How to install a toilet

This Outdated House pipes specialist Richard Trethewey’s method for putting in a brand-new commode– or altering an outdated one.

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Job data


Approximated Time

In case your reliable commode has truly created fractures or leakages, makes use of a lot extreme water per flush, or is merely a colour of toddler blue not seen in 20 years, it is perhaps time to vary it. You would think about this a good time to position in a cellphone name to the plumbing skilled, nevertheless it may be accomplished in a day’s profit a reasonably handy DIY-er. It is besides the weak, as a result of bogs are hefty and likewise unwieldy, nevertheless when you have a strong again (or a tricky aide) you may preserve by yourself the worth of a house phone name by mounting it by yourself.

Recommendations on Commode Installment

Beneath, we requested This Outdated House pipes and likewise residence heating specialist Richard Trethewey to show tips on how to mount a toilet. The second referred to as for differs, nevertheless provide by yourself half a day when you have truly obtained a substantial amount of expertise with pipes duties, and likewise an entire day in the event you’re an newbie.

1. Commode Elements: A Abstract

Image by Gregory Nemec

2. Preparation the Flooring and likewise Dust Pipeline

  • Issues a dustcloth proper into the filth pipeline to hinder drain gasoline and likewise cease gear from dropping in.
  • Look at that the opening within the flooring is huge enough to suit the wardrobe flange as a lot as its collar. If the opening requires to be greater, hint across the flange’s base with a pencil, after that take away the surplus flooring overlaying with a jigsaw. Don’t scale back any form of joists.
  • Dry-fit the filth pipeline proper into the wardrobe bend. Space the flange over the filth pipeline, after that decide the house in between all-time low of the flange’s collar and likewise the floor flooring.
  • Get rid of the filth pipeline and likewise make the most of a handsaw to chop it to the dimension within the earlier motion. Get rid of burrs by scuffing the minimize facet with an power blade.
  • Dry-fit the flange to the filth pipeline, and likewise the filth pipeline to the wardrobe bend to ensure the flange’s collar hinges on the flooring.

3. Mount the Dust Pipeline and likewise Wardrobe Flange

  • The next motion to vary a toilet is to wash PVC information on the throughout the wardrobe bend and likewise exterior of 1 finish of the filth pipeline. Apply PVC concrete to these very same floor areas and likewise rapidly flip the filth pipeline proper into the wardrobe bend.
  • Prime and likewise use concrete to the cost-free finish of the filth pipeline and likewise the throughout the wardrobe flange. Spin and likewise press the flange onto the filth pipeline until the collar is seated on the flooring.
  • Flip the collar until its ports are positioned to the correct and likewise left of the opening. (The wardrobe screws, which will definitely be positioned proper into the ports, have to align alongside the wall floor behind the container.)
  • Safeguard the collar to the flooring with stainless-steel screws sufficient time to assault proper into the subfloor.

Thought: When gluing a fixed-collar PVC flange, line up the screw ports quickly previous to the concrete collections.

4. Solder the Give up Shutoff

  • Flip off the bathe room’s water-supply shutoff.
  • Space a pail beneath the availability line, after that minimize the road with a tubes cutter. Go away relating to 1 inch of pipeline to attach the stop shutoff and likewise escutcheon. Allow the pipeline to empty pipes.
  • Get rid of the shutoff’s care for and likewise stem. (Heat from soldering may hurt the stem’s plastic washing machines.)
  • Dry the pipeline out and in with a dustcloth. Tidy the inside and likewise past the pipeline and likewise the throughout the shutoff’s inlet using a wire-brush pipeline cleanser. Apply change to each places.
  • Slide the escutcheon over the availability line, complied with by the stop shutoff; the shutoff’s electrical outlet have to purpose upwards.
  • Heat the availability line stop shutoff joint with a gasoline lantern. As quickly because the joint is heat enough to thaw the solder, get rid of the hearth and likewise run the solder across the joint. When a lower of solder exhibits up close to the underside, the joint is stuffed up.

5. Mount Commode Wax Ring, Set up the Dish

  • Place the prolonged brass wardrobe screws, threaded-end up, proper into the flange collar’s ports. Slide a brass washer over every.
  • Delicately push the wax ring, flat-side down, over the flange.
  • Elevate the commode astonish the flange, line up the openings in its base with the wardrobe screws, and likewise decreased the bottom onto the ring.
  • With out turning or shaking, push the dish down onto the wax ring until the dish’s base hinges on the flooring. If the flooring is irregular, shim the dish with stainless-steel washing machines.
  • Slide a nylon washer over every screw, after that hand-thread the nuts. Tighten up the nuts with a wrench one quarter flip without delay, rotating in between each. Give up when the wrench satisfies robust resistance; overtightening will definitely break the dish.
  • With a hacksaw, minimize the wardrobe screws at an element 2 strings excessive of the nut. Break the plastic screw covers proper into location.

* Begin with this motion if altering an current commode or a malfunctioning wax seal.


Distinction Quotes From Premier Regional Washroom Remodelers

Free, No-commitment Quotes

  • Shift: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Total time: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Means diploma: Novice
  • Job value: $150 to $300

For quite a few residence house owners, mounting a toilet could be so remarkably easy, speedy and likewise easy and simple that no plumbing skilled is known as for. Relocating the commode proper into the bathe room is often the toughest element. However, it’s obligatory that you simply do it appropriately, and likewise acknowledge that in the event you do require a plumbing technician for the work, you shouldn’t wait to connect with a neighborhood professional.

Contemplating that 2 important elements are at present in position– the commode flange and likewise the water system– it is merely a problem of fixing out the outdated commode for the brand-new one. Relying upon your kind of commode, you may have to fine-tune the process a bit of, nevertheless the complying with actions will definitely assure an efficient setup.

When to Mount a Commode

Commode points don’t continually name for a substitute work, as they’ll often be fastened. Nevertheless you may intend to consider mounting a brand-new commode when it is blocking as properly usually. Mounting a brand-new commode is required if the porcelain is cut up or severely broken.

Some older bogs make the most of as excessive as 6 gallons per flush– close to Four occasions the federal government criterion. If your individual is an older commode that goes past the federal government criterion of 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF), it’s essential to mount a brand-new 1.28 GPF commode.

Safety Elements To Contemplate

Loos are massive and likewise hefty, starting round 80 additional kilos. Collaborate with an aide when relocating the commode.

If broken, commode porcelain (glasslike china) is sharp and likewise glasslike, so care for with care. Take distinctive therapy when tightening up the screws on the flange as this may break the commode base. Make use of an outdated towel to attach the open flooring flange to keep away from drain gasoline from dripping out.


  • Putty blade
  • Bubble diploma
  • Versatile wrench
  • Outdated towel
  • Water-proof handwear covers
  • Plastic dish to seize water


  • Commode
  • Wax ring, in any other case consisted of with the commode


1. Get rid of Outdated Commode

Start by shutting off the water system to the commode on the wall floor. Do that by remodeling the care for by hand clockwise to shut it off. Don’t overtighten the care for perhaps comprised of plastic and likewise can injury.

Following, detach the water system line on the commode (not on the wall floor). Make sure to have a plastic dish shut by to seize the water persevering with to be within the water system line. Flush the commode to get rid of water from the container.

Placing on water-proof handwear covers, roll up an outdated towel and likewise insert it proper into the dish. Wait relating to 5 minutes for the towel to absorb the persevering with to be water. Get rid of the towel, plastic screw caps and likewise disks on the base of the commode, after that rework the flooring screws counterclockwise with the wrench to get rid of them.

With an aide, increase the outdated commode straight up. Don’t transfer it. After that get rid of the commode from the bathe room.

2. Tidy Flange

Wad up an outdated towel and likewise issues it proper into the flooring flange (the opening within the flooring, on the finish of the commode). This not simply obstructs smells and likewise gasoline from getting away, nevertheless likewise stops units from coming underneath the drain pipeline.

Get rid of the outdated flooring screws from the flange. Using the putty blade, take away the outdated wax ring from the highest of the flange ring. It is sometimes difficult to get rid of each one of many wax, nevertheless take your time and likewise get rid of as excessive as possible. Try and scuff the highest of the flange diploma and likewise clean to make sure that the brand-new commode will securely hinge on the flange.

Look at that the flange is diploma by enjoyable the bubble diploma on it. Space the diploma each side-to-side and likewise front-to-back.

3. Place Flooring Bolts

Using the screws from the brand-new commode’s set, put them proper into each ports on the commode flooring flange ring. The threaded ends of the screws have to encounter up. The ports within the flange ring allow the screws to be relocated. Relocate the screws to make sure that they’re alongside the wall floor behind the commode.

Embody one nut per screw. Hand tighten up the nuts.

4. Mount Wax Ring

Together with your assistant, rework the commode upside-down onto rug or a towel. Take into account that it’s essential to not have truly arrange the container on the commode but.

Get rid of the plastic from the wax ring. Press the wax ring across the conical electrical outlet on the finish of the commode. Press the ring securely until it stays in location.

5. Loosen up Commode on Flange

Get rid of the towel obstructing the flange. With the assistant, rework the commode rightside up. Maintain the commode straight over the flange, after that calm down the commode precisely onto the flange, with each screws extending with each openings on the base of the commode.

This generally is a difficult maneuver. Putting the screws from the facet may break them off or can hurt the commode porcelain. Due to this, it is useful to have a 2nd assistant that may direct the commode proper into location, when you and likewise the preliminary assistant maintain the commode.

6. Safeguard Commode to Flooring

Press the commode to squash the wax ring. As quickly because the commode base is touching the flooring, put the plastic disks over the flooring screws. Embody the wing nuts and likewise tighten up by hand. Embody the plastic caps over the screws by breaking them in place.

Take into account that the wing nuts are implied to be tightened up by hand to stop fracturing the commode base. Don’t make the most of a wrench to tighten them.

7. Embody Commode Storage Tank

Loosen up the commode container onto the dish. Make sure it’s coping with the entrance, with the care for in direction of the house. The rubber gaskets on the finish of the container sometimes are restricted at first, so that you may require to rigorously revolve the container back and forth until the container seats.

From contained in the container, put the plastic screws consisted of with the set. After completions of the screws present up underneath the dish, put the consisted of plastic washing machines and likewise wing nuts. Tighten up by hand simply.

8. Join Water

Hyperlink the water system line to the commode by remodeling the plastic nut (related to the water system line) clockwise onto the commode. Don’t tighten up with a wrench. Regularly activate the water system. Count on leak because the commode container loaded with water.

9. Join Commode Seat

Lay the commode seat along with the commode dish. Place the provided plastic screws downward with the seat joints and likewise with the openings on the commode dish.

From beneath, embody the plastic nuts and likewise tighten up by hand. Whereas doing so, maintain the highest of the screw in place to keep away from it from remodeling. Break the joint covers down and likewise proper into location.

When to Name a Professional

Have a professional plumbing skilled mount the commode in the event you find it is as properly hefty to deal with or if you’re uneasy with any form of element of the setup process. For those who uncover a busted flange after eliminating the outdated commode or if the water system is dripping, have a plumbing technician do the job.

For those who uncover considerably deteriorated flooring overlaying or subfloor after eliminating the commode, have a professional skilled or woodworker fixing this previous to you mount the commode.

The setup a WC is a fairly primary pipes job, nevertheless to ensure it’s accomplished appropriately, we require to rely on the consultants.

The varied commode variations obtainable as we speak name for quite a few kind of setup, relying upon the function of the water electrical shops. We make life easy for installers and likewise consultants with a set of informative video clips that present the actions to adjust to to mount a toilet

Merchandise for commode setup


Mounting a toilet is a one-person work, and likewise these are some of the typical units referred to as for, relying upon the design:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Versatile wrench
  • Sealer

We advise you try the instructions totally previous to you begin.

Mounting a straight electrical outlet commode

Amongst some of the typical sorts of installments is a again inlet commode, like our Acro commode.

Motion 1: To make it a lot simpler, get rid of the flush system contained in the tank.

Motion 2: Match the stop shutoff and likewise tighten it with a versatile wrench. It is rather necessary to ensure there aren’t any leakages.

Motion 3: Match the again inlet hyperlink set to the stop shutoff. To line up the pipeline appropriately, flex it a bit of using a flexing gear or screwdriver. It is rather necessary to suit the set objects within the applicable collection, complying with the instructions.

Motion 4: Change the flush shutoff.

Take a look on the Acro commode setup video clip:

Precisely tips on how to mount a floor-standing commode

The setup of an upright electrical outlet commode, just like the City C floor-standing commode, is likewise a simple process.

Motion 1: Space the commode within the setup placement and likewise outline the impression of the commode using a pencil. Likewise notice the position of the repairing openings.

Motion 2: Get rid of the commode and likewise decide the vary to suit the plastic dealings with appropriately. Primarily based upon these dimensions, mount the repairing braces and likewise guarantee they continue to be within the applicable placement.

Motion 3: Screw the versatile water system pipe onto the commode.

Motion 4: Match the wax seal.

Tip 5: Match the commode through the use of additionally stress. Do stagnate it as soon as it stays in placement as this may injury the airtight seal.

Motion 6: Hyperlink the availability pipe to {the electrical} outlet and likewise activate the water system.

Motion 7: Safeguard the commode with the repairing set provided.

Motion 8: Arrange the joints for the seat. Placement the seat appropriately and afterwards tighten up the screws.

Motion 9: Use the sealer across the base of the commode.

Motion 10: Handle the flush based on the instructions within the guidebook. Align the flush units with the tank cowl and likewise positioned it in place.

Mounting a wall-hung commode

Among the many advantages of a wall-hung commode is you could readjust its elevation and likewise make much more simple to make use of.

To get rid of an outdated commode, initially swap off the water system and likewise flush until the container is vacant. After that, detach the availability line from the container, get rid of the plastic flange nuts from either side of the bottom and likewise increase the commode out of the house.

Motion 2: Clear the Flange


To organize the flange, scuff away the outdated wax, clear with a towel and likewise get rid of the outdated flange screws.

Motion 3: Appeal to Suggestion Marks


Make use of a measuring tape to seek out the ability of the flange and likewise make the most of a woodworker pencil to maneuver referral marks to the flooring that may definitely help line up the commode all through setup.

Motion 4: Set up New Flange Bolts and likewise Wax Ring


Place brand-new flange screws in-line with the referral mark on either side of the flange. After that, mount the wax ring by securely pushing it in place.

Tip 5: Set up with Physique Weight


At present, increase the brand-new commode over the flange and likewise float as you align the screw openings to the referral traces. After that decreased the commode until the screws stand out with. Utilization physique weight to sink the commode proper into the wax ring.

Motion 6: Look For Diploma


Following, make the most of a level to plumb. Apply stress entrance to again and likewise side-to-side to ensure the commode is diploma and likewise successfully established. If required, plastic shims could be made use of to stage the bottom.

Motion 7: Mount Nuts and likewise Caps


Arrange the flange nuts on either side of the commode and likewise hand tighten up. After that embody the trim caps.

Motion 8: Hyperlink Filler Tube


At present hyperlink the filler pipe, rework the water on and likewise enable the container fill.

Motion 9: Examination for Leakages


As quickly as full, examination flush and likewise for verify leakages. After that mount the container cowl.

Motion 10: Use Sealer


In the end, embody a grain of sealer across the base, machine with a moist cloth, and likewise the commode setup is full.

Is your commode cut up or harmed? Did your little one flush one thing that is obstructing the road? Are you in search of to replace your commode? There are many components for mounting a toilet, and likewise quite a few residence house owners rent a plumbing technician to acquire it accomplished. However, in the event you’re sensibly handy, consider making an attempt this set by yourself and likewise conserving a few {dollars}. Mounting a toilet is a superb do it your self job, and likewise merely visualize the sensation of feat (and likewise alleviation) whenever you full. This tutorial will definitely stroll you with it detailed.

Gear & Merchandise

  • Commode— plumbing professionals I’ve truly spoken to state Gerber makes the simplest bogs, and likewise they don’t advise something a lot lower than 1.6 gallons per flush.
  • Wax ring— if the flange rests regardless of or a bit of listed beneath the flooring, receive an extended-height wax ring.
  • Storage room screws— self-adjusting wardrobe screws point out you’ll not require to scale back or break the surplus screw dimension. Regrettably, the neighborhood do it your self facility won’t lug these, so examine a pipes provide retailer.
  • Commode adapter— versatile, knotted metal adapters do away with using a tubes bender to suit the availability line in between the stop-valve and likewise the container set up.
  • Cents or stainless-steel washing machines— for shimming the commode.
  • Torpedo diploma
  • Versatile wrench
  • Screwdriver

Setting Up

I comparable to to assemble the commode previous to mounting. The container features a bit much more weight nevertheless it’s miles extra sensible in my viewpoint. For those who select, you may join the container after that.

Nearly all of producers encompass all of the wanted gear and likewise sometimes mount the fill-kit as properly. Double-check no matter to make sure it is proper, and likewise beware to not over-tighten the nuts, which will definitely break the porcelain.

Motion 1: Put together the Flange

After you get rid of the outdated commode, scuff away the horrible, outdated wax ring with some cardboard or one thing you may discard. Look at the flange, and likewise if it is cut up or harmed, fixing units are available at your neighborhood do it your self facility. For these as a lot because the job, you may change your flange with out extreme bother, nevertheless that is exterior the extent of this tutorial.

Motion 2: Placement Wardrobe Bolts

Using self-adjusting wardrobe screws is the strategy to go since they do away with the requirement to interrupt or scale back extra screw dimension. These screws embody a white threadlocker that, when the hex nut reaches it, drives the stud much more proper into the assist nut.

Slide the wardrobe screws on both facet and likewise relocate the lock washing machines down cosy versus the flange.

Motion 3: Space Wax Ring

You possibly can place the wax ring straight on the flange or on the underside of the commode. I am going with putting it on the flange since there is no risk it’s going to diminish after I’m hauling the commode round.

In case your flange is resting a bit of decreased, make the most of an extended-height wax ring.

Motion 4: Set up Commode

Relocate the commode over the flange and likewise align the openings with the wardrobe screws.

When it stays in placement, securely push the commode versus the flooring.

Tip 5: Embody Washing Machines and likewise Nuts

Positioned the nylon washing machines and likewise routine washing machines over the screws and likewise hand-tighten the nuts on either side.

Motion 6: Diploma the Commode

Look at the commode for diploma front-to-back and likewise side-to-side.

If it runs out diploma or rocks back and forth, shim the commode with cents or stainless-steel washing machines. You should purchase plastic commode shims; nonetheless, I would definitely discourage them since they sometimes break when I attempt to scale back them to dimension.

Whenever you’re happy that the commode is diploma, put the cents beneath the facet and likewise hidden. Subsequent off, tighten up the nuts on the wardrobe screws, nevertheless not as properly restricted. Join the screw caps to cover the wardrobe screws.

Motion 7: Join Provide Line

Nearly all of bogs take a 3/8 ″ adapter, and likewise the adapter I reveal beneath consists of rubber gaskets that do away with the requirement for overlaying strings with teflon tape.

Motion 8: Verify Fill Up Diploma

When no matter is linked, open up the availability shutoff and likewise enable the container fill. Search for leakages and likewise readjust the fill shutoff to make sure that the water satisfies the fill line.

Motion 9: Caulk the Base (Non-obligatory)

People are cut up on whether or not to caulk the bottom of the commode. The disagreement goes that caulking the entire base can result in leakages going unseen for a very long time. On the varied different hand, caulking the bottom can create a way more refined look. For those who decide to caulk the bottom of the commode, go away a void or “weep opening” on the behind so you may find leakages quicker.

Ethan Hagan possesses and likewise runs a residence renovation site referred to as One Job Nearer On One Job Nearer you may uncover simply tips on how to cope with duties with specialist experience from specialist specialists. OPC likewise provides vouchers to residence renovation services, just like this AJ Madison Coupons internet web page Take a look at OPC for full data, and likewise comply with them on Fb