How to tile a countertop

Considerably maturing laminate counters sometimes require to be eradicated in addition to modified. In contrast to marble, soapstone, granite, timber, in addition to additionally robust floor space counters, laminate counters don’t set up an attention grabbing growing old. With time, laminate simply involves be further broken in addition to damaged, with the main put on layer messing up away in addition to disclosing the diminished image layer in addition to, in the end, the core layer.

But there’s one possibility to a whole counter prime substitute: mounting ground tile over the laminate counter prime. It is somewhat easy, plus it is pleasant in addition to imaginative. For little bit higher than the value of ground tile in addition to units, you’ll be able to rejuvenate your used laminate counter prime.

Fundamentals of Tiling a Kitchen Counter Over Laminate

If the laminate floor space in addition to its diminished substratum stay in nice downside, you should utilize ceramic or porcelain ground tile straight along with the laminate. Really, a laminate counter prime in nice downside is nearly the wonderful floor space for tiling: degree, clean, in addition to diploma.

4-inch sq. ground tile is usually made use of for tiling over laminate. It’s large adequate that it doesn ' t develop as numerous joints as 1-inch mosaic ground tile. But it’s smaller sized than 12- inch or 16- inch ground tile, making it further aesthetically engaging in addition to simpler to scale back in addition to match.

The functioning time has to do with 6 to eight hrs for an average-size counter prime. For the reason that cement requires time to deal with, the general time can take a variety of days.

Fast conclusion time

Huge array of design picks

Merchandise very simple to take care of

Sq.-edge laminate simply

Only for structurally audio counters

Doable of diminished resale price

Job Restriction

Lined facet laminate is interesting in addition to it stands as much as cracking a lot better than sq. facet laminate does. But you’ll not have the power to ground tile over the rounded account of coated facet laminate kitchen counters. Simply squared-off, 90- degree angle counter prime sides can approve ground tile.

What You may Require

Instruments/ Units

  • Damp ground tile noticed or rail ground tile cutter
  • Ceramic tile nipper
  • Tack cloth
  • Orbiting oscillating electrical sander in addition to fining sand discs
  • Ceramic tile spacers
  • Trowel: 3/16- inch to five/32- inch V-notch
  • Rubber ground tile float


  • 4-inch sq. ceramic ground tile
  • Bullnose or varied different account 2-inch ceramic ground tile trim
  • Ceramic ground tile adhesive reminiscent of thinset
  • Ceramic tile cement
  • Trisodium phosphate (TSP)


Analyze the Base for Architectural Help

The laminate sometimes hinges on a base of particleboard (medium-density fiber board or MDF). If the laminate counter prime has truly been well-kept, the particleboard may nonetheless stay in nice downside for tiling. If water has truly gotten in contact with the particleboard, the board may droop, injury, or flake away. Study under: across the sink in addition to particularly in the direction of the again. Water spots prevail but don’t always present architectural failing. Penetrate the board with a screwdriver to see whether it is safe.

Take Care Of Peeling Laminate

On prime, be certain that the laminate shouldn’t be peeling off removed from the particleboard in the direction of the edges. If the counter prime is peeling, the ground tile will sooner or later increase.

Utilization name concrete to reapply the laminate. Completely different the laminate from the bottom with an merchandise of timber as a riser. Apply name concrete per floor space in addition to permit them fully dry to tack. After that, press the laminate to the bottom.

Get Rid Of or Cowl Blockages

The sink, faucet, cooktop, in addition to all varied different merchandise that cowl the main in addition to sides of the laminate counter must be eradicated or coated. Eradicated merchandise is consistently the perfect possibility, ideally.

Tough Up the Laminate Floor Space

Present the laminate floor space a solitary cross with an orbital oscillating electrical sander geared up with 60 grit paper. The target is to not sand deeply but to supply the floor space a fining sand that covers it in an space of nice scrapes. Keep away from cracking the edges with the sander.

Tidy the Laminate

For cleaning the laminate, utilization TSP as an alternative of home cleaning objects which may go away a deposit. Later, make the most of a tack cloth to do away with the rest of the filth.

Dry-Match the Ceramic Tile on the Counter High

4-inch-square ceramic ground tile won’t flawlessly match the counter prime deepness. Give attention to positioning uncut ceramic tiles forward, with reduce ceramic tiles in again. If making use of a rail design ground tile cutter, you’ll actually intend to position the tough reduce facet versus the wall floor to be afterward hid with a backsplash.

Reduce the Shingles

Forward of mixing mortar, do each considered one of your tile-cutting. It is ideally suited to have each one of many tile-cutting carried out previous to the additional time-sensitive motion of collaborating with mortar. Reduce the ceramic tiles to dimension both with a moist ground tile noticed or a rail-type cutter.

Unfold Out the Mortar in addition to Lay the Shingles

Working in handy 2-foot sq. areas, set the mortar in addition to trowel it out with the V-notch trowel. Preserve the entrance in addition to facet ceramic tiles purge with the facet of the counter prime. Utilization plastic spacers to maintain applicable joint measurement.

Across the sink middleman, carry the ground tile regarding 1/4-inch to three/8-inch removed from the facet of the middleman. If the ground tile can also be shut, it’d restrain re-installation of the sink. If the ground tile can also be far, the lip of the sink won’t cowl the ceramic tiles.

Allowed the Ceramic Tile Therapy

With plenty of ceramic ground tile adhesives, the entire treatment time is 24 to 72 hrs. Search recommendation from the instructions on the adhesive. It’s important to permit the ground tile completely treatment or the ceramic tiles may transfer when grouting.

Cement the Ceramic Tile

Cement the ceramic tiles with the rubber float, relocating the float diagonally versus the ceramic tiles in addition to completely pushing the cement proper into the joints.


Cowl the Laminate

If the laminate is peeling off extreme in addition to cannot be mounted, cowl it with a backer board layer. A concrete backer board can be utilized straight to the laminate. Tape up the joints with fiberglass match collectively tape. This gives you a fail-proof floor space on which to mount your ground tile, plus it removes the demand for fining sand.

Embrace a Backsplash

The behind of the ground tile, closest to the wall floor, will definitely afterward require to be coated with a backsplash. A backsplash may be developed with much more of the very same ceramic tiles that you just made use of on the counter prime otherwise you may decide to make the most of marble, copper, or peel-and-stick merchandise.

power blade
energy drill
gauging tape
woodworker’s sq.
concrete backerboard
3/8″ “timber strips
pneumatically-driven nailer
2″ “galvanized screws
scratched trowel
ceramic ground tiles (with bullnose trim)
1×2 tack strip
ground tile spacers
rubber cement float
cement sealant


1. Start by shutting off the water shutoff valve to the sink in addition to positioning a container beneath the provision line. Get rid of the combining nuts, after that the “”” P” catch, enabling the container to seize the water. Subsequent off, loosen up the clamps holding the sink in location in addition to piece with the caulking in between the sink in addition to counter prime with an power blade. Get rid of the sink.

2. Get rid of the vary. Get rid of any form of braces or screws which can be holding the counter prime in place. Be sure that all screws are eradicated. Make use of an power blade to chop with the caulking in between the counter prime in addition to wall floor. Get rid of the kitchen counters.

3. Step the interval of the bottom closets, from the sting to the outside facet. Likewise decide the deepness from the vanguard to the wall floor behind at each ends. With a woodworker’s sq., examine the sq. of the wall surfaces at any form of edges. Likewise examine the diploma at this issue in addition to study the closets in addition to make any form of wanted fixings.

4. Have plywood reduce to dimension at your regional residence provide store (or make the most of a spherical noticed). Subsequent off, embrace 3/8-inch timber strips alongside the counter prime to readjust the elevation (if wanted) with a pneumatically-driven nailer. Placement the plywood along with the closets, flush with the cabinet facet. Join the plywood with two-inch screws pushed proper into the cabinet mounting each 2 inches.

5. Reduce concrete backerboard to dimension in addition to placement it straight along with the plywood. Get rid of, after that embrace mastic to the plywood with a scratched trowel in addition to established the backerboard on the mastic. Safeguard with galvanized screws. Cowl the joints in between the backerboards with fiberglass tape. Use a slim layer of mastic over the joint to develop a clean floor space. Transfer in addition to vacuum cleaner the floor space when the mastic is totally dry.

6. Step the situation out for the sink in addition to take away the backerboard in addition to plywood with a jigsaw.

7. Dry match the ceramic tiles by attracting vertical strains within the fringe of the counter prime making use of the vanguard as an outline. It will actually provide you with the start issue for the ceramic tiles. After fully dry appropriate, see what cuts, if any form of, require to be made to the ceramic tiles to cowl the situation. Likewise fully dry match bullnose trim across the facet.

8. Join a 1×2 tack strip alongside the facet to maintain the bullnose trim until the mastic dries. Making use of mastic in addition to a trowel, “” butter” the facet of the bullnose trim with mastic in addition to placed on the counter facet. When all trim stays in location, relocate to the counter prime.

9. Unfold mastic on the counter prime equally with the trowel. Make use of a turning exercise to ascertain ceramic tiles in place, beginning alongside the vanguard of the counter. Place ground tile spacers to maintain uniformity within the design in addition to to depart space for cement.

10 Subsequent off, unfold mastic on the wall floor in addition to on the again of every merchandise of ground tile in addition to reduce for the backsplash. Embrace bullnose trim on the wall floor base, the place it satisfies the ground tile. When the trim stays in location, decide the wall floor to find the power over the vary. Produce a mode with trim in addition to ground tile in addition to positioned it in place. Proceed until the backsplash is complete.

11 Round electrical shops, maintain ground tile in place in addition to mark reduce strains with a pencil to ascertain the cuts to be made. Utilization for much longer screws to reattach {the electrical} shops to make up for the brand-new ceramic tiles.

12 Unfold cement with a rubber cement float proper into the joints. Try to receive the joints purge with the floor space. When the cement tighten, scrape extra cement. Present the ceramic tiles a terrific cleaning with a moist sponge, bewaring not to attract any one of many cement out of the joints. When the floor space is totally dry, lover in addition to brighten the ceramic tiles with a very dry cloth. Allow to deal with 48 hrs. Use a cement sealant with a sponge.

13 When the sealant has truly handled, the job is completed. This installment takes about Three days in addition to costs round $1,500

When it entails together with price to your residence, upgrading your cooking space can have a considerable affect. Nonetheless, additionally in case your spending plan doesn’t allow a serious rework, making little modifications can enhance the look and feel of those areas. It won’t seem like a major distinction, but overlaying your counter prime with ceramic ground tile is a wonderful technique to refresh the looks of your cooking space. Most significantly, while you acknowledge the process, it is a job that additionally beginner do-it-yourselfers may actually really feel cozy dealing with.

Put together Floor Space

Previous to you’ll be able to lay the ground tile on your counter prime, it’s a must to put together the floor space. Ceramic tile sticks most efficiently to constructing or exterior-grade plywood that’s diminished to suit your counter prime. For included safety, main the plywood with a sheet of plastic that works as a wetness impediment in addition to a concrete board main layer. If you don’t intend to make the most of concrete board, 2 sheets of out of doors -quality plywood are an sufficient base on your ground tile counter prime. Nonetheless, no matter merchandise you decide on your counter prime’s substratum, they must be diploma in addition to clean previous to you begin laying the ground tile.

Lay Out Ceramic Tile

Technique the design of your ground tile previous to you stick it to the counter prime stops blunders in addition to assists set up the variety of of every ground tile are wanted. When deciding on your design, take into accounts parts just like the positioning of the sink in addition to varied different elements that you possibly can must ground tile round in addition to establish the variety of boundary ceramic tiles you require in addition to the place to place them. Define each one of many ceramic tiles in your substratum, making use of spacers to make sure that the positioning is correct. Begin your design on the sink to ensure a balanced look. Nonetheless, when you’ve got an L-shaped counter, begin on the edge in addition to job outdoors. As you outlined the ground tile, mark any form of objects that require to be diminished in addition to scale back them alongside the strains with a ground tile cutter. It’s moreover a terrific idea to refer strains as you go so you may have an outline when actually laying the ground tile.

Use Slim Set up

When you acknowledge precisely find out how to place the ground tile in your counter prime, you should utilize the thin-set adhesive. A scratched trowel is the perfect machine for smoothing it all through the plywood or cementboard substratum. Nonetheless, as a result of the truth that it may well dry out quickly, use the thinset in little areas in addition to instantly set up the ceramic tiles to ensure that they stick successfully. As when fully dry appropriate the ground tile, it is ideally suited to start across the sink or within the edge with an L-shaped counter prime when utilizing the thin-set mortar.

Lay Ceramic Tile

When laying the ground tile, start with total ceramic tiles previous to relocating onto reduce in addition to boundary ceramic tiles. Keep away from taking place the ceramic tiles down proper into the thinset; somewhat, make the most of a straight shifting exercise to ascertain them in place. As you ground tile every space, examine the situation to ensure that the spacing is correct in addition to not one of the ceramic tiles are askew. Once you make sure the world is successfully tiled, relocated onto the next location, duplicating the thinset utility in addition to ground tile setup.


After you may have truly put each one of many ground tile, allow the sticky to ascertain in response to the producer’s instructions. In lots of circumstances, you have to wait on the very least a day previous to grouting your counter prime. Previous to utilizing the cement, completely do away with any form of slim assortment from the face of the ceramic tiles with an power blade. Combine the cement in response to the plan’s instructions. To stop spots in your counter prime, seek for cement that has a latex additive or mix it with a fluid latex additive together with water. With a cement float, use the mix to a bit location of the counter prime, urgent the cement proper into the room in between the ceramic tiles. When you may have truly accomplished the situation, make the most of a moist sponge or dustcloth to scrub up the floor space of the ceramic tiles previous to relocating onto the next space. When the cement has truly handled for about Three days, you should utilize a cement sealant, which will definitely much more safeguard your ground tile counter prime from spots.

People have significantly stable viewpoints on the counter prime product.

Ceramic tile is not merely for backsplashes in addition to bathe room floorings. Mosaics can moreover compose the product for kitchen counters. Common within the ’70 s in addition to ’80 s, tiled bathe room in addition to cooking space counter tops can nonetheless positioned as we speak, particularly in Arts in addition to Crafts-inspired homes. But when it entails mounting brand-new ground tile counters, professionals have truly blended viewpoints.

Certain, ground tile contains sample in addition to construction to an area. Nonetheless, as a result of the floor space is not as clean as, state, its butcher-block in addition to concrete equivalents, ground tile may be difficult to keep up tidy—– particularly the cement, which is pretty permeable. From the assorted sorts in addition to costs to the benefits and downsides, proper this is what dwelling homeowners should take into accounts previous to strolling on the tiled facet.

Types Of Ceramic Tile Counter tops

There are a number of merchandise on {the marketplace}, but the professionals advise all-natural rock in addition to porcelain for bathe room in addition to cooking space counter tops.

All-natural rock won’t reveal chips or flaws as plainly, clarifies Angelica Baeza of Arizona Ceramic tile, among the many state’s main show rooms, but it does want regular securing. On the similar time, a lot much less repairs is required with porcelain ground tile, but defects will definitely be further seen.

” New improvements in porcelain ground tile actually allow the ceramic ground tile to be diminished, brightened, in addition to mounted similar to a powerful floor space or all-natural rock installment, decreasing or reducing joints or cement joints,” Bart Bettiga, government supervisor of the Nationwide Ceramic Tile Professionals Group, informs us, together with that the brand-new innovation moreover allows a much bigger vary of shades in addition to designs.

” Ceramic tiles to perhaps information removed from consist of things with a excessive polish not ideally suited for counter prime utilization,” he proceeds. “Continuously discuss to the ground tile vendor for answer rankings for this stuff in addition to ask in composing for a report to indicate if it serves to make the most of on counter prime floor areas.”

Benefits And Disadvantages of Ceramic Tile Counter tops

Professional: Vary. Like we acknowledged, you may have truly obtained decisions—– each in look in addition to in fee. Previous product form, decide from an enormous array of shades, varieties, in addition to dimensions.

Drawback: They’re susceptible to spots in addition to microorganisms. “As a permeable floor space, cement must be secured yearly to safe versus discoloration,” Baeza clarifies. “However, this might not suffice to keep away from all spots. Most likely most notably, the permeable nature of cement strains allow microbial absorption; particularly when coping with in addition to getting ready uncooked meals.”

Professional: A couple of of that may be prevented. In line with Bettiga, the abovementioned concern “originates from making use of merchandise with cement joints, making it tougher to maintain in addition to tidy.” Somewhat, decide panels or items in addition to make the most of epoxy cement particularly created for counter prime utilization.

Drawback: They don’t seem to be some of the lengthy lasting. Although heat-resistant in addition to (to an element) scratch-resistant, ground tile kitchen counters can moreover chip. Ceramic is way softer than all-natural rock, Baeza mentions, in addition to is in consequence particularly susceptible.

Professional: It is simpler to vary one ground tile than a complete piece. When one location is broken, it may be switched out with some substitute ceramic tiles.

The Expense of Ceramic Tile Counter tops

Relying upon the product you decide, you’ll be able to pay anyplace from $1 per sq. foot to $15 per sq. foot, by Bettiga’s worth quotes.

” Ceramic ceramic tiles are usually cheaper to mount than varied different counter prime merchandise in addition to the brand-new evaluated porcelain ground tile panels in addition to items which can be available are related in fee to varied different merchandise,” he states. “Since you aren’t usually shopping for product that includes quite a lot of sq. toes, it’s best to focus on the suitable merchandise, structure, in addition to viability.”

With satisfactory examine in addition to the suitable prep work, dwelling homeowners might need the power to take care of specific setups themselves, but greater panels in addition to items should be delegated the specialists. Ask your ground tile vendor to refer you to a high quality agency. Setup costs will definitely moreover differ by job, so collect quotes in addition to distinction to the value of varied different floor areas.

In the event you obtained an out-of-date meals preparation location exhibiting off avocado counter prime in an age of black in addition to chrome, you might need a burning want to repaint over the agitating ceramic tiles. Previous to you repaint, nonetheless, take into accounts that ceramic tiles – with their clean, polished, conveniently cleaned space – are developed to lose mud in addition to locations. That means they’re wonderful at shedding typical paint additionally. Efficient ground tile paint suggests extensively getting ready the ground tile floor so you’ll be able to preserve your brand-new shade in place.

Get rid of no matter from the counter prime in addition to within the fast location round it.

Combine a portion of sunshine dish cleaning soap in addition to members of the family ammonia with cozy water. Laundry the counter main ’ s entire floor in addition to backsplash. Make use of a sponge for floor areas, in addition to a bit scrub brush or tooth brush to essentially tidy up the cement in addition to complicated areas across the sink.

Laundry the counter prime completely with clear water in addition to permit it fully dry.

Consider the counter prime for persistent locations or oil. Rewash if wanted to acquire all mud, oil, in addition to grime off the floor. You require to have a most undoubtedly clear floor prior to color.

Laundry the floor as soon as extra with an answer of cozy water in addition to trisodium phosphate or regular home bleach if there are any form of indicators of mould and mildew or mould – particularly within the cement areas – in addition to clear as soon as once more. If there aren’t any indicators of fungis, you’ll be able to keep away from this motion.

Prep Work
Sand the counter prime delicately with penalty 400- to 600- grit sandpaper in a cellular sanding block or orbital sander to only mess up the ground tile floor areas in addition to present a bit tooth to carry the paint.

Laundry the counter prime with clear water in addition to permit it fully dry, after that make the most of a tack cloth as a final preventative step to do away with all filth from the sanding.

Tape off all areas across the sink in addition to wall surfaces behind the counter prime that you don’t intend to repaint making use of blue painter ’ s tape. For large areas like cabinet fronts, sink or wall surfaces, tape papers or objects of plastic mattress linen over them.

Prime in addition to Paint
Brush or roll on a layer of sunshine gray or beige overview over the ground tile floor, guaranteeing to enter the cement areas too. Make use of an outline established for robust space like ground tile or glass.

Permit the overview fully dry in response to producer ’ s directions earlier than recoating, if wanted, ceaselessly safety. Darker ceramic tiles may require higher than one layer. Depart the information to fully dry completely previous to utilizing the main layer of paint.

Make use of two layers of a good-quality oil-based paint within the shade of your various utilizing a curler or mushy brush. As soon as once more, permit correct drying out time in between layers.

Clear brushes, rollers in addition to any form of extra paint with mineral spirits.

Encompass a layer of clear urethane to the floor space to strengthen in addition to safe it as a consisted of safety. Permit it fully dry. Don’t make the most of the counter prime floor space for on the very least 24 human assets for the best outcomes.

Factors You Will Actually Require
Modest recipe cleaning soap

Little scrub brush or tooth brush

Trisodium phosphate (TSP) or members of the family bleach (non-obligatory).

Terrific sandpaper, 400- to 600- grit.

Fining sand block or orbital sander.

Blue painter ’ s tape.

Papers or plastic mattress linen.

Paint curler with a diminished snooze.

Paintbrush, huge with mushy bristles.

Information correct for ground tile, mild gray or beige.

You possibly can encompass ornamental touches like stenciling or hand-painted designs. Utilization oil-based paints over the overview in addition to base repaint layer previous to securing with urethane.

Ceaselessly guarantee correct air circulation when caring for oil-based paints in addition to the solvents made use of for clean-up. If wanted, use a follower to assist circulation air from smaller sized, open dwelling home windows.

Clear spills from repainted ground tile instantly to keep away from discoloration in addition to to keep away from water damages to the underlying paint.

Don’t use tough cleansers or scrub brushes on repainted ground tile or you possibly can set off the paint to peel off. Somewhat, use a moist sponge to scrub up the situation regularly to keep away from mud in addition to oil accumulation.