How to make mexican rice

Simply just how to make Homemade Spanish Rice/Mexican Rice. whatever you call it, we ’ ve acquired one of the most efficient along with The majority of hassle-free Spanish Rice Meal you can situate. It tastes like it came straight from the eating facility!

It ’ s our ideal side dish when supplying Mexican food! Not simply is it fundamental along with takes under 10 minutes to prep, yet it ’ s exceptional supplied with our tacos along with enchiladas!

Easy Mexican Rice

I Like Spanish Rice (likewise called MexicanRice)! As previously talked about, I ’ m & frac12; Mexican. I appreciate this home heritage a great deal, along with am especially delighted that my home has in fact enlightened me to make delightful Mexican food.

My mommy has in fact been making today ’ s Spanish Rice meal for as extensive as I can keep in mind along with at first exposed me specifically just how to make it a variety of years ago (along with empanadas, enchiladas along with tacos). Presently, we make it often as a result of the truth that my children are eaten along with it ’ s so straightforward.

This meal is actually the Spanish Rice meal of a popular Mexican Eating facility in Mesa called Mango ’ s (down on Secret). If you ’ ve ever been down there along with liked their rice, afterwards you ’ ll love this meal. It genuinely is fundamental, delightful along with the exceptional side to any type of kind of Mexican dish!

Simply just how to Make spanish Rice

Amongst the significant elements we appreciate this meal (besides the fact that it ’ s fundamental), is because of the truth that we regularly have the energetic components readily available. Right right here are the Spanish rice energetic components you ’ ll need to make this delightful side dish:

  • extensive grain rice
  • oil
  • tomato sauce
  • minced garlic
  • chicken mixture
  • cumin
  • garlic pepper + salt

Begin by browning the rice in the oil (we utilize pertaining to & frac18; yet it relies upon simply just how much you like). Consist of the minced garlic along with sauté for a moment before consisting of the tomato sauce, chicken mixture (or water along with bouillon dice) along with spices.

Reduced heat to lowered along with simmer for 30-40 minutes. Fluff up before offering.


Simply just how much rice each? Intend on & frac14; cup raw rice each. When the rice is prepared it will absolutely end up concerning & frac34; – 1 cup each. If a recipe needs 3 cups raw rice plan on it feeding pertaining to 12 people.

Which rice is best for Spanish Rice? We delight in to utilize long-grain white rice. It acquires cosy along with does not acquire sticky like a few of the short-grained rices.

Can Spanish rice be made with basmati rice? Basmati rice can absolutely be used rather than white rice. Merely consist of 1/3 c far more water per cup of basmati rice along with enable simmer much longer- up till the wild rice reaches your needed framework.

Can you utilize salsa as opposed to tomato sauce? Assurance! Salsa can consist of a lot more preference along with likewise a bit far more taste to this light rice meal. It ’ s every little thing regarding selection.

Which covering energetic components are best for this rice? You can include what you delight in most, yet we frequently consist of cut peppers, reduced cilantro, onions as well as also environmentally friendly onions.

When all your spices along with tomato sauce are consisted of, mix along with enable it simmer for at the minimum 30 minutes.


Simply just how to reheat Spanish Rice/mexican rice? Ensure to maintain it suitably in an air-tight container. It can last in the fridge for as high as 5-6 days. To reheat, just microwave or reheat on the cooktop for a number of minutes.

Can spanish rice be cold up? Yes, it can be adhered be used at a future time. Just area pertaining to 3 cups of ready rice right into ziplock refrigerator freezer bags, tag along with area in the refrigerator freezer for 4-6 months.

When you ’ re good to go to use you can thaw the rice in the fridge or cook straight from the refrigerator freezer. Using a microwave safe meal microwave the rice over blending every 2 minutes up till rice reaches your desired temperature degree.

Meals that utilize Spanish Rice

Yes, we use it as a side for any type of kind of Mexican dish, yet we in addition such as to use it recipes also, including:

As well as likewise most significantly, is that it ’ s one of the most efficient side for any type of kind of Mexican meal!! Below are video along with instructions to make the Mexican rice. We want you can value it with any type of kind of Mexican dish you try.

This is a great side dish for any type of kind of Mexican dinner.


Meal Wrap-up exam


  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • 1 cup raw long-grain rice
  • 1 tsp garlic salt
  • 1/2 tsp ground cumin
  • 1/4 cup cut onion
  • 1/2 cup tomato sauce
  • 2 cups chicken mixture
  • Activity 1

Heat oil in a large frying pan over device heat along with consist of rice. Cook, blending on a regular basis, up till blown along with gold. While rice is cooking, spray with salt along with cumin.

Mix in onions along with cook up till tender. Mix in tomato sauce along with chicken mixture; use a boil. Reduced heat to lowered, cover along with simmer for 20 to 25 minutes. Fluff with a fork.

Testimonies (2253 )

A great deal of useful desirable endorsement

This is a great basic rice meal that is straightforward to prepare. The only difference in between my preparation job along with the meal’s is that I sauteed the onion before preparing the rice, consisted of fresh minced garlic, along with used chicken supply versus mixture. Lots of many thanks for sending it.

A great deal of useful review

Superb meal. Easy, along with I such as straightforward in a pinch. However I acquire a lot more chicken preference than Mexican preferences. I required to taste mine up with a lot more cumin along with some chili powder. I’ll more than likely use this as a base along with experiment far more with spices.

  • 5 star well worths:

This is a great basic rice meal that is straightforward to prepare. The only difference in between my preparation job along with the meal’s is that I sauteed the onion before preparing the rice, consisted of fresh minced garlic, along with used chicken supply versus mixture. Lots of many thanks for sending it.

This has in fact become our member of the family preferred Mexican rice. I made a variety of modifications though: used sea salt (to choice) as opposed to garlic salt along with consisted of 2-3 cloves of garlic (wrecked), neglected the cumin, along with consisted of 1 plan of “Sazon Goya-Con Cilantro y Tomate.” It genuinely consists of because real preference you get in one of the most efficient Mexican eating facilities. The cook time is specific, yet I situate that the last 5 mins, I need to consist of a control panel of mixture to keep it from being also totally dry.

This rice was so prominent by my friends that everyone acknowledged that it was one of the most efficient mexican rice we had in fact ever had. I complied with the meal particularly the extremely very first time that I would absolutely made this, yet the second time I actually did not have any type of kind of tomato sauce so I used a 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes with the juice. I still used the specific very same amount of water along with it worked out faultlessly. Very yummy!!

I comprehend this is a great meal. I have in fact been making this for several years. I used to go see my friend as well as afterwards go see her mother-in-law cook, This is al most particularly her meal. The only changes she would absolutely make along with I still do are use 1/2 tsp cumin seed as opposed to the graound coumin along with in addition she would absolutely utilize a set things of fresh garlic diced along with browned with the onions. The rest is particularly as she made it along with MMMMMMMM so exceptional!

I was type of stressed making this rice as a result of the truth that I was food desire the rice from my much-loved Mexican eating facility, yet this wound up superb! I neglected the salt along with just used fresh minced garlic instead along with consisted of some environmentally friendly onions along with the regular onions. I in addition used olive oil instead along with did the 1.5 cups of mixture to 0.5 cup tomato sauce along with it wound up faultlessly! Presently I will absolutely make this rice when I can not venture bent on my much-loved Mexican eating facility!

Phenomenal meal along with rather secure. I can seldom likewise make fantastic straightforward rice. I complied with the meal to the T with white basmati rice along with it showed up exceptional, similar to you would absolutely get in a mexican resturant.

This is an exceptionally straightforward, delightful meal. I can rule out anything to use it besides 5 celebs. I did consist of 1 tsp diced garlic along with since I did not have garlic salt, I used 1/2 tsp garlic powder along with a control panel of salt with delightful end results. I do recommend the rice cooktop for rice dishes. If you have one, effort it. I delight in the rice cooktop as a result of the truth that its straightforward along with fool proof. Frequently rice can be a pain, so if you are intending to delight, take no opportunities. just do not take in the slim, scorched layer under! If you do select the cooktop, listed below are some recommendations. 1. Your rice is NOT mosting most likely to “smoke” while being sauteed. I do not comprehend why it mentioned that. Rice will absolutely smoke, or cook rather, when its totally submersed in liquid. Instead, the key action is shown to use it an added gold color eventually. 2. If you situate your rice far more “damp” than you would absolutely such as, leave on simmer yet eliminate the cover. It will absolutely evaporate the added liquid. 3. To make rice soft: Do not eliminate the cover while cooking, enable your rice stand for around 10 minutes after cooking, afterwards fluff with a timber spoon, along with enable stand again for 5 a lot more minutes. 4. If its still not soft enough to take in after cooking, re-cover along with cook another 5-10 minutes along with refer back to # 3. Hope this help!

I do not think I did anything one-of-a-kind yet I had not a trouble “blowing” the rice. (I assume I acquired privileged) BUT when I consisted of the tomato sauce, I did consist of 2 TBLS of picante sauce to highlight the mexican preference a little better along with minimize that garlic salt by half! I had actually not been interested the rice alone by itself BUT we positioned it in our chicken fajitas along with we genuinely liked it alot! (Suggested me of the Chipolte fajitas you can acquire w/ the rice presently inside). I’ll make again list below time we make burritos/fajitas along with use this as a bed mattress topper. Lots of many thanks!

Hey. this is my Mom’s meal:) This is particularly simply exactly how my mommy cooker her rice with simply one alteration. She consisted of minced garlic (as opposed to garlic salt) at the specific very same time she consisted of the onion. Site visitors, you will absolutely have the capacity to educate the delightful difference fresh garlic will absolutely add to this dish! This is a completely real mexican rice meal. 2 THUMBS UP!

Superb base meal. Mine wound up great along with cosy. I guaranteed to brownish the rice rather well (Device heat is essential) before consisting of the liquid. Do not be discouraged if it smokes a little in the beginning. Merely keep blending along with absolutely, lowered the heat when you actually feel the need. When the rice is browned, i ensure the fry pan is cozy enough to ensure that when i collect the mixture (diligently pls), it will absolutely make a little that hissing sound of water meeting heat. Very light appreciation to any type of kind of tasty/spicy Mexican dish. Keeping this along with will absolutely make again n again. Lots of many thanks Mommyto2!

I made this last night along with supplied Take Out-Fake Out Pollo downside Crema over it. By itself, the rice is certainly fantastic– the preference is not also large, not also light. It’s exceptional. I changed V8 (5.5 oz.) for the tomato sauce so I would certainly not have staying tomato sauce to handle, along with otherwise kept the meal particularly the specific very same. Fabulous, will absolutely transform as well as over.

Wonderful basic meal that is straightforward to utilize as a base for something with a little bit far more charisma. I used fresh minced garlic as opposed to garlic salt. I consisted of the onions along with garlic in with the rice to brown. I in addition consisted of a seeded cut jalapeno in this activity. Used tomato sauce along with half a pint of my extremely own tinned tomatoes in with the mixture. Also consisted of a variety of philanthropic control panels of dried oregano.

My home suches as Mexican food so this straightforward Mexican rice makes a typical check out our table. It ’ s not genuinely real — genuine Mexican rice is far more challenging along with extensive to make — yet my children insist it tastes similar to the rice supplied at their preferred Mexican eating facility. That ’ s enough for me! I normally use it with my Chicken Enchiladas with Tomatillo Sauce, Peruvian Chicken, or Chicken Chili.

What you ’ ll need to make Mexican Rice

Simply just how to make Mexican Rice

Begin by very carefully cutting the onion along with dicing the jalapeño pepper. To keep the rice on the light side, lowered the flesh of the jalapeño pepper much from the seeds, ribs, along with stem, leaving the spiciest part of the pepper behind. If you think you can such as far more heat, I recommend maintaining the seeds along with including them at the end to choice.

When handling jalapeño peppers, ensure to keep your hands much from your eyes along with tidy your hands promptly afterwards so the juices place on ’ t intensify your skin.

Prepare the minced jalapeño along with cut onions in olive oil up till soft, pertaining to 5 minutes.

Consist of the rice, tomato paste along with garlic along with cook, blending on a regular basis, up till the rice is similarly covered with oil, 2-3 minutes.

Consist of the mixture along with seasonings along with deal a boil.

Cover the pot along with simmer for around 20 minutes, up till the rice harms, afterwards mix in the peas, cilantro, along with fresh lime juice.

Deal with lime wedges. You could in addition such as

Did you make this meal?

I would absolutely delight in to comprehend specifically just how it wound up! Please enable me comprehend by leaving a testimonial listed here. Or damage a picture along with share it on Instagram; ensure to determine me @onceuponachef

Mexican Rice

Instilled with garlic, onions along with spices, this Mexican rice choices similar to the one from your preferred Mexican eating facility.

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REGISTER TODAY</p> <p> Presently have an account? login</p> <p> Presently have an account? login</p> <h3> Social Media Network</h3> <p> As a result of the truth that we are on a regular basis increasing our things, we encourage you to evaluate the energetic component affirmation on our packages at the time of your purchase.</p> <p> This Mexican Rice is a little on the totally dry side, which is just specifically just how Mexican eating facilities use their sides of rice. It isn’t damp, clumpy, or sticky like some residence made Mexican rice recipes can be, along with it’s absolutely far more real than anything you can enter a box at the grocery store! A superb Mexican Rice has the exceptional framework along with is bountiful in preference. That is particularly what the result will absolutely be when you make this straightforward Mexican rice meal.</p> <h2> Mexican Rice vs Spanish Rice</h2> <p> Have you examined what the difference remains in between Mexican rice along with Spanish rice? The terms are both used to specify the specific very same basic dish. A great deal of Spanish rice along with Mexican rice recipes have the specific very same energetic components– rice, a tomato based sauce, garlic, along with chicken mixture. There can be some tiny versions in the seasonings used along with improvements made to the dish, like onions along with peppers. A great deal of eating facilities call this dish Mexican rice on their food choices.</p> <h2> Meal Tips</h2> <p> The essential to a delicious Mexican rice is carried out in the approach you prepare it. Right right here are a number of recommendations along with techniques to acquire it ideal each time:</p> <ul> <li> If you plan to clean the rice beforehand, clean the rice with a wonderful mesh filter up till the water runs clear. Enable rice to drain pipelines off a little before sautéing. If you clean the rice, reduce the mixture amount by 4 ounces (or 1/2 cup).</li> <li> Mexican rice needs to be fried in oil along with browned before you consist of the chicken mixture along with tomato sauce. Due to this, the rice genuinely absorbs the preferences yet has the exceptional, tender harmony.</li> <li> Mix in the cut cilantro after cooking. If you include it formerly, the cilantro acquires brown in color along with shrivelled. When you give up after, it stays dazzling along with fresh.</li> <li> Use this cooktop leading technique. I have in fact tried different strategies in my rice cooktop, yet it just does not wind up the specific very same.</li> <li> For a spicier choice, your preferred device or cozy salsa can alter the tomato sauce.</li> <li> Extensive grain white rice is one of the most efficient rice to utilize for this dish.</li> </ul> <h2> Is Mexican Rice Gluten Free?</h2> <p> Yes! This Mexican Rice meal can promptly be made gluten free. Utilize a gluten free chicken mixture, like Swanson’s Chicken Mixture, for gluten free Mexican Rice. A great deal of chicken mixtures are GF yet regularly analyze the tags to make sure.</p> <h2> Mexican Rice along with Beans</h2> <p> What pertaining to the beans? Mexican Rice along with Beans are a match made in heaven! This meal fits with our Eating facility Style Refried Beans. Also, ensure to include our Suitable Guacamole EVER, along with our fresh Homemade Salsa. With each of these recipes incorporated, you will absolutely have your sides covered for your adhering to massive banquet! Your friends will absolutely think you had all of it offered in from your preferred Mexican joint. We have great deals of superb Mexican recipes listed below on Favorite Family Members Members Recipes. Our Mom is what you would absolutely call a Mexican food addict, she would absolutely eat it for every single solitary meal if she had the option. As an outcome of this, we learnt at a really early age specifically just how to make all different type of Mexican dishes. Consequently, as we matured along with far more bold, our Mexican food meal collection broadened far more.</p> <h2> Popular Enhancements</h2> <p> This rice is superb as-is. We such as to keep it fundamental along with consist of as number of energetic components as possible yet great deals of individuals like to consist of a lot more veggies to the mix. A large amount of Mexican-style eating facilities will absolutely in addition consist of veggies. Right right here are a few of the popular add-ins:</p> <ul> <li> Peas</li> <li> Corn</li> <li> Carrots</li> <li> Tomatoes</li> <li> Eco-friendly chiles</li> <li> Lime juice</li> </ul> <h2> What to pair with Mexican Rice</h2> <p> Oh, the delightful possibilities are endless! This Mexican Rice choices so exceptional with any type of kind of burrito, taco, chimichanga, enchilada, quesadilla, taquito, or flauta you can take into consideration. Right right here are a few of our preferred Mexican recipes to acquire the wheels changing. Try amongst these or include it to your extremely own preferred Mexican dish.</p> <ul> <li> Sheet Fry Pan Fajitas</li> <li> Hatch Chiles Rellenos</li> <li> Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos</li> <li> Grilled Carne Asada</li> </ul> <h2> Simply Exactly How To Store along with Re-Heat Leftovers</h2> <p> We will absolutely frequently enhance this meal so we can have straightforward leftovers. It re-heats superb! Just place the leftovers in a shut container along with great for as high as 5 days. You can likewise freeze your Mexican rice by placing the cooled off rice in a zip-top refrigerator freezer bag along with laying degree in the refrigerator freezer. You can freeze it for as high as 3 months without dropping top quality. To re-heat, just cover along with area thawed rice in the microwave for a moment at the same time up till warmed up with. Fluff rice with a fork along with consist of a tsp of water at the same time as needed.</p> <h2> Mexican Rice Meal Reviews</h2> <p> My companion is actually picky concerning his Mexican rice, along with his love for this dish makes it a staple on the home food option method. In addition to his 5-star endorsement, we ’ ve acquired numerous go nuts examinations from people that have in fact made along with liked this rice meal. You can evaluate them carried out in the comments listed here, however listed below are few of our favorites:</p> <p><em> “ I have in fact made this pertaining to 5 times presently along with I appreciate it! The last 2 times I went out tomato sauce so I changed half a cup of Chipotle Lime Salsa (Aldi trademark name). Wow! This made it likewise better. I delight in specifically just how straightforward it is to make along with specifically just how eye-catching it looks along with fragrances when the minute is up along with you elevate the cover. ” – Ed</em></p> <p><em> “ This is EXACTLY the rice I have in fact been spending YEARS trying to figure out. Everything was certainly exceptional. Preference, framework, color, all totally location on! MANY THANKS MANY THANKS MANY THANKS. You genuinely just upped my taco computer game! ” – Elizabeth</em></p> <p><em> “ I am a Puerto Rican women joined to a difficult core Mexican man. I ’ ve tried almost every meal supplied for this rice along with it never ever before rather operated. I made this today along with IT’S BEST !! This is the approach my MIL makes it. It is as real as it can acquire! Many thanks, many thanks, many thanks. 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