How to knit stockinette stitch

Stockinette stitch knitting is in all places! It’s on sweaters, hats, mittens and much and plenty of knitted issues.

Stockinette stitch is the most typical knitting stitch. It’s additionally fairly straightforward to be taught. If you know the way to knit and purl, then you possibly can knit stockinette stitch!

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What’s Stockinette Stitch in Knitting?

Stockinette stitch has a “proper” aspect and a “improper” aspect. The “proper” aspect is supposed to be seen. It faces out and is made up of knit stitches that seem like little V-shapes.

The “improper” aspect is the material that doesn’t face out. It’s made up of purl stitches that seem like little bumps.

Stockinette stitch tends to curl, so it’s usually surrounded by some sort of border that lays flat.

In knitting patterns, stockinette stitch is abbreviated to St st

Stockinette Stitch Knit Flat

To knit stockinette stitch on two flat needles, forged on any variety of stitches

Row 1 (proper aspect): Knit all stitches
Row 2 (improper aspect): Purl all stitches

Repeat these two rows till the knitting measures the size you want.

Right here’s a tip: as a substitute of remembering that row 1 is all knit stitches and row 2 is all purl stitches, simply bear in mind to knit on the knit aspect and purl on the purl aspect!

Knit on the suitable aspect (knit aspect) and purl on the improper aspect (purl aspect)

Stockinette Stitch within the Spherical

Stockinette stitch within the spherical is even simpler than knit flat! As a result of there’s no “improper” aspect when knitting within the spherical, all of the knitting occurs on the “proper” aspect of the work.

The “proper” aspect of stockinette stitch is made up solely of knit stitches.

To knit stockinette stitch within the spherical, forged on any variety of stitches and be a part of within the spherical, ensuring not to twist the stitches.

Spherical 1 (proper aspect): knit all stitches

Repeat spherical 1 till piece measures the size you want. That’s it!

After a number of rounds, your stockinette stitch within the spherical will seem like this.

Stockinette stitch on round needles is the one most stress-free manner to knit. Subsequent time you’re careworn, forged on some stitches on a round needle and simply knit.

Knit, knit, knit. Assure you’ll really feel higher!

Stocking Stitch Knitting vs Stockinette Stitch

Stockinette stitch and “stocking stitch” are two phrases for a similar method. They imply the identical factor and are interchangeable.

“Stocking stitch” appears to be used extra usually within the UK, whereas “stockinette stitch” will get extra utilization in North America.

How to Stop Stockinette Stitch from Curling

As talked about above, stockinette stitch tends to curl.

Stockinette stitch tends to curl.

So as to stop it from curling, knitters will usually knit a border that surrounds stockinette stitch.

When stockinette stitch is bordered by a flat-laying stitch, it additionally lays flat. No curling in sight! Fairly cool, proper?

In style borders embrace garter stitch, rib stitch and seed stitch. These two stitches lay flat, so they’re a pleasant counterweight to stockinette’s curl.

How to Knit a Garter Stitch Border

To knit a 3-stitch garter stitch border on flat needles, forged on any variety of stitches

Row 1 (RS): knit all stitches

Row 2 (WS): knit all stitches

Repeat rows 1-2 two extra instances for a complete of four rows. These 4 rows make up the underside a part of the border.

Subsequent row (RS): knit throughout all stitches

Subsequent row (WS): knit three stitches, purl till you attain the final three stitches, knit three stitches

Repeat the final two rows till the knitting is the size you want. Then work 4 rows of garter stitch (knitting all stitches) and forged off.

Can Blocking Stop Stockinette Stitch Curling?

The reply is, sadly, no. Blocking might quickly flatten out the curl, however with time and use, the curl will come again.

The rationale has to do with the character of stockinette stitch. You would say that curling is a part of its DNA!

The knit stitches on the suitable aspect of stockinette are wider than the purl stitches on the improper aspect. The purl stitches are additionally longer than the knits. So, whereas the knit stitches are pushing out horizontally (as a result of they’re wider), the purl stitches are pushing vertically (as a result of they’re longer).

The result’s cloth that’s sort of at odds with itself! Therefore, the curling.

So, whereas blocking might quickly make stockinette stitch lay flat, the outcomes received’t final. One of the best ways to make stockinette stitch lay flat is by incorporating a border that lays flat.

Most Knitting Patterns Don't Clarify this Fundamental Stitch

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Stockinette (or stocking stitch) is a fundamental stitch that almost all knitting patterns don't clarify as a result of they assume it's already within the crafter's repertoire. For those who're a seasoned knitter, chances are high you’re already nicely in your manner to understanding this stitch and will even be utilizing it frequently.

You start by studying the knit stitch. Then, as soon as this stitch is mastered, you be taught to purl. Subsequent, you be taught that when the knit stitch is repeated on each row (or conversely, if the purl stitch is repeated on each row), it yields a “garter stitch” sample. Nevertheless, knitting one row, purling the subsequent, after which repeating this course of consecutively creates essentially the most basic sample of all, referred to as stockinette stitch.

Stockinette Stitch Fundamentals

Stockinette stitch works with any variety of stitches per row and it may be used on patterns that decision for each an odd or a fair variety of stitches, so long as you observe the sample. But, when working within the spherical, stockinette stitch is shaped by knitting each stitch of each spherical. You don’t purl any of the stitches when working this manner, as you don’t change the path of your knitting.

A sample for flat-knitting stockinette stitch appears to be like one thing like this:

  • Row 1: Knit throughout
  • Row 2: Purl throughout
  • Repeat these two rows till the specified size is achieved.

Notice: You may even see stockinette stitch abbreviated in a sample as "St st."

Watch Now: How to Knit in Stockinette

Stockinette Stitch End result

Stockinette stitch creates what’s generally referred to as “knit cloth.” You may discover it utilized in sweaters, hats, scarves, and every other kind of handmade or machine-knit, store-bought garment. The “entrance” (or “proper”) aspect of the material appears to be like prefer it accommodates a sequence of V’s, whereas the “again” (or “improper”) aspect resembles rows of waved ridges.

Alternatively, reverse stockinette stitch is made when the primary row is purled and the second is knitted. Working on this manner, the purled aspect (the wavy, bumpy aspect of the material) is supposed to be the entrance.

Stockinette Stitch Knitting Patterns

Stockinette stitch is utilized in nearly any knitting sample. Attempt it out on a easy undertaking, like a fundamental hat sample or child socks. You can too merely forged a dozen, or so, stitches onto your needle and work the stockinette stitch forwards and backwards to create a shawl. Making one among these fast tasks provides you the observe to you want to grasp the stitch.

Patterns utilizing stockinette stitch are often nice for newbie knitters. Even nonetheless, stockinette will proceed to be applied in superior tasks as nicely, even people who combine in intricate stitches.

Stockinette Stitch Versatility

The flexibility of stockinette stitch goes unparalleled. It's easy and it's straightforward to enhance and reduce stitches with out messing up the sample. It knits up shortly, making it excellent for items that want to be reproduced. When you've had some observe, you possibly can knit stockinette stitch with out even paying consideration to what you're doing, making it a fantastic stitch to deal with whereas watching TV and through journey.

Stockinette offers a fantastic backdrop for embellishment, too. As an illustration, you possibly can simply add stripes to a undertaking labored in stockinette stitch with out altering the gauge of your needle or yarn. You can too add designs by integrating a replica stitch on high of an already knitted piece. Embroidery or beads added on high of this stitch could make a undertaking extra fascinating, as nicely.

Lastly, stockinette is usually used to body cables and different superior patterns. These extremely textural patterns stand out superbly from the flat background created by stockinette.

Stockinette Stitch Drawbacks

One of many perils of stockinette stitch is the notorious “curl” it tends to produce on the sting of a garment when left to its personal units. Some yarns present this tendency greater than others, however this stitch construction can’t all the time be predicted.

Some tasks use the curl as a bonus—for edging sock cuffs or creating curled scarves. And in case your edges might be sewn collectively for a sweater seam, the curl is simply a nuisance when it wants to be flattened to test measurements. It is not going to have an effect on the look of your completed undertaking.

For flat tasks like scarves and dishcloths, keep away from the curl by including a border of ribbing, garter stitch, or one other non-curling sample to the sides.

The Stockinette Stitch is a simple knitting sample that creates a clean, basic texture. You merely alternate two sorts of knitting strategies.

Knitted flat, start by knitting the suitable aspect after which purling the improper. It’s even easier within the spherical by knitting all stitches on all rows!

Get your free written sample directions with video tutorials beneath. You might also buy my ad-free Knit Stitch Sample Guide in each hardcopy and e-book codecs.

Estimated studying time: four minutes

HOW TO KNIT the Stockinette Stitch

Let’s take a detailed take a look at our Stockinette Stitch Sample, seeing precisely how these knits and purls are knitted collectively to make this beautiful, easy sample. This 2-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Sample is an easy-level undertaking with this straightforward mixture of knits and purls.

Be certain that to watch my step-by-step knitting video tutorial additional beneath on this put up.

TWO-ROW REPEAT: The graceful texture is created by repeating these two easy-to-remember rows.

How to Start: Forged On any variety of stitches onto your knitting needle.


Row 1: Knit All Stitches. The primary row is the suitable aspect of your work, which is the aspect that might be seen as soon as it’s knitted up.

Row 2: Purl All Stitches. The second row is knit from the improper aspect of the work.

Row Repeats: Proceed knitting Rows 1 and a couple of till your work is the size you need, then bind off your stitches and weave in your ends.


Row 1: Knit All Stitches.

Row 2: Knit All Stitches. It’s really easy to knit within the spherical on round or double-pointed needles, since each row is just the knit stitch.

Row Repeats: Knit all rows till your work is the size you need, then bind off your stitches and weave in your ends.

PRO TIPS TO HELP YOU KNIT the Stockinette Stitch

IS THE KNITTED STOCKINETTE STITCH REVERSIBLE? This isn’t a reversible sample, which means that every aspect of your work, the Proper and Mistaken sides, look totally different. You possibly can see within the picture beneath that the suitable (or entrance) aspect has a clean, basic knitted texture with its V-Stitches. The improper (or again) aspect appears to be like like little bumpy waves.

CHANGING YARN COLORS: I’ve a fantastic trick on how to change yarn shade when knitting stripes within the Stockinette sample for you, too!

CURLING EDGES: Please observe that aspect edges of the Stockinette Stitch tends to curl up. You will note within the video that I added the Garter Stitch on the primary and final 2 stitches of every row to assist it lie flat. Blocking your work is useful, too.


Be at liberty to use any measurement yarn and needles in your artistic undertaking.

As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.


The Stockinette Stitch is a simple mixture of easy Knit and Purl Stitches. Discover my total library of Knitting Methods to assist knit up this undertaking.

    or Slip Knot
  • Ok = Knit Stitch
  • P = Purl Stitch


Discover the Stockinette Stitch on web page four of my Knit Stitch Sample Guide. Get your free printable sample additional down on this put up!

I’m delighted that so a lot of you will have joined me on my knitting journey by collaborating in my “Easy Knit Sequence” and given me such great suggestions! Within the first installment HERE, we realized how to forged on stitches utilizing the lengthy tail cast-on, do the knit stitch (garter stitch), and forged off stitches. We used these strategies to create the beautiful “Easy Garter Stitch Scarf” that a lot of you will have tried!

Now, we’ll start the second installment of the sequence: studying how to knit the stockinette stitch! The garter stitch (left in pic beneath) is created by doing row after row of the knit stitch. The stockinette stitch (proper in pic beneath) is created by alternating knit stitches with PURL stitches row by row. The stockinette stitch creates these pretty V’s which are iconic of knitting, and it’s such a good looking and basic sample!

This tutorial assumes that you just already know the way to forged on stitches and forged off stitches, however the video tutorial walks you thru these steps once more. After casting in your stitches utilizing the lengthy tail cast-on (which technically counts as the primary row of knit stitches), it’s time to learn the way to work purl stitches.

You insert your knitting needle downwards and in entrance of the opposite knitting needle quite than upwards and behind the opposite knitting needle as you do with the knit stitch. Your working yarn must be positioned in entrance of the needles quite than behind the needles because it sometimes is with the knit stitch. It takes some observe getting used to orienting your needle and wrapping the yarn this manner!

You wrap the working yarn round the suitable needle as pictured beneath. After you pull the working yarn via the loop, one purl stitch has been accomplished!

After working this similar purl stitch throughout, you’re completed your first row of purl stitches! You possibly can see that this aspect is “bumpy” with all these little ridges.

You then flip your work to present the opposite aspect which has a very totally different look to it!

Since you will have simply accomplished one row of purl stitches, it’s now time to work one row of knit stitches. We realized how to do the knit stitch in our first installment of this Easy Knit Sequence HERE! As a reminder, the suitable needle goes behind the opposite needles, and the working yarn is behind each needles.

Work knit stitches throughout your entire row. Discover these stunning V’s which are starting to develop?

As soon as you know the way to do the purl stitch, you possibly can create the gorgeous stockinette sample as it’s merely alternating rows of knit stitches and purl stitches! For those who ever overlook whether or not you’re on a row of knit stitches or purl stitches in stockinette, search for these clues: if the little “bumps” are dealing with you (left in pic beneath), then you definately want to do a row of purl stitches. This sample known as reverse stockinette. If the V’s are dealing with you, you want to do a row of knit stitches- this sample known as stockinette. You’ll discover that items made with the stockinette stitch have a tendency to curl (see this informative Craftsy weblog put up HERE), so don’t fear in case you discover this taking place to your work- that is regular!

There you will have it! Now you know the way to knit the basic stockinette stitch by merely including another stitch to your knitting repertoire: the purl stitch! Take a look at my detailed video beneath exhibiting you the way to forged on stitches utilizing the lengthy tail cast-on, work alternating rows of purl and knit stitches, and disposing of! You can too view this video on YouTube HERE!

Upon getting this method down, you possibly can knit my “Easy Stockinette Hat” that’s labored flat after which seamed alongside the edges and on the high! It’s an very simple hat sample as there aren’t any will increase or decreases, and you may observe alternating your knit stitches and purl stitches row by row! The FREE PATTERN could be discovered HERE! Have enjoyable practising the basic stockinette stitch, everybody!

Notice: Thanks to Lion Model Yarn for sponsoring the yarn and Clover USA for sponsoring the knitting needles for this sequence!

New to knitting? Odds are, you aren't new to the stockinette stitch. Even in case you've but to decide up a pair of needles, it's current in knit gadgets in all places: scarves, sweaters, blankets, and shawls. As one of the vital frequent stitch patterns in knitting, the stockinette stitch is made up of the 2 predominant stitches, knit and purl, of their easiest mixture. The appropriate aspect of the undertaking is shaped by knit stitches, and these produce V-shaped columns that run vertical to the material. The improper aspect of the undertaking is shaped by purl stitches, and these produce horizontal ridges that look related to the garter stitch. (This may very well be seen as the suitable aspect, during which case the stitch sample is just known as "reverse stockinette stitch.") The aspect edges are hidden throughout the seams, whereas the highest and backside edges are trimmed by binding off the row.

To knit the stockinette stitch, maintain the yarn in your proper hand and the knitting needle with cast-on stitches in your left hand (the pointed tip of the needle must be pointing to the suitable). Guarantee that the primary stitch isn’t any multiple inch from the tip of the needle. Knitting stockinette stitch flat (with straight or double-pointed needles) means that you could knit and purl, alternating each row. This method, nevertheless, is totally different when knitting within the spherical in joined needles. When knitting with round needles, repeatedly knit spherical after spherical. These interlocking V-shapes produce a clean basis for layering distinctive stitch work and higher showcases the standard of extra textural yarns.

There’s, nevertheless, a draw back to this stitch for freshmen. As a result of the stockinette stitch produces such an evenly clean floor, it's extra inclined to exhibiting errors (a dropped stitch, unfastened stress, and many others.). A typical drawback is uneven rows or a noticeable distinction in measurement between the stitches on knit rows versus purl rows. If so, strive working the purl rows with a smaller needle than really helpful. One other drawback you may encounter is an elongated edge to your knit piece. This usually occurs due to the yarn not being tightened at the start and finish of your rows. If that's the case, observe making a acutely aware effort to tighten the final knit stitch in a row earlier than working the primary purl stitch within the subsequent. It's value noting that if you’re working reverse stockinette stitch, it may be simpler to rely the rows on the improper aspect, the stockinette aspect.

How to Knit Stockinette Stitch

To start, make a slip knot on the shaft of 1 needle. Place this needle in your left hand. Maintain the opposite needle in your proper hand to management the yarn. Forged on a basis row of stitches in any quantity required by your sample. Stockinette stitch (which is usually abbreviated in a knitting sample as st st), is labored identically no matter having a fair or odd variety of stitches. With yarn in again (that is sometimes abbreviated in a knitting sample as wyib), insert the suitable needle into the subsequent stitch and beneath the left needle. Visually, this varieties an "X" with the needles. Wrap the yarn round the suitable needle, counterclockwise. Draw the yarn via the stitch on the left needle to the entrance of the work to create a loop on the suitable needle. Drop the unique stitch off the left needle. You’ll have made one new knit stitch on the suitable needle. Repeat this motion to the top of the row.

Begin the subsequent row: With yarn in entrance (that is sometimes abbreviated in a knitting sample as wyif) insert the suitable needle purlwise into the subsequent stitch and beneath the left needle. Visually, this varieties an "X" with the needles, albeit with the suitable needle at entrance. Wrap the yarn round the suitable needle, counterclockwise. Draw the yarn via the stitch on the left needle to the again of the work to create a loop on the suitable needle. Drop the unique stitch off the left needle. You’ll have made one new purl stitch on the suitable needle. Repeat this motion to the top of the row.

To your first undertaking, why not contemplate a knit scarf? That is perfect for practising the stockinette stitch for a couple of causes: one, a scarf is solely made up of knit and purl stitches; two, the trim could be embellished with a brilliant distinction yarn; and three, the graceful cloth permits for stunning drape. ( tip? To craft a cloth with stunning drape, strive knitting stockinette stitch in a lighter yarn with a measurement needle that's bigger than really helpful.)

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