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How to play flag football

Whether or not or not you’re new to the game or looking for to brush up on flag soccer pointers, this info will educate you the ins and outs of discover ways to play flag soccer.

Further youngsters are having fun with flag soccer than ever sooner than. And we’re capable of see why—it’s partaking, inclusive, and ridiculously pleasing.

The simplest half is: anyone can uncover methods to play flag soccer. You don’t desire a certain assemble, expertise set or prior experience. Every women and boys from 5 to 17 years outdated can be part of NFL FLAG.


A flag soccer space is shorter than an bizarre kind out space at 30 yards in depth and 70 yards prolonged, with two 10-yard end zones and a midfield line-to-gain. To cease power soccer in tight areas, no run zones are located 5 yards sooner than the highest zone and on each side of the midfield line-to-gain. If the ball is seen on or contained within the no run zone, the offense ought to use a transfer play to get a major down or touchdown.


When learning discover ways to play flag soccer, it’s biggest to start with the basics. In NFL FLAG soccer leagues, teams play 5 on 5 and each recreation consists of two halves, usually 15 to 25 minutes prolonged. Match video video games are normally shorter with two, 10 to 12 minute halves. The clock solely stops for halftime, timeouts (each workers has 3), or hurt, making video video games quick and aggressive. Each participant has a particular place on the sphere and every play counts.

An vital rule in flag soccer is that there’s no contact allowed, along with tackling, diving, blocking, screening or fumbles. As a substitute of bodily tackling an opponent to the underside, players placed on flags that maintain alongside their sides by a belt. Defenders “kind out” the ball-carrier by eradicating one or every of their flags.

Whereas this rule is designed to keep up players safe, there are a selection of various pointers that limit contact amongst players, along with:

The quarterback isn’t allowed to run with the ball, besides it was handed off first. They’re going to run behind the highway of scrimmage, nonetheless they’re going to’t purchase yardage.

All passes ought to go forward and be acquired previous the highway of scrimmage.

Laterals and pitches aren’t allowed—solely direct handoffs are permitted.

Coronary heart sneak performs aren’t allowed.

There will not be any fumbles. As a substitute, the ball stays in possession of the offense and is seen the place the ball-carrier’s ft have been when the fumble occurred.

The ball is ineffective when: the ball-carrier’s flag is pulled, the ball-carrier steps out of sure, a touchdown or safety is scored, the ball-carrier’s knee hits the underside, or the ball-carrier’s flag falls off.

Avid gamers can’t impede or guard their flags.


Every recreation begins with a coin toss (there will not be any kickoffs). The start workers begins by itself 5-yard line and has Four downs—primarily Four performs—to cross midfield for a major down.

If the offense fails to advance after three makes an try, they’re going to “punt,” meaning they flip over the ball to the opposing workers, which then begins from its private 5-yard line. Or they’re going to go for a major down, however once they fail, the opposing workers takes over possession from the spot of the ball.

As quickly as midfield is crossed, the offense has three downs to achieve a touchdown. A touchdown is 6 components and a safety is 2 components (1-point conversion from the 5-yard line; 2-point conversion from the 10-yard line).

A touchdown is 6 components and a safety is 2 components (1-point conversion from the 5-yard line; 2-point conversion from the 10-yard line). A safety occurs when the ball-carrier is asserted down of their very personal end zone. This happens when their flag is pulled by a defensive participant, their flag falls out, their knee or arm touches the underside, or if a snapped ball lands in the end zone.

As a standard rule of thumb, if a workers is worthwhile by a 28 or higher degree margin, the game is over and the workers doesn’t attempt a further degree.


When players run with the ball, their ft can’t depart the underside to steer clear of a defensive participant. In several phrases, players can spin to steer clear of their opponent, nonetheless they’re going to’t leap or dive.

Solely direct handoffs are permitted—there will not be any laterals or pitches. As quickly because the ball has been handed off, all defensive players are eligible to rush. And the one which takes the handoff is allowed to throw the ball from behind the highway of scrimmage. So while you’ll see a selected quarterback on the sphere, various performs actually rely on totally different teammates to maneuver the ball. This modifications up performs, retains the safety on their toes, and makes the game far more thrilling.

Moreover, beneath flag soccer pointers, the quarterback can’t run with the ball besides it has been handed to him/her throughout the backfield. And all players who rush the passer must be a minimal of seven yards from the highway of scrimmage when the ball is snapped.

Flag soccer pointers intention to cease power performs and steer clear of short-yardage situations, so that you just’ll uncover no run zones located 5 yards from each end zone and on each side of the midfield. On this designated house, the offensive workers ought to full a transfer play.

Lastly, if an offensive participant’s flag is pulled after they’re working with the ball, their ft determine the place the ball is seen, not the flag.


One rule that makes flag soccer distinctive (and that reasonably extra aggressive) is that everyone can acquire a transfer, along with the quarterback, after the ball has been handed off behind the highway of scrimmage. This allows coaches to include a variety of flag soccer performs into their playbooks and helps players develop elementary offense skills. Plus, it makes the game further partaking. Bear in mind the truth that when making a catch, players might want to have one foot in bounds, much like kind out.


Flag soccer pointers state that each one passes ought to go forward and be acquired previous the highway of scrimmage. Shovel passes, which can be temporary passes to forward receivers, are allowed, however moreover must be acquired previous the highway of scrimmage. Quarterbacks have a seven-second transfer clock to eliminate the ball. And within the occasion that they don’t, the play is ineffective.

Furthermore, coronary heart sneak play—the place the quarterback fingers off to the center as the first handoff of the play—is no longer allowed.

Interceptions are allowed, nonetheless look somewhat bit completely totally different in flag soccer. They alter the possession of the ball on the extent of the interception. So if an interception occurs, the referee blows the whistle and the play is ineffective. Interceptions are the one change of possession that don’t start on the workers’s 5-yard line.

With a few simple pointers, it’s possible you’ll uncover methods to play flag soccer in a short time.

This trendy sport requires little instruments and could also be merely tailor-made for a few players and any dimension and form of having fun with house you may have obtainable.

Glorious for players of all ages and talent ranges, these major flag soccer pointers will allow you start your private pickup recreation.

The correct technique to Play Flag Soccer

Flag soccer is carried out with two teams of 5-Eight players who attempt to attain components by shifting the ball down the sphere all through the aim line. The workers with most likely probably the most components on the end of regulation time is the winner.

The correct technique to Play Flag Soccer
Having fun with House

Typical flag soccer space dimensions are a rectangle spherical 60-80 yards prolonged and 20-30 yards in depth. There is a function line at each end foremost proper right into a 10-yard end zone. The diagram underneath displays an bizarre soccer space, which can be modified as compulsory.

The correct technique to Play Flag Soccer

To play the game, you desire a soccer and a flag belt for each participant. Footballs can be found a variety of sizes, colors, and textures so it's easy to look out one which matches your group.

Flags moreover can be found a variety of colors and kinds. Some belts have flags that join with velcro or plastic fasteners whereas others have the flags fully attached so when a flag is pulled your total belt falls off.

Flag soccer belts

The correct technique to Play Flag Soccer
Starting Play

A coin is tossed earlier to the opening kick-off to seek out out which workers will kick-off first and which targets teams will defend. Teams change ends at half-time. Play begins with a kick-off firstly of each half and after a score. There will not be any free kicks in flag soccer; all kicks are completed by punting.

The correct technique to Play Flag Soccer
Having fun with the Ball

Avid gamers can kick, carry, and throw the ball to maneuver it up the sphere.

A defender may knock down a transfer that's throughout the air.

If the participant with the ball has his flag pulled or if he goes out of bounds, he is known as "down" and the ball is ineffective at that spot.

A down is the time interval that begins when the ball is snapped by the center until the ball turns into ineffective.

When a workers has the ball, it has 4 downs to advance the ball 10 yards or score. Each time it strikes the ball 10 yards down the sphere, it's awarded a model new set of 4 downs. If it fails to advance 10 yards, the ball is given to the other workers on the extent it turned ineffective on the end of the 4th down.

The correct technique to Play Flag Soccer

The line of scrimmage for each workers is an imaginary line passing by the use of the highest of the soccer nearest to them, extending from sideline to sideline.

The world between these strains, which is the scale of the soccer, is the "neutral zone." No one is allowed to enter the neutral zone or switch in the direction of his opponent's function line at a snap.

The offensive workers might want to haven’t lower than 4 players on the highway of scrimmage when the ball is snapped.

The snap is a backward transfer by the use of the legs of the center, which locations the ball into play. It must be to a participant behind the highway of scrimmage, besides it touches the underside.

The snap must be one quick and regular motion, and the snapper can't switch his ft or elevate a hand until after the ball is snapped.

Completely different players have to stay nonetheless until the ball is snapped.

Flag Belt

Shirts must be tucked in, and they aren’t allowed to carry down over the flag belt. If a participant loses his flag belt legally or illegally all through a down and optimistic components possession of a dwell ball, that participant is taken into consideration down in the event that they’re touched with one hand by a defender between the shoulders and the knees.

Avid gamers might want to have the ball sooner than their flag can legally be pulled. It's illegal for a defender to intentionally pull a flag from an offensive participant who doesn't have the ball. The infraction is taken into consideration a non-public foul with a 10-yard penalty.

Guarding the flag belt is not allowed. Runners can't use any part of their physique or the ball to keep up an opponent from pulling their flag.


On 4th down, the offensive workers is requested within the occasion that they want to punt from a protected scrimmage. Within the occasion that they do, the safety isn't allowed to penetrate the highway of scrimmage on the snap. They’re going to try to dam the punt solely by leaping straight up throughout the air on their side of the ball.

All members of the punting workers, moreover the punter, must be on the highway of scrimmage, and none of them can switch until the ball is kicked.

If a punt crosses the scrimmage line and touches a participant from each workers after which hits the underside, the ball is ineffective and possession goes to the receiving workers.

Backward Passes and Fumbles

A runner may make a backward transfer at any time. A teammate may catch the transfer or get properly it if it hits the underside. If the ball is caught or intercepted by any participant inbounds sooner than it hits the underside, it could be superior up the sphere. If a participant loses the ball and it leaves his fingers, play continues no matter which workers recovers it and whether or not or not or not it touches the underside.

Forward Passes and Interceptions

The offensive workers is allowed one forward transfer all through each play from the highway of scrimmage, nonetheless the passer must be behind the highway of scrimmage when releasing the ball. Each different forward transfer is prohibited.

If a participant is throughout the air whereas attempting to catch a ball, he ought to land with not lower than one foot in bounds when he has possession of the ball sooner than going out of bounds, besides contact by the opposing workers is what causes him to exit of bounds.

If players from opposing teams catch the ball on the equivalent time, the ball is given to the workers that snapped the ball.

The correct technique to Play Flag Soccer

Elements could also be scored throughout the following methodology:

Touchdown = 6 components

When a participant carries the ball into the opponent's end zone or catches a transfer whereas in the end zone.

Extra Elements

After a workers scores a touchdown, they get the prospect to earn extra components by inserting the ball on each the three, 10, or 20-yard line, lining up for scrimmage, and getting it into the highest zone as soon as extra each by a run or transfer.

  • Extra degree = 1 degree (if worthwhile from the 3-yard line)
  • Extra degree = 2 components (if worthwhile from the 10-yard line)
  • Extra degree = Three components (if worthwhile from the 20-yard line)

Safety = 2 components

A safety is called when an offensive participant is tackled with the ball in his private end zone. When this happens the defensive workers is awarded 2 components, and the workers that was scored on has to kick off from their 14-yard line.

Defensive Conversion on Extra Stage Attempt = Three components

If the defensive workers optimistic components possession of the ball all through a further degree try to carries or passes the ball all through their function line, they acquire Three components.

The correct technique to Play Flag Soccer continued. Adjust to the hyperlink for pointers about recreation dimension, fouls and penalties, ineffective balls, out of play situations, and modifications to make the game accessible for everyone.

Attempt NFL Flag to seek out out about alternate options for youngsters ages 5-17 to participate in an flag soccer program sponsored by the NFL and USA Soccer.

Originated within the US throughout the 30s, flag soccer has already reached all the continents of the world and it might turn into an Olympic sport throughout the coming years. We make clear you what flag soccer is and the way in which the 10 th model of the 2019 Champion Bowl on the CE Futbol Salou has been.

What’s and discover ways to play flag soccer?

Flag soccer is a mannequin of American soccer carried out with out the American soccer attribute contact between players. In flag soccer tackling (downs) is not allowed, instead flags are hooked as much as the ballcarrier’s belt, one on each side of the waist. When a participant manages to tug the flag from an opponent, the game stops and one different play begins, much like when there is a kind out or a down in American soccer. The ideas are just about the equivalent, the one distinction is that the bodily contact is restricted.

Flag soccer regulation in Europe is overseen by the IFAF (Worldwide Federation of American Soccer). Primarily, the foundations of the game are based mostly totally on American soccer nonetheless with some variations. The goal is comparable, there are Four alternate options (as a lot as 4 downs or pulling-off the flag), to cross the midfield. Whenever you cross the midfield there are 4 further alternate options to achieve a touchdown.

Types of flag soccer

There are a number of kinds of flag soccer. For example, within the US players carry Three flags; one to each side of the waist and one on the once more. Nonetheless, in Europe solely two flags are worn, and it is carried out with 5 players like in five-a-side soccer, whereas within the US it is carried out with 8, 9 and even 11 players.

According to Bart Iaccarino, former participant, flag soccer supervisor and Champions Bowl 2019 organizer, having fun with 5-a-side in Europe is a bonus because of it makes it easy for teams to look out providers like, for example, indoor soccer pitches. And this, in flip, it makes it easy for this minority sport to be acknowledged by further people and further teams could also be created.

Furthermore, not like most sports activities actions flag soccer permits blended teams in tournaments. Inside the males’s league women can play and there is moreover a league only for women.

What is the origin of flag soccer?

Although there are earlier info, flag soccer turned trendy throughout the 40’s within the US military bases. Troopers couldn’t risk getting injured having fun with American soccer. So, by altering the tackling with the movement of pulling a flag the game turned safer and easily as thrilling.

The number of ladies and boys between 6 and 12 years outdated that play flag soccer within the US has enhance by 38% throughout the remaining years, even surpassing the number of these having fun with American soccer. This information is from a analysis carried out by the Sports activities actions & Well being Enterprise Affiliation, which analysis youth participation in sports activities actions and that was unfold by the New York Cases in November 2018.

This growth is attributed to the rising concern about thoughts injures and cognitive points that American soccer tackles can have on ladies and boys which could be nonetheless rising.

Advantages of flag soccer vs American soccer.

  • It is less complicated to make a workers. With solely 7 people one could also be aggressive, as Bart Iaccarino states: “The simplest occasion are remaining 12 months’s Champions Bowl winners, a Danish workers with solely 6 players”. Nonetheless, in American soccer a workers desires larger than 11 players.
  • It is further cheap and, due to this fact, further inclusive. You solely desire a belt and the flags, whereas a major American soccer helmet can worth between 300€ and 600€.
  • It is further fascinating for women and boys eager to comply with American soccer safely.
  • There are blended teams competing.
  • All bodily constitutions are welcomed. As Bart Iaccarino says: “Every look has its place and place and that is the greatness of flag soccer, that it doesn’t discriminate”.
  • It is rising exponentially and can turn into an Olympic recreation throughout the coming years. Chances are you’ll nonetheless change right into a world champion!

The champions Bowl lands on the Difficult Esportiu Futbol Salou

The Champions Bowl, most likely probably the most prestigious flag soccer occasion in Europe, has ben held for the second consecutive 12 months on the Difficult Esportiu Futbol Salou. Better than 400 players and 26 teams, from 9 European worldwide areas, fought for being the simplest workers throughout the continent.

Bart Iccarino, Champion Bowl organizer, supervisor of the Pioners from Barcelona and former participant of the Imperial from Reus, amongst totally different teams, claims that the Champion Bowl is a prestigious and distinctive occasion in its format, because of to participate teams needs to be invited based mostly totally on the reality that they are the simplest of their respective leagues. That is, the Champion Bowl is a high-level occasion. Who stands out with all this diploma?

The European power, today, is Denmark. The simplest I’ve seen so far. They’re sporty people, that deal with their properly being and that, because of local weather, follow fairly a bit in sports activities actions centres and gymnasiums. Furthermore, they’re those who take further care of the underside. Ultimate 12 months Hervel Rebels obtained the Danish league and the Campion Bowl with solely 6 players”, confirms Iaccarino.

Nonetheless, in Spain Flag soccer stays to be residual. According to Bart, “In Spain there is a closed-mind in sports activities actions, each little factor is soccer. This can be very troublesome to introduce totally different sports activities actions, because of there isn’t any help from institutions and sponsors. They wish to put cash into a third regional division workers fairly than in an rising sport or in a children’s workers. Nevertheless, nonetheless, the Catalan league is powerful; it has between 1000 and 1200 federated players, whereas within the the rest of Spain there are roughly 400. The Dragons have an effect on has fairly a bit to do” determines.

This 10th model, celebrated between the 18 th and the 20 th of October, has been obtained by the Coventry Cougars, from the UK, and the Klosterneuburg Indians, from Austria.

It have to be recognized that for the first time in 10 days the Group has decided to repeat city web internet hosting the event. The very good CE Futbol Salou and Cambrils Park Sport Village providers and the local weather had pushed the golf gear to request to rejoice as soon as extra the event at our providers.

Flag soccer is probably going one of many quickest rising sports activities actions throughout the nation. No shock there – it combines speedy athletic strikes with teamwork and safety. It’s a mum or dad’s dream come true.

Few know this larger than Patrick Williams. Williams carried out kind out soccer starting at 4 years outdated, persevering with by the use of highschool, college and two years semi-pro in Canada.

When his two youthful sons confirmed curiosity in kind out soccer, though, he hesitated. “There could also be an extreme quantity of pointless risk of hurt,” he says. (Williams says he’s suffered 9 concussions in his career.) His passion for the sport and for the safety of his sons impressed him to start Blue Chip Youth Sports activities actions , which launched with one NFL Flag soccer league in Pasadena and now runs 13 leagues all via Southern California.

Proper right here, Williams highlights the precept pointers of flag soccer for all dad and mother, youngsters and everyone in between.

The basics

The ideas of flag soccer can differ from league to league. NFL Flag , the largest flag group throughout the US, offers an bizarre rule e book for all of its teams. They play 5 on 5 – whereas some leagues exterior of NFL Flag play seven on seven.

The game is carried out on a smaller space than the 100 yards NFL followers know and love. Dimension varies from league to league – NFL Flag performs on a 70-yard space with two 10-yard end zones. Why the smaller space? Fewer players need a lot much less room.

A flag soccer recreation is carried out in two halves, usually 15 to 25 minutes prolonged. It begins with a coin toss (meaning there’s no kick-off). The winner of the coin toss begins the game at their very personal 5-yard line – and begins the battle all through the sphere to the endzone.

Having fun with it safe

The first rule of flag soccer is no contact – no blocking, no tackling, no diving… no nuthin! Safety is the priority. Avid gamers placed on belts with two flags hanging at their hips. To stop a play, a defensive participant ought to pull one or every flags off their opponent’s belt. If a ball is fumbled, it’s ineffective. There’s no diving totally free balls.

Some leagues don’t even have the center snap the ball between their legs, nonetheless NFL Flag doesn’t see this as a safety concern. They start each play that method.

“There’s no contact,” Williams explains. “No individual might even line up immediately over the center.”

Appears that eradicating contact may end up in further pleasing.

“Every youngster wishes the ball,” says Williams. “In flag soccer, it doesn’t matter for individuals who’re huge, little, fast or gradual – you may have the equivalent different to get the ball as all individuals else.”

Added bonus: No contact opens up the sport to further youngsters. “Everybody can play,” says Williams.


In most youth flag soccer leagues, a quarterback has seven seconds to maneuver the ball. A QB can’t run besides the ball is handed off first. Solely forward passes and direct handoffs are allowed – no wacky backward or lateral tosses you might see on TV. Nevertheless any participant is an eligible receiver. “Everybody can exit, catch a transfer and score touchdowns,” explains Williams, “moreover for the quarterback.”

Flag soccer makes use of the four-down system that you just simply’ll acknowledge from kind out soccer – with some modifications. NFL Flag supplies teams Four downs to cross the midfield and three downs to get to the endzone. A ensuing touchdown is six components. After the touchdown, the scoring workers has the likelihood to get one extra degree from the 5-yard line or two extra components from the 10-yard line.


Because of there’s no methodology to bodily stop an offensive participant, it’s important to know discover ways to appropriately pull a flag.

“You want to protect the offensive participant’s hips in entrance of you all the time, so it’s possible you’ll attain out and pull the flag,” says Williams. Grabbing the flag within the route of the very best of the belt will make sure it comes out. He supplies, “You don’t want to merely slap at it.”

Most teams use each man-on-man safety – guarding one participant – or zone safety – guarding a certain a part of the sphere. Williams prefers to remain to zone safety with youthful youngsters. “I educate them that they’re answerable for an house,” he says. For players 10 and up, he switches to man-on-man. “They’re further athletic by then they normally have further understanding of the game.”


No matter all efforts to keep up contact to a minimal, performs can nonetheless get robust — and penalties will most likely be known as. Blocking, holding and transfer interference are just a few which will result in an absence of yards or an computerized first down. Youthful youngsters sometimes soar sooner than the ball is hiked which ends up in a false start.

Flag guarding – a few of the widespread penalties – is when a participant tries to cease their flag from being pulled by stiff-arming a participant, smacking anyone’s hand away or shielding their very personal flag. “I on a regular basis educate my youngsters to run like they’re in monitor — to keep up their arms up,” says Williams. “That method there’s no tendency to put your hand down.”

A quarterback can get known as for illegal working. Safety will get dinged for illegal dashing. Like kind out soccer, the file of penalties is exhaustive. NFL Flag compiled all of them proper right here .

NOTICE: All functions will meet suggestions in place on the time of this method, or they will be rescheduled/cancelled. Go to to see obtainable alternate options along with digital selections. Be taught further.

Flag Soccer

Play With Us!

The Metropolis of Spokane Parks and Recreation Division (SPRD) invites you to play in the simplest Flag Soccer League throughout the Northwest! The SPRD Grownup Flag Soccer Program presents divisions for all expertise ranges in three seasons: Spring, Summer season (5on5 solely), and Fall.

Spring, Summer season, and Fall Seasons

Spring 2022 Flag Soccer League

7 weeks | 18+ The SPRD Grownup Flag Soccer Program presents divisions for all expertise ranges in three seasons: Spring, Summer season (5on5 solely), and Fall. 7 weeks will get you 6 widespread season video video games and a single elimination playoff berth. The league is cut up into three 8v8 divisions: Elite, Aggressive, and Leisure. Our 5on5 format is obtainable in two divisions, Increased Aggressive, and Aggressive. All video video games carried out on the Dwight Merkel Sports activities actions Difficult on Friday nights and all-day Sundays. All video video games are carried out at Dwight Merkel Sports activities actions Difficult,5701 N. Assembly.

Widespread Registration Interval, Jan third -February sixth, $865 (8man), $375 (5man)

Late Registration Interval, February seventh–February 14th, 2022, +$35 cost, as space permits

Train # Division Days Dates
9850 Elite (A division) Fri & Photo voltaic 3/4-4/24
9853 Aggressive (B / C Division) Fri & Photo voltaic 3/4-4/24
9854 Leisure (D division) Fri & Photo voltaic 3/4-4/24
9858 5 Man Increased Aggressive Photo voltaic 3/6-4/24
9859 5 Man Aggressive Photo voltaic 3/6-4/24

Don't Have a Workers?

Don't have a workers nonetheless want to get throughout the recreation? Be part of as a free agent and we’ll assign you to a workers with totally different free brokers. We now have a league and night of play for everyone from anyone merely starting out to the fiercest opponents. Don't carry on the bench, soar into the game with SPRD this season. Video video games carried out at Dwight Merkel Sports activities actions Difficult, 5701 N.

Widespread League Knowledge


  • Pay the corresponding registration cost on this site or title 509.755.2489.
    Registration prices are not refundable as quickly because the league schedule is posted on-line.
  • Enroll your Workers Roster at Make sure all players' information is right and correct. The Workers Captain is answerable for updating the Workers Roster at any time when a model new participant is added to the workers.
  • Submit a Waiver of Obligation with signatures of all players to the League Supervisor sooner than the first recreation. Workers Captain is answerable for updating the Waiver of Obligation at any time when a model new participant is added to the workers.
  • Workers Captain and all players ought to sign and submit Participant Code of Conduct to the League Supervisor sooner than the first recreation. Captains are anticipated to inform players about league conduct expectations.
  • Attend the mandatory digital Captain's Meeting.


  • Please study by the use of League and Play Tips (PDF 336 KB)


  • Sport time is 60 minutes
  • Teams is not going to be assured throughout the division they register for.
  • Video video games may be carried out on Friday nights (6 – 11 pm) or Sundays (Eight am – Eight pm).
  • Specific scheduling requests might be not granted.

Workers Administration

  • Workers Roster must be updated all via the season and may replicate the lineup on the sphere.
  • Rosters are restricted to 21 (8on8) and 12 (5on5) registered players.
  • Teams may need (ONLY) as a lot as Three players having fun with for teams in an larger division. For instance, for individuals who run a D Division workers, you’ll have as a lot as Three players who moreover play in any C Division teams. That applies to C and B Divisions as correctly.
  • Avid gamers may play in a single different division as prolonged the division is immediately underneath the most effective he is having fun with for. E.g., A Division players cannot play for a C or D Division workers and so forth.


SPRD presents following divisions in Flag Soccer: A, B, C, D, and the 5on5 league. In case you're uncertain what division to register for, please contact Carissa Ware at [email protected] We’re going to allow you uncover out what division could be the best match for you and your workers.


SPRD presents various tournaments yearly. Uncover further particulars about our tournaments