How to refinish wood floors

Clear and refinish hardwood flooring with out sanding proper all the way down to the bare wood.

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Q: My oak flooring are coated in scratches. Do I’ve to sand all the way down to reveal wood to get rid of them?

—Susan Bankhead, Meridian, Idaho

A: The Editors of This Outdated House reply: Not basically. If the scratches don’t go all through to the wood, you probably can scuff-sand your flooring with a buffer and apply a up to date coat or two of finish. The hardwood floor refinishing course of is easier and cheaper than sanding all the way down to reveal wood and takes a lot much less time. In only a few hours, your flooring will look just about nearly as good as new.

The job requires using a buffer, which you will rent at a home coronary heart, and a vacuum to suck up mud. Buffing hardwood flooring is likely to be troublesome, so for individuals who’ve on no account used a buffer sooner than, observe within the midst of the room until you get a very really feel for learn the way to maneuver it.

As quickly as the tip is roughed up, we positioned on a water-based polyurethane, which is likely to be recoated in Three hours. Oil-based polys are cheaper, nevertheless each coat takes about Eight hours to dry. With each finish, we advise a up to date coat every two years or every time the bottom appears worn. Stick to that routine and your flooring will not ever placed on out.

Skilled Tip to Cease Discoloration: Typically the tannins out of your wood floor react to water-based polyurethane, inflicting discoloration. To stay away from this, apply a base coat sooner than making use of your water-based poly. Simple the underside coat out evenly throughout the perimeters with a paint brush. (Don’t brush too fast or it is attainable you will create bubbles, which is ready to current inside the finish.) Simple out the rest of the bottom with a synthetic floor finish applicator and offers your base coat about 2 hours to dry.

Listed under are some additional frequent questions we’ve come all through:

How rather a lot does it worth to sand and refinish hardwood flooring your self?

In case you propose on DIY-ing your hardwood flooring, depend on to pay moderately lower than $500 per 275 sq. ft. The everyday fluctuate tends to be between $1,000 to $2,400.

The entire worth consists of renting sanding gear along with shopping for sanding pads, wood stain, brushes and finish.

Is it cheaper to refinish or substitute hardwood flooring?

You probably can almost on a regular basis wager that refinishing is cheaper than altering hardwood flooring. With the latter, you’d be paying not only for the model new wood however as well as for the labor of ripping out the earlier wood and toting it away.

What Are The Steps To Refinishing Hardwood Flooring?

Be taught these 6 steps for refinishing the wood flooring in your home:

1. Clear the Flooring with a Hardwood Flooring Cleaner

  • Take away the entire furnishings, and spray the bottom with a hardwood flooring cleaner or your private combination of 10 elements water to 1 half white vinegar.
  • Gently wipe the bottom with a terry-cloth mop or a towel wrapped spherical a mop head.
  • Shut the house home windows and doorways to keep up mud contained inside the room you might be sanding.

2. Prep the Perimeter

  • Using 180-grit sandpaper, hand-sand the perimeter of the room and any nooks that the buffer can not attain.
  • Rub with the grain 4 to 6 inches out from the baseboard, working over each board until the tip dulls and a powder varieties.

Skilled Tip: Don’t use a sanding block for refinishing hardwood—it might miss uneven spots inside the floor.

In case your hardwood floor has seen increased days, and in addition you assume it might need a complete refinish, don’t concern. With a little bit of know-how (and loads of elbow grease) this could be a job you’ll be able to do at dwelling. If DIY simply is not for you, realizing the tactic it takes to ship your floor once more to life can help you establish which path to take — whether or not or not refinishing or altering — and an understanding of what to anticipate alongside one of the best ways. This info will stroll you through every step of the tactic — from determining if a hardwood floor refinishing is probably the most appropriate selection for you, to together with the ultimate coat of ending product.

Is Your Flooring Hardwood to the Core, or an Imposter?

The first step to effectively refinishing your hardwood flooring is determining what sort of floor you should have. This would possibly sound straightforward, nevertheless there are many sorts of flooring that masquerade as hardwood nevertheless are literally partially or completely made up of various provides, and every requires a definite refinishing methodology.

The first hardwood lookalike is laminate. Laminate Plank Flooring is manufactured from synthetic provides, layered and embossed with a grain pattern, meant to mimic the look and texture of pure wood. It’s often pretty easy to tell in case your flooring is manufactured from laminate, as a result of it merely seems like a tricky plastic. Sadly, it’s virtually unimaginable to refinish laminate, nevertheless there are some methods of recoating that comprise chemical abrasives. These methods are an prolonged shot, nonetheless, and are often not advisable by the flooring consultants at The Good Guys.

Engineered Wood flooring are one different totally different to steady hardwood, manufactured from a thin layer (or veneer) of hardwood, bonded to a layer of cheaper supplies, often plywood. It’s positively doable to refinish this flooring a few occasions, nevertheless you could possibly make sure that the layer of precise hardwood is thick adequate to sand down with out reaching plywood.

When working with engineered hardwood, you often require about 1/8” of veneer in an effort to refinish. You would possibly be capable of squeak by with a barely thinner veneer, nevertheless you run the hazard of unintentionally sanding by way of the veneer to indicate plywood — an irreparable mistake that may require you to stick with an disagreeable uncovered area in your floor or substitute it totally.

Lastly, steady hardwood flooring are manufactured from a steady plank of wood and are subsequently the best candidate for refinishing. Though even with this supplies you proceed to need to make sure that there’s adequate of the plank left to soundly sand a bit away. On this case, you often want at least 3/4” left to attempt a full resurface. The top of your floor may even be a determining contemplate its means to resist a refinishing. A steady hardwood floor with machine- or hand-scraped finish would have additional of its placed on layer eradicated, making it more durable to refinish. Simple accomplished wood flooring is also refinished as a lot as 5 and even 6 situations, though the day-to-day guests and placed on and tear on hardwood flooring in most properties would not require this diploma of repairs.

How To Inform If Your Hardwood Flooring Will Stand as much as a Refinish

A steady rule of thumb is {{that a}} typical steady hardwood floor is likely to be refinished Four or 5 situations sooner than it have to be modified, so in case you perceive your floor’s historic previous, it is attainable you will not need to measure its remaining thickness.

Engineered hardwood flooring might be a bit additional troublesome, as cheaper decisions can have minimal veneer that will’t even stand as a lot as one spherical of refinishing, nevertheless you most likely have a receipt, subject or model amount, you would possibly be capable of lookup how thick the flooring had been, to begin with. If that they’d 1/8” of veneer when new, they are going to often be resurfaced as a lot as two situations, and three/16” decisions is likely to be achieved three and even Four situations sooner than altering would flip into the upper risk. When refinishing an engineered wood floor, it is not advisable to machine- or hand-scrape the tip, due to their thinner placed on layers.

How Thick Are Your Floorboards?

In case you don’t know your floor’s historic previous, the most effective strategy to find how rather a lot supplies you should have left is to seek for a floor grate or vent you could possibly take away to indicate the floorboards. In case you don’t have any such openings, the next most suitable option is to remove a threshold from a doorway as there are often gaps between rooms that may expose the tip of a board or plank.

Lastly, for individuals who nonetheless can’t inform, you probably can take away a little bit of baseboard trim from the wall inside the room that’s meant to be refinished. The baseboards aren’t often eradicated all through refinishing, so there is likely to be a bit little bit of a raised area beneath if the bottom had been resurfaced beforehand. This system is a bit harmful though; the baseboards might need been modified when the bottom was beforehand refinished for aesthetic causes, and also you proceed to obtained’t know the current thickness of the bottom.

Should You Recoat or Refinish Your Flooring?

As quickly as you perceive what sort of floor you should have, it’s a superb suggestion to guage if a whole refinish or a additional subdued show and recoat is essential. A recoat merely contains roughing up your floor with a light sanding show. and making use of a model new defending masking. It’s a lot easier and far more low-cost than refinishing nevertheless solely fixes points inside the surface-level defending masking. Alternatively, a refinish will take care of common marring and discoloration nevertheless would require way more time, money and power.

One of many easiest methods to know in case your floor have to be recoated or refinished is to run a straightforward check out. Uncover two areas in your floor and tape off a sq. of about 6 by 6 inches The first have to be an area that represents the heaviest flaws you should have in your floor to see within the occasion that they’re repairable with a recoat. The second have to be in an area that’s recurrently uncovered to cleaning merchandise, much like window cleaner overspray, oil-based cleaners, or totally different heavy detergents.

It’s very important to test an area that’s uncovered to household cleaners as over time the bottom will get imbued with these provides and a polyurethane finish coat obtained’t adhere to the bottom appropriately. A pair such examples are the bottom under a low window or near a wood desk that’s polished often.

Check out for Recoating Your Hardwood Flooring

Once you’ve chosen two areas and taped them off, get a 120-grit show and utterly sand the realm. Then clear it off with a brush or vacuum and damp cloth, and apply polyurethane (see in a while this text for a comparability of oil- and water-based polyurethane decisions). Let it dry, and check out gently scraping it with a coin or totally different metal object. Don’t use one thing sharp or pointed or press terribly exhausting, as you’ll scratch by way of even a steady coating. In case you’re glad with the tip and it doesn’t flake off everytime you gently scrape, go ahead with a recoat. If not, it’s time to begin out refinishing.

Joseph Lewitin is a flooring expert who grew up inside the enterprise. In his youth, he began working in his family's tile import enterprise, learning every side of the flooring enterprise, from design and fabrication to repairs and restore. He moreover owned a flooring provides retailer specializing in pure stone flooring.

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The Spruce / Margot Cavin

  • Working Time: 6 – Eight hrs
  • Full Time: 3 – 4 days
  • Yield: 10 x 10-foot room
  • Expertise Diploma: Intermediate
  • Estimated Worth: $200 to $300

Refinishing a hardwood floor is an efficient option to revitalize the look of a room with out the problem and expense of placing in brand-new flooring. The strategy contains eradicating the very best layer of the masking supplies using an enormous sander, which removes the ground finish and digs down earlier any ground scratches, stains, or imperfections which can exist. The result is a up to date ground that is then stained and top-coated with irrespective of defending coating you want.

Nonetheless keep in mind that sanding cannot be anticipated to remove very deep scratches, gouges, and stains. Even professionals advise house owners to lower their expectations on what floor sanding can accomplish. Flooring sanding removes at most about 1/16 inch of wood, and hurt that is deeper than that usually will nonetheless be evident, though a lot much less obvious.

Sooner than You Begin

Aggressive sanding and refinishing are most interesting suited to steady hardwood flooring—flooring comprised of steady maple, oak, or one different hardwood all by way of the thickness of the planks. Hardwood flooring with 3/4-inch -thick planks can accept three or usually even Four deep sandings over their lifespan.

Nonetheless many flooring are often not steady hardwood, nevertheless instead embrace planks with a hardwood veneer layer glued over a core of plywood or one different manufactured wood product. These merchandise are generally typically generally known as engineered wood. With these flooring, you would possibly be capable of do only one sanding, and you could possibly be careful to not grind by way of the tip layer of hardwood and into the core layer.

Some flooring that look like hardwood aren't wood the least bit. If in case you’ve laminate wood-look flooring, sanding simply is not an risk. However, bamboo flooring (bamboo is technically a grass, not a wood) is likely to be sanded within the an identical method as hardwood to remove ground imperfections. Nonetheless bamboo flooring are generally very exhausting, so sanding would possibly take a bit of additional time.

Whereas it is theoretically doable to sand flooring with a hand sander, it is almost on a regular basis achieved with an enormous upright drum sander—an pricey instrument that is often rented, not purchased. This instrument simply is not easy to utilize, so make sure that to get instructions from the store clerk on learn the way to make use of it efficiently and safely.

Safety Considerations

Large upright sanders make loads of noise and throw up loads of mud. Make sure that to placed on a defending masks, eye security, and listening to protectors when using this instrument. The place doable, open residence home windows and ventilate with followers all through the method. Masks off vent duct openings and passage doorways to forestall mud from touring all by way of your property.

Upright floor sanders are extremely efficient devices. If used incorrectly, it is easy to create deep gouges or dips that harm the bottom's look. Take your time when sanding, guaranteeing to utilize sanding belts or pads with the proper abrasive grit. Steer clear of tilting or rocking the sander, as that’s assured to gouge the bottom.

When to Identify a Expert

In case you perform the work your self, you then’ll have to rent a walk-behind, solid-wood sanding machine along with hand sanding devices, which is ready to worth roughly $200 per day. And it’s easy to make errors that will irreparably hurt the wooden floors ground. A few home-owner has eagerly got down to economize by sanding a hardwood floor, solely to complete up spending way more to modify the bottom completely.

Refinishing hardwood flooring is, subsequently, no easy job, and for individuals who're not sure of your talents, it is likely to be most interesting to depart it to educated service. Educated will price $Three to $Eight per sq. foot to refinish a hardwood floor, counting on the size of the job. The expert course of consists of sanding, plus the equipment of two or additional layers of ground finish. The strategy will often require three to five days, along with cleanup.

We understand that renovating your personal house is an funding, and naturally no person must spend a lot of time and money redoing elements of their dwelling that could be saved with a lot much less effort and fewer funding. Nonetheless usually you merely must chunk the bullet and dive proper right into a rework. Within the case of hardwood flooring, you probably can know that you just’re making a steady contribution to the resale price and longevity of your personal residence, nevertheless not even hardwoods closing with out finish. Listed under are some options from Flooring Coverings Worldwide of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR that may help you resolve whether or not or not your hardwoods are value saving, or whether or not or not it’s time to begin out up to date.

Refinish When:

  • You uncover scrapes and scratches. Points like dents and dings from heavy foot guests or pet claws would possibly make your flooring look uninteresting and worn, nevertheless that doesn’t indicate that they’ve to get changed. Merely sanding and refinishing your hardwoods must make them as quickly as additional clear and pristine with out the trouble and expense of fixing them.
  • You’re solely looking for magnificence fixes. In case you merely want to revive your floor’s genuine luster and shine, than merely buffing and refinishing them is an efficient option to rev up their aesthetic enchantment with out breaking the monetary establishment.

Substitute When:

  • Your flooring squeak and creak. Over time, hardwood planks are prone to warp and alter their type, which leads to squeaking as a result of the wood rubs in the direction of nails and screws inside the floor. That’s moreover a super various to modify your subfloor, which can very properly be contributing to the problem as properly.
  • You have engineered or synthetic wood. Refinishing flooring means grinding and sanding down the ground of the wood, which works good for steady objects of wood, nevertheless not so good for synthetic and engineered alternate choices. Most of these flooring provides are made up of composite supplies that is merely topped with a veneer layer inside the desired wood or a photographic decal. These are every too skinny to be refinished. If in case you’ve carefully damaged engineered or synthetic flooring, it’s perhaps time to modify and change them with one factor new.
  • Your flooring are structurally unstable. In case you’re starting to essentially really feel reminiscent of you’re dwelling in a perpetual earthquake as you stroll all through your hardwood flooring, you probably can know that it’s time to modify them. That’s often an indication that there are some factors with the subfloor as properly, and that is positively one factor that you just’ll must have the professionals, like Flooring Coverings Worldwide, look into.

To check additional about altering your hardwood flooring, or to schedule a free, in-home session, give us a reputation instantly!

Info created by the expert workers at Inside Home Flooring. With a couple of years of supplying and placing in top quality Hardwood flooring and Parquet flooring to purchasers inside their properties or commercials areas all by way of Birmingham, Solihull and the West Midlands.

Wish to debate a picket floor enterprise, or possibly a picket floor refurbishment?, the workers is likely to be contacted proper right here

No matter how rather a lot you care for your hardwood flooring, it should most likely’t escape the frequently placed on and tear that flooring experiences. If in case you’ve youngsters or pets, then your floor is extra prone to endure some scratches, and also you most likely have a extreme amount of holiday makers, then your floor will bear loads of stress over time. Even photo voltaic publicity can change the colour of the wood.
Though widespread repairs and cleaning can lengthen the distinctive unbelievable factor about your hardwood flooring and maintain them in good scenario, they could, lastly, need to be refinished.

Refinishing a floor is one factor that you’ll be able to do your self you most likely have the time or are on a value vary, nevertheless we’d on a regular basis advisable that you just use educated in an effort to guarantee that it is achieved appropriately the first time.
Each method, you most likely have invested in hardwood flooring, or are considering doing so, then it’s best to simply keep in mind to are properly educated on the tactic of refinishing; from why it’s important to the way in which it’s achieved.

Why do hardwood flooring need refinishing

The intention of refinishing hardwood flooring is to revive the planks of wood once more to their genuine colour and scenario. This may be since you might be planning on reselling your personal residence and want it to look good for potential shoppers, or it is attainable you will merely attain a level, after various years, the place your hardwood flooring need a bit little bit of TLC.

The exact act of refinishing hardwood flooring is the sanding the ground to remove the layer of worn down, scratched or damaged wood to reveal a up to date new layer of wood after which re-applying a model new coat of lacquer or oil.

Will most likely be clear when the time entails refinish your hardwood flooring as there are only a few telltale indicators. In case your flooring has lots of scratches, boards are starting to grey or lose their colour, or there was water hurt of some variety to the wood, then it’s time for a refinish.

One different frequent state of affairs that new shoppers would possibly uncover themselves in as soon as they’ve purchased a interval dwelling and which leads them to place cash right into a refinishing service, is the invention of aged hardwood flooring under carpet, vinyl or newly put in wooden floors.
With a bit of labor, the flooring is likely to be made to look just about nearly as good as new, instead of investing inside the time and value of getting mannequin new hardwood flooring put in.

Hardwood flooring should not be refinished too often – they often shouldn’t need to be in the event that they’re well-maintained. Each time hardwood flooring are refinished, a thin layer of the ground of the wood is eradicated which signifies that, lastly, the structural integrity of the wood is likely to be compromised after being refinished various situations.
What variety of situations you probably can refinish your hardwood flooring will depend on only a few points; a kind of being whether or not or not the bottom makes use of engineered wood or steady wood . For example, steady 20mm hardwood flooring is likely to be refinished as a lot as ten situations sooner than they need altering, making them one in every of many most lasting types of wood you must use in your flooring.
On widespread, hardwood flooring solely need to be refinished every 7-10 years, so, for individuals who do the maths, steady hardwood flooring can closing at least 70 years from the date of arrange which is larger than the lifetime of a home proprietor.

put collectively your hardwood flooring for refinishing

Whether or not or not you is likely to be doing your entire course of your self, or hiring educated, there are steps that need to be taken to prepare your flooring for refinishing.
In precise reality, most of the job is the preparation and it’ll most likely take a whole day to get your flooring within the right type for the exact refinish.

You have to start by cleaning your hardwood flooring to remove any mud, filth or stains – it should make it easier to carry out a radical inspection of the flooring which is what you’d need to do subsequent.

Following the inspection, it’s best to fill any cracks, substitute or restore any damaged boards and make any uncovered nails or protrusions flush with the ground of the flooring. This may increasingly cease any hurt being achieved to the devices and equipment that is likely to be used to refinish the flooring.

The next step is to sand down the flooring, which is the place many people actually really feel it’s most interesting to lease educated as a result of it does require the utilization of huge gear.
The room being refinished have to be closed off to keep up any mud or particles inside that home and away from the rest of the house.
You have to run a belt sander over the bottom as a lot as 5 situations with an increasing number of finer grit sandpaper. It’s really very important to be careful to not keep it in a single place for too prolonged, in some other case it’ll make the bottom uneven.
Any tight/small or exhausting to realize areas have to be tackled with an edge sander or sandpaper.

Lastly, you’ll need to brush and vacuum the bottom to remove the mud introduced on by sanding. As quickly as the ground coat has been eradicated you could possibly stay away from any water on the boards at this can set off deep stains which may’t be eradicated. The bottom then have to be buffed, which cleans the bottom, along with relaxes the wood fibres ready for closing coat of lacquer or oil.

refinish a hardwood floor

After you should have prepared your hardwood flooring, by sanding, cleaning and buffing, in case you want to change the colour of the bottom, now might be the time to make use of a stain to the wood. Resolve a stain that most nearly fits your desires and allow 12 hours to dry as quickly because it has been utilized sooner than you add the tip.

If making use of a closing lacquer, we advise a primer first, which helps the lacquer to remain to the ground of the bottom. Each coat of lacquer takes as a lot as Four hours dry sufficiently sooner than the next coat is utilized. It will then be one different 24 hours (whereas the tip dries) sooner than you probably can ship your furnishings once more into the room and start using the hardwood floor as soon as extra.

Though there are many steps involved and it’ll most likely take a couple of days, the tactic of refinishing your hardwood flooring is certainly price the time and effort. It will lengthen the lifetime of your hardwood flooring and restore their magnificence and, consequently, enhance the value of your personal residence.

At Inside Home Flooring, we don’t merely present and arrange hardwood flooring, nevertheless we moreover present an expert hardwood floor refinishing service. In case you don’t actually really feel assured adequate to refinish your wood flooring your self, in any other case you merely don’t have the time, then our expert service is your most suitable option.

We’re in a position to do all of the issues from preparing the bottom to advising you on the best stain and finish in your flooring, so all it is essential to do is sit once more and anticipate the room to be ready.

Identify us now on 0121 684 4772 to look out out additional about this service. Or use our contact sort