How to make acorn flour

Acorn flour is satisfying to make and fully edible! Native Folks have been grinding acorns into flour and using the flour to make hearty stews and breads for a complete bunch of years – and chances are you’ll too!

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Are Acorns Edible

Positive! Acorns are edible. Nonetheless, sooner than consuming one, you’ll have to remove, or leach out, the tannins. Not solely is there will be the likelihood that the tannins might give you an upset stomach, as well as they type like dish cleansing cleaning soap.

As quickly because the tannins are eradicated, you presumably can flip the acorns into flour or dry them and roast them to eat like completely different nuts.

As quickly as appropriately prepared for consuming, acorns are walnut-like, nonetheless they’ve a singular style all their very personal: sweet, delicate, and earthy.


Preparing the flour is a time-consuming course ofthree days, excluding foraging for the acorns.

Sooner than I get into the small print, it’s best to know that I spotted the whole thing about making acorn flour from my pal Bryan. Bryan spends half of the yr educating survival talents and is an skilled on this type of issue. I modernized a number of of his steered primitive methods; he wasn’t fully completely happy about this, nonetheless you will be.

Accumulating Acorns

Your first step in making acorn flour is to forage for acorns. Seek for them on the underside beneath an oak tree.

All kinds of oak produce edible acorns, so that you simply don’t wish to fret about getting unwell (that’s always my largest concern with foraging of any sort). Nonetheless, some acorns are loads easier to work with than others.

The perfect acorns for flour come from:

  • White oak
  • Burr oak
  • Purple oak

Pin oak acorns are further work on account of their small measurement. As well as they’ve further tannins (bitter style) to remove than the others.

Some oaks, like black oak, have a thicker pores and pores and skin that may should be eradicated – completely different varieties don’t have this pores and pores and skin. Nevertheless, as soon as extra, you presumably can work with regardless of you’ve got.

I found that two kilos of acorns yields three cups of flour. Always collect further acorns than you suppose you’ll need on account of a number of of them will turn into rotten for those who open them up.

Cracking Acorns

Traditionally, acorns are cracked open using rocks. Bryan has explicit rocks that he makes use of for this operate. The rock on the underside has a groove the place you set the acorn (confirmed beneath). You then bang the best rock over the acorn to crack it. Your complete experience might be very satisfying in a primal technique.

Most of us, nonetheless, don’t have the correct rocks merely sitting spherical prepared to be used. For individuals who don’t have rocks, a nutcracker does the job merely incredible.

If, after cracking, the acorn is black or crumbles merely in your hand, it is rotten and it’s best to toss it . If it is a laborious brown nut, protect it.

Leaching Tannins

To prep the acorns for leaching, the first step is to chop the acorns.

You presumably can as soon as extra use rocks to do this, nonetheless a meals processor is loads easier! As a result of the acorns are VERY laborious, to take care of your meals processor from working so laborious and overheating, first soak the acorns in a bowl of water in a single day to soften them. Then, meals course of the acorns until they’re broken into small objects.

Bryan leaches his acorns in a stream. He wraps the acorns in a cotton cloth, ties the material to a division, and locations it inside the water. The water runs via the acorns and leaches the tannins out. For individuals who don’t have a transparent stream shut by, I wish to suggest the sink methodology:

  1. Uncover a cotton cloth that you simply simply don’t care about (it may get stained) and wrap your chopped acorns inside the cloth.
  2. Set the material inside the sink and fill the sink with water.
  3. Let the acorns leisure inside the water for 30 minutes.
  1. Drain the sink and squeeze your entire further water out of the acorn sack.
  2. Soak for an extra thirty minutes and drain as soon as extra.
  3. Model! Proper right here’s the place points will vary, counting on the form of oak your acorn bought right here from. The acorns may type good at this stage otherwise you’ll have a further tannins to remove.
    • If the acorns nonetheless type very bitter/unpleasant after the first two soaks, you presumably can improve the soaking time for the following soak to a full hour. Within the occasion that they type significantly palatable nonetheless nonetheless a bit off, proceed soaking merely thirty minutes at a time until you don’t type the tannins. You don’t want to over-soak because you run the hazard of eradicating a lot of the acorn style . It took about two and a half hours to remove the tannins from my acorns.
  4. Set the leached acorns out on a cookie sheet to dry in a single day. They should nonetheless be damp for the following step, nonetheless not soaking moist.


Bryan (and Native Folks) would use rocks to grind the acorns into flour. I put your entire leached acorn objects into my blender and twenty seconds later I had acorn flour ready to utilize.

Helpful Recipes

Acorn bread is essentially the most well-liked recipe to make with this flour. To make acorn bread, experiment with altering half of the bread or all-purpose flour inside the recipe with acorn flour.

You may even use the flour to make acorn porridge and acorn pancakes.

As with completely different completely different drier flours like full grain, multigrain flour and semolina flour, instantly substituting this flour in your baked objects isn’t going to realize success besides you add extra moisture.

Acorns, as quickly as launched of their tannins, are remarkably sweet meals.

They’re full of amazingly extreme parts of sugars, fiber, carbohydrates, fat and protein. They’ve a style significantly paying homage to chestnuts as quickly as processed and their sweetness might be very delicate, making them perfect bases. Acorn gel is understood for taking up the flavour of regardless of it is cooked with.

Acorns can often be fully good straight off the underside, even when moist. So it isn’t always important to stand up into the branches of a tree to reap them. They must be undamaged and they should have their caps, nonetheless these caps shouldn’t be inexperienced. Such spoiled or unripe acorns might be left for wildlife. A straightforward verify to see if an acorn is good is to put it in a bucket of water. If it floats, it’s no good, seemingly underdeveloped or gap inside from predation.

A quick restore to remove bugs from acorns is to immediately retailer them inside the freezer. The traditional Indigenous technique of photo voltaic drying the acorns slowly is a tried and true methodology of eradicating bugs, as properly.

The first step in processing acorns is to get the outer husks off. This means cracking and eradicating the outer shell with a hammer. While you’ve obtained the shell off, soak the nuts to scrub off any particles. Dry the acorns and put them in a canvas bag or completely different breathable bag.

Subsequent, you’ll should rid them of their tannins which stain them darkish and make them bitter. Take the shell-less nuts and pound them roughly, proper right into a powder consistency. Then run water via this stuff. The finer the objects, the additional flooring area is uncovered to water, thus bringing further tannins in contact with water to be flushed away. There are a variety of strategies to go about this.

Further traditionally, we scrape out a sand basin and line it with a cloth sack liner. We pour water via it repeatedly. Or we’ll get hold of a significantly speedier finish consequence by inserting the nuts in a plastic garbage bin strapped to the best of our vehicle or wedged inside the once more seat with a view to not tip over. We place the lid tightly onto the bin. Then we drive spherical with the bin sloshing and agitating the contents whereas we go about our every day errands. As an afterthought, we discover your self leaching the tannins out of our acorns.

Nevertheless my favorite and most used methodology is to leach the nuts in small batches by bagging them and hanging the baggage all through the tank behind our ceramic toilet fixtures. We’re ready to clear a lot of batches in a few days this fashion.

There’s some disagreement amongst foragers about whether or not or not the water used to leach the nuts must include chilly or boiling water. I fall down on the aspect of the chilly since we try to guard style, texture and vitamin content material materials of the acorns. Scorching water therapies, notably boiling, alter the texture and style that we anticipate from acorns.

So it doesn’t matter what methodology you choose to leach your acorns, you’ll want to make it possible for to repeat a lot of soaks and rinses until the tannin coloration leaves and the water runs clear via it. Lastly, you’ll want to squeeze the water from the acorn mass by wringing the material wrapping or bag.

Take the mass of acorn objects and grind it on a metate or pulse it in a meals processor until it reaches a consistency of flour. Let the flour dry and regrind if very important. Protect it in a jar. It must have a shelf lifetime of as a lot as two years.

Mark Lewis is a forager, member of the Pajaspuypayem tribe and retired monetary botany professor at Arizona State Faculty.

Oak bushes are a meals plant. These white acorns had been massive, and fat.

There’s numerous info in the marketplace on course of acorns, some greater than others. I’m defintely not the first, or last to put in writing down about this course of, nonetheless hopefully I can share a number of of what I’ve realized personally over the last few years. I’m not going to go crazy in depth on completely completely different species of oaks, as that data is in the marketplace already, fairly, I’m going to stipulate the strategy of selective harvesting, cold-leaching and drying, which is the perfect methodology for making acorn flour that may stick collectively after it’s processed, or meal for making one factor like grits. Sooner than you select your first acorn though, it truly helped me to know the excellence between good and unhealthy acorns.

Selective Gathering

1.Don’t select acorns with a cap attached

The one issue acorns with caps attached are good for are craft duties. These are acorns which have been rejected from the tree, and they also’re not what you want to eat.

2. Don’t select acorns with holes in them.

Acorns with holes in them have been eaten by one factor else: grubs, wriggling, writhing grubs. These days a very popular foraging information bought right here out the place the author talked about “I merely exit and select acorns that look good to me”. For individuals who don’t ideas having half of the acorns you select bieng spoiled and full of half-digested acorn grub excrement, or for those who occur to’re an entomophagist bent on consuming reside, writhing acorn grubs, “cool”.

Acorns for consuming. Remember there are zero holes.

I’ve been selecting acorns for a few years, and after I select them, I would really like nuts, not grubs, and making certain I select acorns with no hole in them implies that I’ve, not a single time, had an acorn come dwelling with me that had a grub in it. I’m constructive the time will come after I get some visitors, nonetheless it hasn’t occurred however.

3. For individuals who can, gather white acorns

Purple acorns are extreme in fat, and my pal Sam Thayer makes acorn oil out of them generally (It’s delicious), nonetheless, besides they’re the one acorns accessible to you, I counsel selecting white. The reason is inside the pores and pores and skin contained within the acorn. The pores and pores and skin, or the testa, that hugs the nutmeat contained within the shell, is extraordinarily tannic.

The composition of the interior nutmeats on crimson oaks is completely completely different, and, sort of very like a chestnut, there are folds inside and the pores and pores and skin typically is a bit wrapped up inside the nutmeats. To make it harder, crimson acorn skins tend to remain to the nut meat, and are a ache inside the ass to remove. The top consequence, from the crimson acorns I’ve processed, is a darker flour as an end product, and one which takes for for much longer to leach to remove the bitter tannins.

Elementary Acorn Chilly Leach Methodology

Proper right here’s the elemental methodology I make the most of for making flour or meal

1. Dry the acorns

After I ship the acorns dwelling, the very very first thing I do is fill my dehydrator with nuts and let it expertise on the underside heat setting for 24 hours, then, I’ll repeat the strategy with the rest until they’re all dry. From proper right here, the nuts will protect, ideally in a cold storage, for a really very long time, nonetheless I am going to try to crack them in the middle of the Winter whereas I’ve some free time.

The drying ensures the nuts don’t go rancid sooner than you get bored adequate to sit down in a chair and course of them, nonetheless it moreover makes them a breeze to crack. Cracking up to date acorns is pointless, and presumably dangerous for my part, as a result of the shells are bouncy. Attempting to cut into a complete bunch of latest acorns with a paring knife means a few hundred possibilities to put that knife correct into your pointer finger or thumb.

2. Cracking

Numerous strategies to do this. As quickly because the acorns are dry, the shells will be brittle. Sam Thayer like a davebuilt nut cracker, and for those who occur to plan on shelling a lot of nuts, I’d reccomend it. I don’t have the home for one, so I make the most of the “earlier man” methodology. I activate the tv, get out my mocajete, and crack crack crack. I fill the molcajete with a small handful of acorns at a time, crack all of them, then empty the cracked acorns proper right into a bag. When the entire acorns are cracked, I take away the nuts and discard the shells.

3. Eradicating the testa

Remember the crumbly half, that’s the testa or pores and pores and skin, and in addition you want to take away that.

As I mentioned, that’s massive. With white oak acorns, the testa ought to slip correct off for those who occur to roll the dried acorns between your fingers. With crimson oaks, the testa will stick to them, and can most likely be a ache to remove. What I do is roll the acorns spherical in my fingers, and let the pores and pores and skin fall off, or, if it’s not too chilly open air, ship an enormous bowl of them out, and, after rubbing alongside along with your fingers to loosen the skins, toss the acorns inside the bowl in entrance of a fan and watch the skins blow away.

3. Grinding

The following step is to grind the nuts. I do this in a vita mix with a combination of 1:Three acorn to water, as I’m going to be cold-leaching them. You presumably can moreover grind them in a grain mill.

4. Chilly leaching

Chilly leaching the underside meal.

As quickly because the acorns are flooring, you cowl them with 3x their amount of water. It ought to seem like a brown slurry. Day-after-day, for as long as it takes, rigorously pour the water off, and add new water. After a few days, type slightly little bit of the nut meal and take a look at for bitterness, as quickly because the bitterness is gone, the acorn meal is accomplished leaching.

5. Straining

Straining the mush via a chinois is hundreds a lot much less messy than cheesecloth.

As quickly because the acorn meal is compltely leached, you’re going to stress it out. Nevertheless, not so fast. This time, as a substitute of straining out the liquid and discarding down the drain, you presumably can harvest it for consuming. Think about it as low-tech nut milk. Indigenous cultures have been cooking with nut milk like this for a really very long time, and it is a truly good base for a soup, or if a lot of the starch and fat is in it, cooked down proper right into a form of milk shake or sweet drink with a contact of cinnamon and maple syrup. There’ll even be a layer of starch you may harvest off the the layer of soaking meal, nonetheless I haven’t executed an extreme quantity of with that however, so I pour it into the liquid and put together dinner it down for cooking wild rice in. I don’t usually save your entire pour-off water, nonetheless I’ll put it apart after I start to get close to “the good issues” if that’s sensible.

When you stress the acorn milk, line a strainer with cheesecloth, or use a chinois strainer (what I make the most of) that might be very incredible to catch what is going on to seem like an enormous mess of clay. Go away the strainer inside the fridge for a few hours to empty, and if you would like, add the drained starch and water to what you poured off sooner than for cooking or regardless of.

6. Dehydrating

Completely dried acorn meal.

Lastly, take the acorn ball of clay and unfold it out on a tray to dry. I put mine on silpats and dehydrate on the bottom setting. From there, I take the dehydrated acorn and each put in a jar inside the fridge, or vacuum seal and freeze. Understand that acorns, notably crimson, are extreme in fat, and that fat can get rancid, an identical to a different nut, if left at room temperature for too prolonged. Rancid nuts, for those who occur to haven’t tasted, are foul-tasting-you’ll know within the occasion that they go unhealthy.

No matter oak bushes are fairly widespread in Britain, not many people have thought-about to utilize acorns as an edible helpful useful resource. They cannot be eaten straight from the tree, as they type very bitter due to the extreme content material materials in tannins and on account of this truth are thought-about poisonous.

Nonetheless, slightly little bit of processing can reward you with a rich meals provide which may be flooring to make flour which it’s essential to use to bake bread, pastries, pancakes and even pasta. Merely assure you’ve got a bucketful to make the strategy properly definitely worth the effort.

There are a lot of completely completely different strategies and this one is my very personal, nonetheless please experiment and uncover one of the simplest ways it actually works most interesting for you.

How one could make Acorn Flour

As quickly as acorns are shelled and skins have been eradicated, decrease in objects and blitz them right into a tough flour consistency. Leach with chilly water to remove the bitter tannins, preserving the starch that may preserve the dough collectively. Observe detailed instructions as beforehand outlined proper right here.

When the leaching course of is completed, change the flour to a model new cheesecloth and stress the water over a colander, letting the acorn meat leisure there for a while. It can help preserving the fat and starch content material materials.

As quickly as drained, unfold the flour over baking paper and dehydrate it inside the oven. You may even use a dehydrator on the bottom temperature, with a view to not put together dinner the starch. Bigger temperatures will produce a darker flour.

The ultimate step is grinding the flour to a incredible powder, using a espresso grinder. The tip finish consequence have to be a thick and powdery consistency, very like retailer bought flour, with no seen objects of acorns left.

Storage and use of Acorn Flour

Acorn flour is extreme in oils and it’d go rancid over time, thus rigorously storage is vital. Plastic airtight containers and glass jars are incredible, nonetheless a brown paper bag will improve its lifespan slightly bit extra. Moreover, storing them in a cool darkish place is advisable.

Chestnut and acorn flour are nearly interchangeable in recipes, nonetheless you may discover inspiration in Korean delicacies, as they use acorn in numerous dishes. In some parts of Italy use (or used) this flour to make pasta.

Nonetheless, you presumably can bake bread, truffles, pies, cookies, muffins, crepes… you title it. I’ve already tried an acorn bread and acorn pancakes, which shocked me very pleasantly.

The flour is gluten-free and does not need an extreme quantity of sugar added, as a result of it is going to get caramelised when it’s baked due to pure sugars. For regular recipes it is advisable mixing with typical wheat flour in equal measure (and your laborious work will stretch extra).

For individuals who’ve ever been spherical youthful children, you already know that open air play can flip proper right into a treasure hunt. All of the items from humorous wanting twigs, to shiny rocks, and all points in between flip into gems to horde or give away.

Closing yr after I used to be nonetheless educating Kindergarten acorns turned a favorite issue for the kids to assemble and “give” to me as I watched them play. After regarding the millionth acorn that I pretended to pocket nonetheless let slip via my fingers to hunt out its technique once more to the underside, I had what was to be an excellent thought.

I gathered all the kids spherical me and requested them to assemble as many acorns as they might uncover. We crammed up 2 gallon Ziploc baggage in beneath 10 minutes! They’d been all so curious as to what I was going to do with these gathered treasures. I knowledgeable them that I was going to make chocolate chip cookies out of them!

Positive, they checked out me like I was insane. And I was slightly bit.

Nevertheless that they had been excited nonetheless! This is ready to have been a perfect enterprise to do with children at dwelling, nonetheless it didn’t truly lend itself to a classroom train. So I did it at dwelling alone over the weekend and launched the finished merchandise in very very first thing Monday morning.

A number of of the kids had been slightly bit hesitant about attempting these barely orange cookies, nonetheless as quickly as one teenager gave them to thumbs up, that they had been all eager for his or her share!

I made adequate that the kids might each have one after which made a packaged one which the kids might share with their family.

Chances are you’ll get hold of the tag I made proper right here, with out the school title. I merely printed them out, decrease the paper correct beneath the first paragraph, colored the leaves, after which stapled each one to the best of a Ziploc bag.

How one can Make Acorn Flour

For individuals who’ve ever cracked open an acorn and tried its contents, you is likely to be pondering there’s no technique you want to eat a cookie out of them! Nevertheless with these directions you may flip these bitter nuts right into a very nice (under no circumstances bitter) Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Step 1: Accumulate the Acorns

We had White Oaks spherical us, nonetheless it’s essential to use regardless of form of oak acorns you may discover. Nonetheless, Pin Oak and Black Oak acorns are going to be far more bitter. Observe White, Burr, and Purple Oaks for those who occur to can!

Remember: Two kilos of acorns will yield about three cups of flour. Get much more acorns than you need as some will be rotten for those who open them up!

Chances are you’ll always throw the extras once more to the animals when you’ve some left over.

Step 2: Cracking the Acorns

I used a wooden board and a hammer for this. A fragile, nonetheless company, faucet on the aspect of the acorn and they also popped correct open!

Step 3: Chopping the Acorns

Using your meals processor is the quickest technique to do this, though it’s essential to use a knife and lowering board for those who occur to need. Roughly chop the acorns into smaller (nonetheless not tiny) objects.

Remember: You could possibly wish to type the flour at this stage. That bitter type is the tannins! We will be eradicating that subsequent and in addition you will not have the ability to type it inside the accomplished product!

Step 4: Eradicating the Tannins

At this stage the acorns are nothing you’d want to eat, so we’ve got to remove the tannins which set off that bitter style.

Throw your acorns proper right into a pot of water (filtered) and boil for about 15 minutes. Drain and rinse objects until water runs clear. Fill the pot once more up and let the acorns soak for on the very least 30 minutes (no heat) after which drain.

Proceed this course of (soak in room temperature water for 30 minutes after which rinse) until the bitter type is gone. It took us about 4 rounds until ours had been gone, nonetheless relying in your oak kind, it is likely to be shorter or longer!

Step 5: Dry the Acorns

It’s best to make the most of a dehyrator for this step, or your oven on the underside setting.

Upon getting eradicated the entire tannins, lay the acorn objects out on a tray and dry them by regardless of means you choose.

Step 6: Making the Flour

As quickly because the acorns are dry, place them in a blender or meals processer and blend until they’re incredible like flour!

Retailer the acorn flour in a air tight container with a silica packet and use inside 2 years!

How one can Use Acorn Flour

As quickly because the acorn flour is made, merely use your favorite cookie recipe and substitute half of the flour with acorn flour!

I used my Einkorn Flour Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and it turned out fully!

Take into accout you do not need to make cookies though!

Chances are you’ll substitute as a lot as HALF the flour in any recipe with acorn flour. So, cookies, truffles, breads. regardless of you like to make with flour you can even make with acorn flour!