it is doable you will harvest just a few of the inexperienced leaves to utilize as a garnish or in salads. You may also uncover ‘prime objects’ or garlic cloves variety on the stalk (because of changeable native climate in spring) – these is likely to be utilized as you’d widespread garlic cloves.

Garlic bulbs are able to reap as rapidly as a result of the leaves have turned yellow. Autumn-planted garlic is prepared in early summer season season season and spring-planted from mid-summer to early autumn. Attempt to not delay harvesting, because of the bulbs open up and retailer so much a lot much less appropriately if lifted late.

Rigorously dig up the bulbs with a fork. Address them gently, as bruising furthermore reduces their storage potential.

Dry them off fully in a single layer all through the picture voltaic – beneath a cloche or in a greenhouse is sweet. Ventilate appropriately to keep away from extreme warmth (above 30°C/86°F). Alternatively, place in a dry, well-ventilated shed or comparable setting.

Anticipate drying to take two to 4 weeks, relying on the native climate. Whenever you happen to determine any mould, it is doable you will velocity up drying utilizing a fan heater, nonetheless this isn’t often essential.

As rapidly as a result of the foliage is dry and rustling, cut back off the stalk and retailer the bulbs in a cool, dry place at 5–10 o C (41–50 o F), the place additional drying will happen.

Garlic has been used as each meals and medicines since at least the 25th century BCE, all through the time that the pyramids had been being constructed at Giza, Egypt. In his Ecologues, Virgil writes all about garlic being consumed by historic Greek and Roman troopers, and it’s was grown in England by the mid-16th century. That is curious given the fashionable English angle within the route of garlic. As late as 1997, Dr. D.G. Hessayon warned in his bestselling e-book, The Vegetable & Herb Expert:

Whenever you’re a newbie with garlic, it is essential to make use of it very sparingly in any other case you is likely to be postpone with out end. Rub a picket salad bowl with a clove ahead of along with the substances…. After which you’ll strive dropping an entire unskinned clove correct proper right into a casserole or stew, eradicating it ahead of serving. If by then you definitely definately’ve misplaced barely of your garlic concern, it is doable you will strive utilizing crushed (not chopped) garlic in meat, and many others. because of the Continentals do.

(Correct proper right here we’re, consuming the stuff uncooked and spreading it on bread!)

Garlic is a perennial member of the onion household, Alliaceae, and is rigorously associated to leeks, onions, shallots, and chives. All of those crops ship up hole, tubular (often flattened) leaves from a bulb that grows under the underside. The leaves are adopted by a flower stalk (scape), after which by the flower itself. Garlic may produce “bulbils” – tiny bulbs that may start to sprout, on the flower head. All parts of the garlic plant are edible, nonetheless the bulb is likely to be basically probably the most prized and helpful all through the kitchen.

The garlic bulb (or “head”) is an organ the plant makes use of to retailer meals all via opposed native climate or over winter, when the leaves can not photosynthesize. It’s divided into pretty a few fleshy cloves, every wrapped in a papery husk, which should be eradicated earlier to consuming. Every clove, if planted in early spring or autumn, will produce a mannequin new head. If left to its personal gadgets, garlic will lastly variety a small clump as its bulbs unfold by the years.

Softneck garlic is simple to develop in gentle climates. Select the hardneck varieties for areas the place winters are extreme. Softneck often produces smaller, additional pretty a few cloves per head, and it retailers significantly appropriately. Storing garlic is all about retaining it comparatively heat and dry. This encourages the cloves to take care of dormant, and prevents them from sprouting.

Garlic is likely among the universally accepted culinary substances, appreciated throughout the globe for its pungent flavour and its unbelievable versatility in complementing meat, greens, breads, and eggs. It’s grown commercially everywhere on this planet, notably in China, the place over 12 million tons are produced yearly.

Aside from its fairly a couple of makes use of all through the kitchen, garlic has extended been appreciated as a medication. It’s acknowledged to have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, nonetheless intensive scientific evaluation have confirmed conflicting ends in of us. Garlic seems to play a job in lowering the buildup of sure kinds of ldl ldl ldl cholesterol, together with regulating blood sugar ranges in of us, nonetheless the precise processes usually often will not be appropriately understood. In customary pure medication, garlic has been used to combat parasites, forestall the widespread chilly, and deal with respiratory complaints. Rats ate up excessive protein diets supplemented with garlic confirmed elevated ranges of testosterone.

Consuming garlic, in actuality, furthermore causes dangerous breath. This actuality didn’t escape early physicians, together with Culpepper: “The offensiveness of the breath of him that hath eaten Garlick, will lead you by the nostril to the data thereof.” In Islamic custom-made, consuming garlic earlier to attending the mosque is seen as inappropriate. The odour of garlic (launched on by superior sulphur compounds) could clarify why it was held in such excessive regard in central European folklore as a ward in opposition to demons, werewolves, and vampires – and it actually was used for this carry out, hung throughout the dwelling, or rubbed spherical dwelling residence home windows, chimneys, and keyholes.

Nonetheless it’s eaten, garlic is excessive in protein, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, together with completely totally different helpful dietary nutritional vitamins. It is likely to be eaten uncooked, cooked, preserved in oil, wine, or vinegar, and it varieties a base for fairly a couple of sauces and dips (hummus, pesto, aioli, French dressing, to find out just a few) which may then be saved present for days if refrigerated. Dried garlic may be powdered and saved in an hermetic container for as a lot as a yr or additional. If substituting powdered garlic for present, 1/Eight teaspoon = 1 present clove.

Garlic festivals are fashionable all via Canada and throughout the globe. Since 1999, the South Cariboo Garlic Rivals has been held in 100 Mile Dwelling, B.C. The very best of August sees a judged garlic cook-off, dwell music, craft truthful, and far completely totally different garlic-related mayhem.

How one can Develop Garlic:

Downside: Simple. Garlic shouldn’t be suited to rising in containers. This may be accomplished, but it surely absolutely definitely’s larger all through the bottom, or presumably in raised beds.

Timing: Plant cloves from September to the tip of November. There’s a non everlasting window initially of March when it is doable you will plant for a fall harvest, nonetheless on this native local weather garlic performs larger if overwintered.

Sowing: Separate the cloves and set each, pointed find yourself, 10-15cm (4-6”) aside and with the tip of the clove 2-5cm (1-2”) deep. Don’t pores and pores and pores and skin the cloves! Use deeper planting if rain or frost could expose the cloves, and shallower planting if utilizing mulch or planting into heavy soil. The biggest cloves will make a really highly effective bulbs.

Soil: Wealthy, appropriately drained soil. Dig appropriately, add compost (various it in case your soil is heavy) and don’t compact it by stepping on it. Lime the soil various weeks ahead of planting if the pH is decrease than 6.0.

Rising: Fertilize when spring progress begins. Water as wanted and preserve weeded. Lower flower stalks to hold vitality all through the bulb. If express specific particular person cloves haven’t fashioned, every eat the clove or replant and it’ll bulb subsequent yr.

Harvest: When the tops start to dry, pull and air-dry like onions. Some growers advocate ready till 75% of the plant has dried up ahead of pulling, and others say the important thing’s to tug when every plant is down to 6 inexperienced leaves. Further on When to Harvest Garlic.

Storage: Retailer in a room temperature, dry setting. Moisture, warmth, or extreme chilly could provoke sprouting.

Pests & Illness: Many growers have been hit with White Rot that causes black spots and decay on the bulbs. It’s merely unfold in contaminated soil and water and may be very persistent all through the soil. Flooding the mattress for Four weeks all through the spring could kill it. Most attention-grabbing technique to keep away from it’s not to go away decaying alliums all through the bottom and by utilizing a strict 4-year rotation.

Companion Planting: Planting garlic close to roses will assist to repel aphids. Attributable to its sulphur compounds, it’d furthermore assist repel whiteflies, Japanese beetles, root maggots, carrot rust fly, and completely totally different pests. Garlic, made correct proper right into a tea, or spray, will act as a systemic pesticide, drawing up into the cells of the crops. It’s a superb companion for beets, Brassicas, celery, lettuce, potatoes, strawberries, and tomatoes. Avoid planting it close to peas or beans of any kind. Further on Companion Planting.

Try the Garlic Farmer’s calendar for a month by month information on what to do and when.

Garlic grows all via the UK offered it’s grown in a free draining soil that isn’t too acidic, is saved appropriately watered, weed free and has a superb dose of each frost and sunshine. Any newbie gardener can develop good garlic.

For a terrific crop of garlic it is essential to start out with top of the range seed.

From correct proper right here merely regulate to our month-to-month reminders on the calendar together with the Four step information under.

Put collectively your soil appropriately. Combine in various good compost extended ahead of you possibly can begin planting. Assure you possibly can have sufficient residence (15cm between every clove – additional for elephant). Plant in an space which is able to pay money for most daytime. Good drainage is essential.

Break the bulbs into cloves, leaving pores and pores and pores and skin on. Place cloves 3 – 4cm under floor floor, root down (pointy find yourself) 15cm aside.

Water your garlic all via dry durations all by the rising season, nonetheless cease watering completely all via the previous few weeks. Rigorously take away any weeds as they seem. From February apply sulphate of potash to your garlic each 6 weeks, to current it your entire dietary nutritional vitamins it must develop successfully.

Garlic will allow you to perceive when it’s time to harvest. Too early and it is doable you will miss the ultimate phrase progress spurt, too late and your bulbs will rot all through the bottom. When the garlic falls over and the leaves are brown, it is harvest time.

When to reap Garlic all through the UK


Prepared to carry when the decrease leaves begin to differ shade from inexperienced to yellow/ brown. Finish of May – finish July relying on selection.


When the decrease leaves begin to yellow and fold and the garlic goes “weak on the knees” and begins to lie on the underside. Mid could – mid August relying on selection.

Garlic Varieties

Elephant Garlic

Modify to the equal instructions as for garlic nonetheless enhance spacing to 25cm. Plant from September.

Wild Garlic

Plant cloves 2-5cm deep 25cm aside. Protect appropriately watered first yr and don’t resolve any crops. Wild garlic seed heads ought to moreover produce viable seed and help all through the unfold of your wild garlic space.


Hardneck varieties produce fairly floral spikes. These should be snapped off practically as quickly as they seem to encourage the crops belongings as soon as extra down throughout the path of the bulb. Moreover referred to as scapes these shall be sautéed and favored like a garlicky inexperienced bean or asparagus and even made correct proper right into a scrumptious pesto.


Produce a tough flowering spike. Cloves variety spherical a central stem. Varieties embody: Lubasha Wight, Kingsland Wight, Caulk Wight. Typically planted all through the Autumn for harvest finish of June – July. Hardnecks are sometimes hardier when rising and stronger in flavour.


Produce a softer stem with no flowering spike, usually additional cloves to a bulb, bunched collectively in tight circles. Varieties embody: Rhapsody Wight, Provence Wight, Picardy Wight, Maddock Wight, Mersley Wight & Solent Wight. Typically simpler to develop, with good retaining qualities.

Rising Garlic in Pots

Garlic shall be successfully grown in pots. Use a present customary rising medium. Typically plant Three cloves to a 6″ pot, 6 to an 8″ pot and eight – 10 to a 10″ pot. Ensure that to utilize pots with at least 6″ depth to permit ample freedom for the roots. Protect appropriately watered and stand outdoors on a patio or window ledge.

Actually not touched a bulb, seed, trowel, watering can? Thought a raised mattress was merely a type of bizarre folding mattresses? Try this smart article from our mates at billyoh all about getting began with gardening.

Factors and Widespread Sicknesses

Puccinia Porri: Small orange blisters can seem on the leaves of the plant from could onwards. Frequent spraying or watering with sulphur compounds, will give some safety as will elevated ranges of sulphate of potash hoed in all through the crops in February.

Onion Fly

Presence is commonly confirmed by progress halting and the neck of the plant thickening. The plant then dies. The onion fly lays its eggs shut to or on the plant. When hatched the maggot (in look) bores into the bulb and it collapses. If crops die for no obvious goal, carry affected crops. Conserving the soil all through the crops appropriately cultivated from March – May will give some safety.

White Rot

Happens the place there’s a historic earlier of standard allium cultivation as a result of it is soil borne. Vegetation fade away in April – June bulb turns into white mud. As illness progresses a white cottony fungal progress with black dots turns into seen. Destroy all contaminated provides and don’t develop alliums in contaminated space for at least 15 years.

Stem & Bulb Eel Worm

Usually mistaken for White Rot” or Onion Fly” just a few crops will fade April – June adopted by increasingly further. A soil-borne nematode hosted by completely totally different yard crops. Any affected crops must be eradicated and destroyed. Don’t add to yard compost. In an effort to keep away from this draw back repeating itself, rotate your garlic rising space and it might be essential to go away the affected space fallow for at least three years whereas not permitting one factor to develop there that can host these pests.

Modify to our full information under to a bumper crop of homegrown garlic.

Garlic is likely among the many best and least fuss vege crops it is doable you will develop. It takes up hardly any room (width good above the soil) and as rapidly as planted it requires little care. Filled with flavour and successfully being properties, it’s a superfood of the yard!

Historically garlic is planted on the shortest day and harvested on the longest day, nonetheless it could possibly be planted in each autumn and winter.

Garlic is used each day in quite a lot of kitchens worldwide – it could possibly be used each cooked and uncooked, in all the objects from salads to seafood dishes. Garlic goes considerably appropriately with prawns, hen, lamb, bread, olives and pasta.

Garlic thrives if given fundamentals – meals, water and a substantial amount of picture voltaic. It should develop in each yard beds and containers.

Put collectively

The higher the soil, the higher your crops will develop. Whenever you’re beginning with an current yard mattress dig in pure matter like sheep pellets and Tui Compost to your soil. Then add a layer of Tui Vegetable Combine. If planting in pots and containers use Tui Vegetable Combine.


Garlic bulbs may be present in yard centres in winter, purchase an entire bulb akin to you’d on the grocery retailer. Avoid planting garlic from supermarkets as usually it has been handled to cease it sprouting away all through the grocery retailer – significantly if it’s been imported.

Planting in yard beds:

  • Break up every bulb into cloves, it’s these cloves which you plant NOT the entire bulb.
  • Plant at 15-20cm spacings, the corms can develop fairly large, as large as a leek in order that they want sufficient residence to develop.
  • Bury every clove finger depth at least 5cm under the underside (twice as deep because of the size of the clove). Shallow planting will set off giant factors. When the crops develop the roots can’t help the load of the heavy leaves and fall over, pulling the entire plant out of the underside. Because of this reality all the time plant deep!
  • As rapidly as planted, shoots will seem inside a month or so.

Planting in pots and containers:

  • Garlic is cozy rising in pots and containers, in a pot the dimensions of a kitchen bucket it is doable you will plant about six cloves of garlic.
  • Select a pot or container with good drainage and place in a spot that receives full picture voltaic.
  • Break up every bulb into cloves, it’s these cloves which you plant NOT the entire bulb.
  • Fill with Tui Vegetable Combine.
  • Bury every clove finger depth at least 5cm under the combination (twice as deep because of the size of the clove).


Feed your crops they often’ll feed you. Vegetation use dietary nutritional vitamins from the soil as they develop, so replenishing the dietary nutritional vitamins ensures your crops develop to their full potential.

For garlic planted in yard beds feed each 4 weeks all via key progress durations. Tui Vegetable Meals is a wealthy formulation of fertilisers together with dolomite, blood and bone and sheep manure mud designed to encourage healthful vegetable progress and microbial and earthworm prepare all through the soil. If planting in pots and containers use an all carry out selection, akin to Tui NovaTec Premium fertiliser.

Apply Tui Pure Seaweed Plant Tonic by way of the season to encourage larger cloves.

Garlic must be saved appropriately watered to produce large bulbs, significantly because of the bulbs are beginning to variety in November and December. Appropriately watered, appropriately nourished crops could have a greater likelihood of retaining insect pests and sicknesses at bay.

Be vigilant and cease undesirable bugs and sicknesses from ruining your garlic crops. If aphids are a problem deal with with an appropriate insect administration out of your yard centre. In case your garlic is affected by rust regulate to our data correct proper right here >


Harvest in summer season season season as rapidly as a result of the tops begin to die as soon as extra. Don’t be tempted to tug the bulbs out by the leaves, dig up with a fork and go away to dry on the easiest of the underside for a day or so (so long as it is not raining, picture voltaic is most popular), then plait and retailer someplace dry away from direct daylight.

Protect just a few good heads of your specific particular person garlic to utilize because of the inventory of subsequent yr’s crop. You may rely upon about 150 crops from a dozen heads of garlic.

As rapidly as you’ve acquired harvested your garlic, do that Potato Gratin with Gruyere and Garlic recipe to profit out of your bumper crop.

You don’t want tons residence to develop garlic at residence. Low effort and excessive reward, garlic is assured in order so as to add scrumptious flavour to any residence cooked meal.

From spacious gardens to small balconies, it is doable you will develop garlic on any patch of soil that may get a substantial amount of gentle. All you want is a bulb of garlic. Listed under are the fundamentals to get you began:

  • Plant your garlic in late autumn by way of to early spring, they’ll use the winter months as a chilling interval to develop their bulbs
  • They want to be fairly dry so select soil that drains appropriately and is pH impartial
  • Add some fertiliser ahead of you plant to increase their progress
  • Water flippantly by way of the summer season season season to hold the soil moist
  • Pluck away any nasty weeds
  • Harvest throughout the summertime, from July onwards

When to plant garlic

The most effective time to plant garlic is in late autumn by way of to early spring. Garlic doesn’t fare appropriately with excessive humidity or moist soils, so whether or not or not or not you’re planting straight all through the bottom, correct proper right into a planter or possibly a pot, assure that it’s someplace that has good drainage the place the picture voltaic can attain the soil to dry it out.

The most effective soil for rising garlic

Garlic is a forgiving crop and will develop in most pH impartial soil, so long as water can drain shortly or evaporate all through the picture voltaic. Merely ensure you combine in a substantial amount of compost to current your bulbs the dietary nutritional vitamins they want.

A bit bit little little bit of sand could help loosen dense soil to let additional water escape. Add barely fertiliser for further luck while you’re able to plant – spherical 25g per sq. metre will do, or double do you must didn’t use any compost.

Whenever you happen to’re planting straight into your yard mattress, add yard lime all through the autumn and winter to assist cut back acidity.

How one can plant garlic

Rigorously peel off the flakey outer layer of pores and pores and pores and skin, then separate the cloves, retaining the remaining pores and pores and pores and skin intact. Push every clove about an inch or 2.5cm deep into your soil, guaranteeing you allow 15cm of residence between them in order that they’ve sufficient residence to develop. Simple!

Whenever you happen to’re utilizing small pots, we advocate planting only one clove per pot.

How one can care on your garlic plant

Defend your garlic bulbs over the chilly winter months by along with a light-weight layer of mulch (like grass clippings, leaves, shredded newspaper or picket chips) on prime. The intention is to hold the soil moist with out letting chilly snow or rain in. Nonetheless preserve the mulch to a minimal, due to a fast chilling interval of spherical 0-10°C helps the bulbs develop.

When your garlic leaves poke by way of, they’ll look slim, vibrant inexperienced and pointed on the prime. One different leaves are presumably weeds. Pull them out fastidiously so your garlic doesn’t have to compete for dietary nutritional vitamins.

Water your garlic when the soil feels dry. If the tops of your garlic leaves go yellow, this may presumably be an indication that you just simply merely’re overwatering.

Coping with pests

Garlic is fairly proof in opposition to pests, nonetheless they’re going to get a little bit bit little little bit of leek rust in moist native climate. Leek rust begins off as small bumpy spots ahead of killing the leaves and stopping the expansion of your garlic. Whenever you happen to search out this fungal an an an infection taking protect, it’s time to reap. The garlic bulbs is likely to be totally fit for human consumption but it surely absolutely definitely’s most attention-grabbing to take away the contaminated bulbs immediately ahead of the rust spreads to the others.

How one can harvest garlic

Harvest time for garlic begins spherical July and lasts all by the summer season season season. When the leaves begin to flip yellow, fastidiously carry out the bulbs collectively collectively together with your fingers, a fork or a trowel. Begin with one bulb to confirm if the others are prepared. As rapidly as harvested, go away the bulbs to dry all through the picture voltaic for a few days, after which profit from them as quickly because it’s doable you will. Contemplate to hold a bulb to not less than one aspect so it is doable you will plant it as quickly as further for the following yr.