How to treat agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is an anxiousness dysfunction that causes intense concern of becoming overwhelmed or unable to flee or get help. Resulting from concern and anxiousness, people with agoraphobia often avoid new areas and unfamiliar circumstances, harking back to:

  • Open or enclosed areas.
  • Crowds.
  • Areas open air your personal house.
  • Public transportation.

What number of people have agoraphobia?

About 1% to 2% of adults within the USA have been recognized with agoraphobia. Roughly 2% of adolescents experience it. Agoraphobia is additional widespread amongst girls. It usually begins sooner than age 35.

What are the possibility parts for agoraphobia?

Risk parts for creating agoraphobia embrace:

  • Having panic assaults or totally different phobias.
  • Experiencing irritating life events, such as a result of the dying of a beloved one, being attacked, or being abused.
  • Having a nervous or anxious nature.
  • Responding to panic assaults with additional concern and apprehension.
  • Having a relative with agoraphobia.

Indicators and Causes

What causes agoraphobia?

It is not clear what causes agoraphobia. Nonetheless, it is often associated to an present panic dysfunction. Panic dysfunction causes fast, intense assaults of concern for no specific trigger. A couple of third of folks that have panic dysfunction develop agoraphobia. Nevertheless agoraphobia also can occur alone.

What does agoraphobia actually really feel like?

All people experiences anxiousness typically. Nevertheless an anxiousness dysfunction causes excessive worry that impacts day by day actions. Agoraphobia might make you are feeling extreme concern and stress, which may set off you to avoid circumstances.

The symptoms of agoraphobia are corresponding to a panic assault. Likelihood is you will experience:

    or quick coronary coronary heart cost.
  • Fear or a shaky feeling.
  • Hyperventilation or trouble respiration.
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness.
  • Sudden chills or flushing (crimson, scorching face).
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). .

Prognosis and Assessments

How is agoraphobia recognized?

Within the occasion you suppose you have agoraphobia, and the anxiousness is interfering alongside together with your day by day life, it’s best to talk to a significant care provider or psychiatrist. In case you’re afraid to go to a medical office in particular person, it is potential you will discover a approach to schedule a cellphone or video appointment.

The healthcare provider may ask you:

  • Do you get burdened about leaving your personal house?
  • Are there any areas or circumstances you avoid because you’re afraid? Why are you afraid?
  • Do you rely upon others to do your procuring and errands?

A healthcare provider can diagnose agoraphobia based in your indicators, how often they happen and the best way excessive they’re. It is important to be open and honest alongside together with your healthcare suppliers. Your provider may diagnose agoraphobia whenever you meet explicit necessities developed by the American Psychiatric Affiliation. To have a evaluation of agoraphobia, a person ought to actually really feel extreme concern or panic in on the very least two of the subsequent circumstances:

  • Using public transportation.
  • Being in an open space.
  • Being in an enclosed space, harking back to a film present, meeting room or small retailer.
  • Standing in a line or being in a crowd.
  • Being out of your personal house alone.

Administration and Treatment

How is agoraphobia dealt with?

Agoraphobia remedy usually contains a mixture of remedy methods: treatment, medication and life-style changes.

A therapist can help you are employed by way of your fears. Using cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT), a psychological healthcare provider can help you acknowledge concepts that set off you anxiousness. You then’ll be taught strategies to react additional productively.

Using leisure and desensitization strategies, your provider might need you ever take into consideration a scary state of affairs and deal with the feelings. Lastly, it’s potential so that you can to take part in actions that produce anxiousness, and you may perceive how you can deal with your emotions. Over time, treatment can put together the thoughts to suppose another way.

Your healthcare provider moreover may suggest medication known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). These medication can deal with despair and anxiousness points.

You can deal with agoraphobia with life-style changes:

  • Stay away from alcohol, medication and caffeine (espresso, tea and soda, as an example).
  • Eat a healthful, well-balanced consuming routine.
  • Prepare generally.
  • Observe respiration exercise routines.


How can I in the reduction of my menace of agoraphobia?

There is no confirmed method to forestall agoraphobia. Nonetheless, it is less complicated to deal with in its earlier phases. The additional you avoid circumstances, the additional fearful it is potential you will develop to be. Some people with excessive agoraphobia are unable to depart their residence the least bit and are fully relying on others for help. Agoraphobia can also result in totally different properly being points if left untreated, along with despair, alcohol or drug abuse and totally different psychological properly being points. These are the explanation why it's important to look psychological properly being help early.

Outlook / Prognosis

What is the outlook (prognosis) for people with agoraphobia?

A couple of third of people with agoraphobia overcome the dysfunction and develop to be symptom-free. One different half be taught to deal with their indicators larger nevertheless nonetheless have some anxiousness.

You and your loved ones members will need to have endurance as you heal from agoraphobia. Many people need 12 to 20 weeks of CBT (converse treatment) if moreover they take medication. With out medication, treatment might take as much as a 12 months.

Dwelling With

How can I be taught to deal with agoraphobia?

Take wonderful care of your self, take your medication as prescribed and comply with strategies you be taught out of your therapist. And don’t allow your self to avoid circumstances and areas that spark anxiousness. The combo can help you do stuff you have the benefit of with a lot much less concern.

A observe from Cleveland Clinic

Many people avoid talking about anxiousness points. Agoraphobia might make you are feeling afraid and isolated. Nevertheless with remedy, you probably can deal with the indicators and lead a full life. If agoraphobia or any anxiousness dysfunction impacts one of the simplest ways you reside your life, title your healthcare provider. An open, honest dialog can result in the allow you need to reside a full life.

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Learning additional about agoraphobia and its affiliation with panic dysfunction and panic assaults may allow you administration your indicators larger.

As an example, there are strategies you need to make the most of all through a panic assault to ship your emotions beneath administration.

Having additional confidence in controlling your emotions may make you additional assured coping with beforehand uncomfortable circumstances and environments.

  • Maintain the place you is likely to be – try to withstand the urge to run to a spot of safety all through a panic assault; whenever you’re driving, pull over and park the place it’s protected to attain this.
  • Focus – it’s important so that you can cope with one factor non-threatening and visible, such as a result of the time passing in your watch, or objects in a grocery retailer; remind your self the scary concepts and sensations are a sign of panic and may in the end cross.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply – feelings of panic and anxiousness can worsen whenever you breathe too quickly; try to cope with sluggish, deep respiration whereas counting slowly to Three on each breath in and out.
  • Downside your concern – try to work out what it is you concern and downside it; you probably can acquire this by all the time reminding your self that what you concern should not be precise and may cross.
  • Creative visualisation – all through a panic assault, try to withstand the urge to suppose unfavorable concepts, harking back to “disaster”; as an alternative, think about a spot or state of affairs that makes you are feeling peaceful, relaxed or snug: after getting this image in your ideas, try to focus your consideration on it.
  • Do not battle an assault – attempting to battle the indicators of a panic assault can often make points worse; as an alternative, reassure your self by accepting that although it might seem embarrassing and your indicators may be robust to deal with, the assault should not be life threatening.

Making some life-style changes can also help. As an example, be sure to:

  • takewidespread prepare – prepare can help relieve stress and stress and improve your mood
  • have anutritious food plan – a poor consuming routine might make the indicators of panic and anxiousness worse
  • avoid using medication and alcohol – they might current short-term support, nevertheless in the long term they are going to make indicators worse
  • avoid drinks containing caffeine, harking back to tea, espresso or cola – caffeine has a stimulant influence and should make your indicators worse

Psychological therapies

In case your indicators do not reply to self-help strategies and life-style changes, your GP may suggest attempting a psychological treatment.

Within the occasion you need you probably can refer your self straight for psychological therapies, harking back to cognitive behavioural treatment (CBT), with out seeing your GP.

Guided self-help

With guided self-help you are employed by way of a CBT-based workbook or laptop computer course with the assistance of a therapist.

The therapist works with you to understand your points and make optimistic changes in your life.

Cognitive behavioural treatment (CBT)

Cognitive behavioural treatment (CBT) depends on the idea that unhelpful and unrealistic contemplating results in unfavorable behaviour.

CBT targets to interrupt this cycle and uncover new strategies of contemplating that will allow you behave additional positively. As an example, many people with agoraphobia have the unrealistic thought that in the event that they’ve a panic assault it might kill them.

The CBT therapist will try to encourage a additional optimistic mind-set – as an example, although having a panic assault may be unpleasant, it is not lethal and may cross.

This shift in contemplating can result in additional optimistic behaviour by means of a person being additional ready to confront circumstances that beforehand scared them.

CBT is generally blended with publicity treatment. Your therapist will set comparatively modest goals firstly of remedy, harking back to going to your native nook retailer.

As you develop to be additional assured, harder goals will likely be set, harking back to going to a giant grocery retailer or having a meal in a busy restaurant.

A course of CBT usually consists of 12 to 15 weekly intervals, with each session lasting about an hour.

Video: psychological therapies for stress, anxiousness and despair

Animated video explaining self-referral to psychological therapies suppliers for stress, anxiousness or despair.

Utilized leisure

Utilized leisure depends on the premise that people with agoraphobia and related panic dysfunction have misplaced their capability to loosen up. The aim of utilized leisure is because of this truth to coach you methods to loosen up.

That’s achieved using a sequence of exercise routines designed to coach you methods to:

  • spot the symptoms and feelings of stress
  • loosen up your muscle tissue to alleviate stress
  • use these strategies in irritating or regularly circumstances to forestall you feeling tense and panicky

As with CBT, a course of utilized leisure treatment consists of 12 to 15 weekly intervals, with each session lasting about an hour.


Typically medicine might be utilized as a sole remedy for agoraphobia. In further excessive cases, it could even be utilized in combination with CBT or utilized leisure treatment.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)

If medicine is useful for you, you’ll usually be prescribed a course of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

SSRIs had been initially developed to deal with despair, nevertheless they’ve moreover proved environment friendly for serving to deal with totally different mood points, harking back to anxiousness, feelings of panic, and obsessional concepts.

An SSRI known as sertraline is generally useful for people with agoraphobia. Undesirable uncomfortable side effects associated to sertraline embrace:

  • feeling sick (libido)
  • blurred imaginative and prescient or constipation
  • feeling agitated or shaky

These unfavourable results ought to boost over time, although some can typically persist.

If sertraline fails to boost your indicators, it is potential you will be prescribed an alternate SSRI or an an identical type of medication generally called serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs).

The scale of time you’ll have to take an SSRI or SNRI for will differ relying in your response to remedy. Some people might need to take SSRIs for six to 12 months or additional.

Everytime you and your GP resolve it’s acceptable so that you can stop taking SSRIs, you may be weaned off them by slowly reducing your dosage. It is best to under no circumstances stop taking your medicine till your GP notably advises you to.


Within the occasion you are unable to take SSRIs or SNRIs for medical causes in any other case you experience troublesome unfavourable results, one different medicine known as pregabalin may be useful. Dizziness and drowsiness are widespread unfavourable results of pregabalin.

Be taught additional about pregabalin


Within the occasion you experience a really excessive flare-up of panic-related indicators, it is potential you will be prescribed a short course of benzodiazepines. These are tranquillisers designed to chop again anxiousness and promote calmness and leisure.

Taking benzodiazepines for longer than 2 weeks in a row should not be usually useful as they are going to develop to be addictive.

Assist groups

Charities like Ideas and Anxiousness Care UK are useful sources for information and advice about how you can deal with anxiousness and phobias. They will moreover put you in touch with totally different people who’ve had comparable experiences.

Further in Agoraphobia

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Many people assume agoraphobia is only a concern of open areas, nevertheless it is actually a additional superior state of affairs. Any person with agoraphobia may be afraid of:

  • travelling on public transport
  • visiting a procuring centre
  • leaving residence

If any individual with agoraphobia finds themselves in a irritating state of affairs, they’ll usually experience the indicators of a panic assault, harking back to:

  • quick heartbeat
  • quick respiration (hyperventilating)
  • feeling scorching and sweaty
  • feeling sick

They may avoid circumstances that set off anxiousness and can solely depart the house with a great good friend or confederate. They may order groceries on-line fairly than going to the grocery retailer. This transformation in behaviour known as avoidance.

What causes agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia usually develops as a complication of panic dysfunction, an anxiousness dysfunction involving panic assaults and moments of intense concern. It’s going to probably come up by associating panic assaults with the areas or circumstances the place they occurred after which avoiding them.

A minority of people with agoraphobia don’t have any historic previous of panic assaults. In these cases, their concern may be related to factors like a priority of crime, terrorism, illness, or being in an accident.

Traumatic events, harking back to bereavement, may contribute in route of agoraphobia, along with certain genes inherited out of your dad and mother.

Be taught additional regarding the potential causes of agoraphobia.

Diagnosing agoraphobia

Talk to your GP whenever you suppose it is potential you will be affected by agoraphobia. It must be potential to prepare a cellphone session when you don’t really feel ready to go to your GP in particular person.

Your GP will ask you to explain your indicators, how often they occur, and in what circumstances. It’s essential you inform them how you have received been feeling and the best way your indicators are affecting you.

Your GP may ask you the subsequent questions:

  • Do you uncover leaving the house irritating?
  • Are there certain areas or circumstances you have to avoid?
  • Do you have any avoidance strategies to allow you cope alongside together with your indicators, harking back to relying on others to retailer for you?

It’s going to probably typically be robust to debate your feelings, emotions, and personal life, nevertheless try to not actually really feel anxious or embarrassed. Your GP desires to know as lots as potential about your indicators to make the best evaluation and counsel in all probability probably the most acceptable remedy.

Treating agoraphobia

Life-style changes may help, along with taking widespread prepare, consuming additional healthily, and avoiding alcohol, medication and drinks that embrace caffeine, harking back to tea, espresso and cola.

Self-help strategies that will help all through a panic assault embrace staying the place you is likely to be, specializing in a single factor that’s non-threatening and visible, and sluggish, deep respiration.

In case your agoraphobia fails to answer to those remedy methods see your GP.

You’ll be able to even refer your self straight for psychological therapies, along with cognitive behavioural treatment (CBT), with out seeing your GP.

Drugs may be useful if self-help strategies and life-style changes aren’t environment friendly in controlling your indicators. You’ll usually be prescribed a course of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which are moreover used to deal with anxiousness and despair.

In excessive cases of agoraphobia, medication might be utilized along with totally different sorts of remedy, harking back to CBT and leisure treatment.


Spherical a third of people with agoraphobia in the end acquire a complete remedy and keep free from indicators.

Spherical half experience an enchancment in indicators, nevertheless they might have durations when their indicators develop to be additional troublesome – as an example, within the occasion that they actually really feel burdened.

No matter remedy, about 1 in 5 people with agoraphobia proceed to experience troublesome indicators.

How widespread is agoraphobia?

Inside the UK, as much as 2 people in 100 have panic dysfunction. It’s thought spherical a third will go on to develop agoraphobia.

Agoraphobia is twice as widespread in girls as males. It usually begins between the ages of 18 and 35.

Further in Agoraphobia

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Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an full of life supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts Frequent Hospital.

Jeremy Woodhouse / Holly Wilmeth Combine Images / Getty Images

Panic dysfunction is a type of hysteria dysfunction that is marked by recurrent and generally unanticipated panic assaults. Panic assaults are characterised by a mixture of many scary bodily indicators and upsetting concepts. For instance, all through a panic assault, a person may experience bodily sensations, harking back to shortness of breath, shaking, accelerated coronary coronary heart cost, and chest ache. Furthermore, the person may develop to be afraid that they are having a medical emergency, experience feelings of depersonalization and derealization, and even concern that they are dying.

No matter these disturbing indicators, most people with panic dysfunction will likely be taught strategies to beat panic assaults. There are numerous protected and environment friendly remedy selections that will assist in recovering from this case. Nonetheless, some will tackle the illness by way of unhealthy means. Roughly one-third of people recognized with panic dysfunction will develop a separate psychological properly being dysfunction generally called agoraphobia.

What Is Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia contains intense concern and anxiousness about your panic assaults. Likelihood is you will worry that you need to have a panic assault in a spot or state of affairs whereby escape may very well be robust. You may also be afraid that you will humiliate your self in entrance of others. Furthermore, many people with agoraphobia are terrified of getting panic assaults in areas the place no one may very well be accessible to help them.

The acute concern and anxiousness associated to agoraphobia often result in avoidance behaviors. This occurs every time you choose to keep away from quite a few areas and circumstances that you simply simply concern will set off a panic assault.

Avoidance behaviors differ from particular person to particular person and can embrace distancing your self from strategy of transportation, open areas, and large crowds. Avoidance behaviors can considerably prohibit your top quality of life. It is potential for these fears and avoidant behaviors to develop to be so extreme that you simply simply develop to be totally homebound out of concern.

In the reduction of Indicators of Agoraphobia

In case you’re afraid to depart your personal house resulting from agoraphobia, you is likely to be most actually experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Nonetheless, there are some steps you probably can take to deal with your indicators. The subsequent explains strategies to deal with and overcome your avoidance behaviors.

Search Expert Help

Agoraphobia is a treatable state of affairs.   There are numerous psychological properly being specialists who might be able to analysis your indicators, diagnose your state of affairs, and develop a remedy plan. These specialists might be prepared to offer you a protected and environment friendly restoration plan.

Agoraphobia generally develops all through the primary 12 months that a person begins having persistent and shocking panic assaults. Subsequently, will probably be vital to look out expert help as rapidly as indicators come up.

Nonetheless, even people with disabling and long-term agoraphobia generally have optimistic outcomes and enhancements by way of expert help.

Examine Relaxation Strategies

Relaxation strategies are self-help strategies that will help alleviate your feelings of hysteria. These strategies can assist in easing stress all by way of the physique and stress-free any nervousness of the ideas.  

Relaxation strategies will likely be merely found from residence and at your private tempo. Start practising these strategies to deal with panic assaults, in the reduction of unfavorable concepts and elicit your leisure response.

Observe Desensitization

Desensitization is a popular coping method that could be found by your self or by way of treatment.   Imaginal desensitization contains the utilization of your creativeness to help overcome triggers associated alongside together with your panic assaults and feelings of hysteria. Desensitization works by serving to you step-by-step unlearn your fears.

Desensitization begins by step-by-step imaging your self in anxiety-provoking circumstances whereas finding out how you can loosen up by way of your feelings of apprehension.

Whereas picturing your self in areas or circumstances that generally set off panic assaults, you will use a leisure method to work by way of your fears and anxieties.

Over time, it is potential you will discover a approach to visualize your self in feared circumstances and however actually really feel accountable to your anxiousness.   By finding out to loosen up by way of panic-inducing visualizations, you will in the end discover a approach to in the reduction of panic and avoidance behaviors.

In the reduction of Your Stress

Stress may very well be a essential provide of hysteria. Stress has been acknowledged to contribute to many bodily and psychological properly being points.   Furthermore, an extreme quantity of stress can in all probability set off just a few of your indicators. To cut back your panic and anxiousness indicators, be taught some stress administration strategies.

Agoraphobia is a type of hysteria dysfunction and contains being afraid of certain areas and circumstances that make you are feeling trapped. Along with a priority of feeling or being trapped, agoraphobia contains a concern of helplessness and embarrassment in public circumstances when a panic assault may occur

Whereas it would probably differ for everyone, triggers of agoraphobia embrace airplanes or the utilization of public transportation, being in closed or open areas, being in a line at a retailer, and crowds.

Agoraphobia should not be basically the priority of the exact place nevertheless fairly the priority that if one factor had been to happen, escape may very well be robust. People with agoraphobia typically experience anxiousness regarding the potential of getting a panic assault in public.

On a customer put up on, contributing writer Kellie Jo Holly shared her experiences with agoraphobia. She described it as dwelling in a relentless state of dread. In accordance to the author, agoraphobia led her to essentially really feel like there was one factor mistaken with the world and when she went into public, she was inviting that unfavorable presence into her life.

Coping with agoraphobia will likely be robust. It often leads people to avoid coming into into public the least bit, notably in areas the place there are crowds. Learning how you can overcome agoraphobia can also be a tough course of because of it usually requires confronting fears.

Whereas people may seek for how you can overcome agoraphobia fast, it’s not an in a single day course of. With a mixture of medication and psychotherapy, it’s potential to boost your top quality of life whenever you’ve this anxiety-related dysfunction.

1. Observe Systemic Desensitization

Systemic desensitization for agoraphobia is one risk that may allow you. Systemic sensitization treatment contains being a lot much less delicate to stimuli that produce anxiousness. You are employed in direction of your goals in a step-by-step course of.

Any person doing desensitization treatment might begin with one tiny step after which they step-by-step switch in direction of confronting circumstances that set off higher ranges of hysteria.

As any individual is doing systemic desensitization, it’s useful they have in mind the 5 Rs:

  • React
  • Retreat
  • Loosen up
  • Get higher
  • Repeat

Doing desensitization treatment will generally embrace relying on one other particular person for assist. As it is a gradual course of, it’s important to be affected particular person together with your self.

2. Implement Coping Experience

There are quite a few totally different coping experience for agoraphobia you possibly can comply with. It might take some experimenting to find the coping strategies that work best for you.

You can create a formalized anxiousness plan that signifies how you can tackle agoraphobia and descriptions the best way you’ll deal with explicit circumstances as they arrive up. Some strategies people effectively tackle agoraphobia embrace:

  • Respiration exercise routines, which is a selected occasion whereby you are employed on slowing your respiration everytime you’re in circumstances the place you experience panic or anxiousness
  • Progressive muscle leisure, which is a systemic method to bodily launch stress in your physique
  • Helpful contemplating, which focuses on altering the best way you converse to your self

It’s important to not flip to unhealthy coping mechanisms if in case you will have agoraphobia. This may embrace using substances like alcohol or isolating your self from society.

3. Stress-Administration Relaxation Strategies

A couple of of the stress-management leisure strategies it’s possible you’ll ponder are corresponding to the coping mechanisms named above, and there are others as correctly.

Making a plan for coping with anxiety-evoking circumstances can help. Your plan can outline the exact leisure strategies you will use in quite a few potential eventualities. Some people moreover uncover that meditation and mindfulness help them deal with their stress and loosen up once they’re in distressing or uncomfortable circumstances. Being bodily full of life will likely be helpful, as can busying your fingers with one factor harking back to crafting.

4. Deal with Underlying Factors

Even everytime you comply with strategies to deal with the indicators of agoraphobia, it’s nonetheless important to acknowledge and deal with the underlying parts that contribute to it. The underlying causes of agoraphobia can stem from a variety of parts. A couple of of the potential agoraphobia causes embrace:

  • Environmental stress
  • Having a panic dysfunction or totally different phobias
  • Childhood and finding out experiences
  • Trauma, abuse or irritating life events
  • Having an anxious temperament
  • Having an in depth relative with agoraphobia
  • Variations in parts of the thoughts that administration anxiousness and concern responses

So, what triggers agoraphobia? The reply is that agoraphobia can manifest another way for every particular person. As you endure treatment for agoraphobia, you is likely to be in all probability to work on the underlying factors that result in the state of affairs. With acceptable remedy, whenever you do encounter triggers, you need to have additional administration over your response.

5. Search Expert Help

Agoraphobia is a important psychological properly being state of affairs, and it’ll probably significantly have an effect on a person’s life with out remedy. With out agoraphobia remedy, issues can embrace:

  • Melancholy
  • Substance abuse
  • The occasion of various psychological properly being points
  • Points at school or work
  • Challenge with relationships
  • The dearth to depart residence

Though there are measures you probably can take by your self, in search of agoraphobia help from educated can create important enhancements in indicators and complete top quality of life.

Cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) is among the many most common sorts of psychotherapy used to deal with agoraphobia. One explicit type of CBT, publicity treatment, may be very helpful in treating phobias.

Along with treatment, medication harking back to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), may be used as part of a whole remedy plan. Within the occasion you’re struggling with agoraphobia or totally different anxiousness points, contact The Restoration Village to be taught additional about remedy purposes.

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