How to use kaufman cards

Use Kaufman Treatment Establish 1 to reveal children simply exactly how to incorporate consonants as well as additionally vowels to produce words. Afterwards, use the Kaufman Workout Set up to transfer children quickly in advance from singular words right into sensible expressions as well as additionally sentences. Ages 2-8 years. Made in the U.S.A.

Kaufman Treatment Establish 1 –—- Essential Level

Reveals children to incorporate consonants as well as additionally vowels to produce words while taking care of for speech electrical motor control trouble. Constructs intelligibility by means of a class structure of being successful quotes based upon natural phonological treatments.

  • Contains 225 long-term as well as additionally enticing image cards (5″ x7″).
  • Targets shows up/ b, d, h, m, n, p, t, w/.
  • Reveals the syllable kinds children need to comprehend to find to be effective vocal/verbal communicators.
  • Reveals distinctive pivot syllables such as “ny” or “dle” which are not contained in numerous other apraxia treatment items.
  • Include an extensive manual (52 website).

Kaufman Workout Magazine –—- 3rd Variation

Developed as a follow as much as Kaufman Establish 1, reveals children to incorporate words to create purposeful language. Run-throughs 16 specific speech electrical motor control workouts that boost the fundamental syllable kinds found in Establish 1.

  • Reproducible Workouts presently supplied via download!
  • Each workout makes clear the targeted capability, clarifies simply exactly how to accomplish the exercise, as well as additionally specifies help to be supplied to the child.
  • Include scripting as well as additionally cueing techniques plus targets word gain access to as well as additionally grammatic development.
  • Dynamic, enticing artwork consisting of the Canine Home individualities. Hardbound, 133 website (12″ x 9″).

Implementation as well as additionally Training:

Also supplied is an optional 4-hour, detailed online training program relating to this technique. Provided for 0.4 CEUs as well as additionally supplied by international apraxia professional, Nancy Kaufman, MA, CCC-SLP.

Included Mix Supplies!

What Your Associates Are Declaring Worrying Kaufman Establish 1:

” I run in the universities as well as additionally my most considerable success was the mother and fathers giving me one of the most reliable applauds as they might not believe the success with boosted intelligibility. making use of these Bundles! I can not many thanks adequate!”–—- SLP(** ).(* )” I have Bundles 1 & & 2 along with the Workout Magazine. I had a little person that was starting with Establish 1 in August as well as additionally we appreciate Establish 2 presently. He suches as the cards as well as additionally the “young pup magazine”, particularly Moppy! He suches as composing his really own expressions with the cards. Amongst his brother or sisters saw me at the store as well as additionally she turned up as well as additionally accepted me as well as additionally declared ‘Many thanks for enlightening my brother to talk! We can acknowledge him presently!'”–—- SLP(** ).(* )” I have in fact been making use of the Kaufman program for possibly17 around years. It should have every dollar I bought training as well as additionally items.”(****
)—- SLP (** ).

“My youngster is still on Establish 1, nonetheless he has in fact made considerable gains with the K-SLP strategies. We purchased Establish 1 as well as additionally Establish 2 for residence use. He has in fact gone from 35% accuracy to 100% on VCV (vowel-consonant-vowel) in a truly short time!” –—- Mother And Fathers

” The Kaufman collections are remarkable. I in addition appreciate the Kaufman Speech to Language magazine.”–—- SLP(** ).

(************* )” I use my Kaufman Establish on an everyday basis.”—- Karla S., SLP

(* )(************* –)” One of the most reliable Apraxia resource—- without a doubt!”—- Christine Z.M., SLP (** ).

” I use Kaufman cards weekly in my strategy.”—- Pamela L., SLP


” Amongst my favored therapy tools!”—-(**** )Rina K.S., SLP


” I use my Kaufman cards daily!”—- (***** )(************** ) Katie E., SLP(** ).

“I appreciate Establish 1—- as well as additionally have in fact used it a variety of times throughout the years with children as well as additionally children. I find it –gives a whole lot success as well as additionally positive self-image—- as well as additionally the mother and fathers merely appreciate it! It absolutely ‘opens up’ something that creates a growth in vocabulary as well as additionally communication capabilities!”–—- SLP

” I handle children with Autism as well as additionally they indulge in working together with Establish 1. I have in fact seen huge improvements generally communication as well as additionally intelligibility. merely seeing their capacity to engage much better has in fact been fantastic!”–—- SLP(** ).

“My youngster is still making use of Establish 1 with his SLP, as well as additionally we in addition have in fact a reviewed residence to work out with. It has in fact been such a terrific tool for him! He started therapy off at 2 & & & 1/2 years old as well as additionally was generally nonverbal. Presently, he’s 3 as well as additionally has in fact been making slow-moving, nonetheless secure development! He suches as the cards!”–—- Mother And Fathers

” The Kaufman magazine has exceptional information on vowels, receptive cueing, as well as additionally pivot expressions that aid when the children are previous 2-syllable expressions.”

” I have the Kaufman Treatment Bundles 1 as well as additionally 2, plus the Workout Magazine. I appreciate each of them, nonetheless I particularly appreciate the Workout Magazine. My students appreciate the scenes with the Canine relative! They request to do specific scenes over as well as additionally over! Outstanding language strategy as well as additionally fantastic for my apraxia students.”

” The Kaufman Workbook is fantastic! Good deals of jobs for each activity the child might go to. Easy summaries additionally so it is something that can be sent residence. My kiddos like the individualities in overview additionally.”

” I have in fact been making use of the Kaufman program for possibly 17 around years. It should have every dollar I bought training as well as additionally items.”

” The Workout Magazine as well as additionally Establish 1 & & & 2 are one of the most reliable. I use them frequently.”

” The Kaufman collections are remarkable. I in addition appreciate the Kaufman Speech to Language magazine.”

” I such as the Kaufman Workout Magazine. It’s a terrific resource.”

” I have the Workout magazine as well as additionally appreciate it!”

” Love my Kaufman Workbook!”

” I merely bought this magazine, & & & I appreciate it. I paid attention to Nancy talk a while back, as well as additionally she’s remarkable.”

” I appreciate the Kaufman Workout Set Up!”

” The Kaufman Workout Magazine is remarkable for vowel shaping!”

” I have the Basic & & & Advanced Kaufman Kits, the Workout Magazine, as well as additionally the Indicator to Talk Nouns & & & Verb cards. They’re all remarkable!”

Kelly as well as additionally Leah speak about apraxia, which is a motor/speech control problem that brings about a specific not having the capability to create words.

At Therapy Play ground, the treatment technique we use is the Nancy Kaufman technique with the “ Kaufman Cards ”. This podcast exposes what the cards appear like as well as additionally simply exactly how they are made use of.

The front of the card has a picture, as well as additionally the back of the card has in fact words harmed down in an inverted technique to show up out words, this allows the child to create to asserting words efficiently. This can be done by the professional or the mother and fathers at residence with their child.

Apraxia therapy can take numerous years, possibly a great deal of their school year. Some children are apprehensible nonetheless have troubles with multi-syllabic words.

Much Of our “ residence eyebrows via ” are in addition children with apraxia, which can be among one of the most difficult ambience to handle because when they continue to be in their actual own ambience they mean to run around as well as additionally play. With the Kaufman resembling being so duplicated, there are a lot of drills as well as additionally structure throughout therapy that is needed.

Although it can in addition be tougher to handle even more younger children with this problem, it is necessary to get the child right into therapy asap.


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Therapy Products Examination: Kaufman Establish 1 (Essential Level)

This is an examination of the Kaufman Speech Method Treatment Establish for Child (Essential Level). The collection was produced by Nancy Kaufman, MA, CCC-SLP. Nancy Kaufman is a throughout the nation popular professional in apraxia that has in fact produced evaluation as well as additionally treatment items in the area of apraxia. This collection has a little manual that makes clear the treatment strategies recommended as well as additionally 201 image cards prepared right into category by syllable type. The back of each card exposes a class structure of suitable responses for the image on the card relying on the here and now effectiveness level of the child.

Target Audience

The target audience for the Kaufman Establish Essential Level will normally be children in between the ages of 2 as well as additionally 6. The pictures on the cards were created with those ages in mind. These cards will definitely be most beneficial for children that are combating with producing fundamental syllable kinds as well as additionally need to focus on the really early emerging consonants/ p, b, m, t, d, n, h/.

Recap of the Kaufman Establish (Essential Level)

    The manual corresponds for both the Essential Level Establish 1 as well as additionally the Postgraduate degree Establish 2 so a few of the website in the manual do not connect to Establish 1. The manual begins with a note to mother and fathers that clarifies Youth years Apraxia of Speech, gives an intro of the Kaufman Speech to Language Technique technique to taking care of Youth years Apraxia of Speech, as well as additionally briefly clarifies some factors mother and fathers can do in your house. The rest of the manual is fairly technical as well as additionally made up with a Speech-Language Pathologist in mind as the target audience for the manual. The rest of the manual clarifies the Kaufman assessment position, treatment hairarchy, clarifies cueing techniques, gives circumstances of purposes for IEPs as well as additionally clarifies fundamental treatment aspects to think about.

Simply Exactly How to Use the Kaufman Establish Cards

Via authorities or informal evaluation, develop which syllable kinds are losing out on as well as additionally which of the lacking ones the child is stimulable for. Afterwards handle the card develops for the losing out on syllable kinds that are most hassle-free for the child. Bear in mind that any kind of among the responses on the back of the card can be thought of to be suitable. The responses on the back of the card are all suitable, nonetheless get closer to the genuine production of words as you transfer from base to top. When you start working together with a certain card, recognize which is the greatest feasible making the child can efficiently imitate as well as additionally start there considerably working your ways up by making use of the cueing techniques specified in the manual.

Therapy Job Tips for Kaufman Establish Cards

  • You can frequently just pierce words utilizing a talked advantage, sticker tag, or change at a computer game after every 5-10 responses.
  • Make a laminated train engine as well as additionally buggy. Line your cards up in between the engine as well as additionally buggy making a word train as well as additionally location a little advantage (sticker tag, cheerio, and more) on the buggy. Have the child state each word 1-5 times as well as additionally when they reach conclusion of the train they get the advantage. Afterwards developed a new train.
  • Tape the cards directly on the wall surface area. Make the location as dark as practical as well as additionally permit the child light up each card with a flashlight. They need to specify words 1-5 times before they can light up the complying with word.
  • Hide the cards around the location. Educate the child that you are playing hide as well as additionally search for with words which they need to find 10 (or nevertheless numerous you hid) words. As they bring each word to you they need to specify it 1-5 times before probably to find the complying with word. Once they find all the cards they get a little advantage. Afterwards they cover their eyes while you hide a new collection of cards. Or, you can trade as well as additionally permit them hide words for you to find. They still require to specify each word 1-5 times when you bring the card to them before you go find another.
  • Lay the cards on the floor covering in some sort of pattern as well as additionally play a beanbag toss computer game. They specify words the beanbag come down on 1-5 times before getting to throw the complying with beanbag.

Advantages And Also Downsides of the Kaufman Speech Method Establish 1 (Essential Level)

Pros: This collection provides items for carefully building speech from the really the very least difficult to many hard in relation to syllable structure. Within each syllable structure, there is in addition a class structure of suitable responses from the least motorically elaborate to many motorically elaborate (as well as additionally specific). That makes this collection appropriate for working together with children that have Youth years Apraxia of Speech particularly those children that are minimally talked.

Drawbacks: This collection is actually expensive. It is simply Establish 1. There is another collection that contains the later developing consonants as well as additionally much more center syllable structures that you might prefer when a child outgrows Establish 1. That collection is in addition actually expensive. There are simply a number of words (normally 6-12) in each category so if you are looking for a vast array of words to increase generalization, that is not the purpose of this collection. Also, if your child needs workout with a bigger series of consonants, they will definitely not be contained in this collection.

For the price, I expected a significant manual that was created to inform a mother and fathers or amateur SLP with little apraxia experience relating to the problem itself. Afterwards I would definitely would such as for the manual to explain in an offered implies the idea behind the Kaufman strategy as well as additionally why it is so suitable for taking care of the problem. The manual has to make it actually easy to understand simply exactly how to use the items with children as well as additionally supply concrete circumstances of therapy job principles. To put it just, I was underwhelmed with the manual.


If you presently have the understanding as well as additionally experience to acknowledge simply exactly how to suitable use these items as well as additionally you have a variety of minimally talked children on your caseload, this collection would definitely be well worth the procurement price. If you do not please both of those criteria, I believe the price is too much.

Children with young people apraxia of speech can not easily apply and/or team up oral-motor activities to incorporate the consonants as well as additionally vowels needed to produce words. Asking children to imitate whole words would definitely be developing them up for stopping working. Comparable to any kind of type of numerous other work that is difficult to master, the work of speaking can be harmed down right into an additional structured one, in this circumstances word quotes.

By having a look at simply exactly how children originally find to chat, we can observe that the majority of the really early vocabulary begins with word quotes such as, baw for round, or bah for container, as well as also wawa for water. Children with CAS that have in fact executed bit squealing or strategy as children, may not have the capability to change what they pay attention to as well as additionally acknowledge, right into the electrical motor act of speaking those words. By just utilizing children with CAS the opportunity to attempt word quotes making use of the consonants as well as additionally vowels presently in their toolbox, reliable initiatives at words are achieved, boosted, as well as additionally made up by the target markets understanding, as well as additionally as a result their activity to the children needs as well as additionally requires. Via shaping, cueing, as well as additionally fading techniques, children with CAS can considerably transfer right into whole words, expressions as well as additionally sentences.

One can analyze the consonant as well as additionally vowel patterns of children by making inquiries to imitate, transferring a class structure from fundamental to elaborate vowel as well as additionally consonant blends to get an account of the children motor-speech effectiveness. Afterwards, by means of strategy of this position of consonant as well as additionally vowel patterns, the children gain talked method capabilities for the superior purpose of reliable talked communication.

Past the workout of working out consonant-vowel patterns in authentic words is the vital aspect of sensible communication. As swiftly as the child has any kind of type of type of a quote for a word, it has to be prompted as well as additionally boosted by the suitable activity of the target market (i.e., giving the child juice for attempting doos or oos for juice). In this technique, nevertheless, we do not constantly wait on the child to use a quote individually, though that is definitely the optimal purpose. We actually help them with reproduction, indications, sets off or any kind of type of practical ways to aid them make their suitable word estimate initiative. We in addition aid to manuscript the children directly right into 2 or three-word blends essentially immediately, additionally if every word is simply approximated, such as in I prefer. being scripted as Ah wah

This technique includes aspects of treatment (shaping, cueing, fading) for reliable quotes, along with our understanding of phonological treatments, which are the ways children commonly have a tendency to simplify developed type of words. Such phonological concepts as last consonant elimination, collection reduction, vowel neutralization, to name a few treatments, are what we depend decide simply exactly how a word can be structured based upon typical speech development. Every word can be reduced to its covering (this suggestion of word treatments existed to me by Ms. Carole Goff, M.A., CCC/SLP). As an instance, words container, can be harmed down such as this:

Choosing the children greatest feasible reliable reproduction as well as additionally reinforcing it (ideally giving the child the container), gives them an opportunity at reliable talked communication in contrast to simply authorizing the total word which may not yet be a chance. This technique in addition includes techniques collected from the research study as well as additionally work accomplished by numerous speech as well as additionally language pathologists that handle individuals presenting obtained apraxia of speech. These techniques include making use of song as well as additionally activities to take the stress and anxiety off of the volitional muscular tissue mass control system. Occupational therapy/sensory mix techniques of straight enjoyment to the oral musculature as well as additionally making use of gross-motor job to drive the entire electrical motor system to set off verbal-motor capabilities are in addition vital to this technique.

The Kaufman Speech Method Treatment Strategy is in addition becoming really reliable for children with CAS on the series of autism. Dr. Vincent Carbone, Ed.D., BCBA as well as additionally Ms. Tamara Kasper, MS/CCC-SLP, BCaBA, are currently checking out as well as additionally readjusting the KSPT techniques particularly by means of Applied Verbal Behaviors, utilizing strategies from B.F. (1959) as well as additionally Sundberg as well as additionally Partington (1998). The adjustments for children with autism are substantially as an outcome of the truth that it can be tougher to transfer along the position of word quotes, as there is much more work related to dispatching as well as additionally transforming the really initial found word estimate as well as additionally creating it in the direction of the superior purpose of the total word. Dr. Carbone in addition makes use of the strategy of stimulus-stimulus pairing to transfer non-verbal (yet vocal singing) children right into the capacity to imitate educational program vitae patterns, which prepares them for the KSPT technique.

Via the workout, scripting, as well as additionally certainly boosting word gain access to, grammatic capability development as well as additionally fundamental formula capabilities, children with CAS can become effective talked communicators.

Goal: A Phase I pilot research study was created to build up first evidence on utilizing the Kaufman Speech to Language Technique (K-SLP; Kaufman, 2014) to handle children with young people apraxia of speech. We thought that the K-SLP technique would definitely cause much more specific speech production in targeted words, whereas unskilled (control) words as well as additionally speech sounds would definitely remain to be unmodified.

Strategy: A single-case multiple-baseline throughout activities speculative design was made use of to see if speculative usefulness can be revealed. 2 children each obtained a total of 12 1-hr treatment sessions over 3 weeks. The children’s activity to treatment as well as additionally speculative control was identified by giving requirement, treatment, as well as additionally posttreatment probes.

End Results: Both children disclosed some activity to treatment, as identified by percent phonemes suitable; nevertheless, the activity to treatment varied. Usually, for the handled words that boosted with therapy, accuracy was maintained over basic level throughout the maintenance phase. Minimal generalization was observed for this research study, with simply 1 specific popularizing treatment gains to 2 collections of unskilled (similar) words.

Judgment: This Phase I pilot research study provides very little first evidence for the efficiency of the K-SLP technique in taking care of young people apraxia of speech in some children under the troubles specified in this research study. Replication of these reason well-controlled investigates is needed before this organized as well as additionally operationalized variant of the K-SLP technique can be recommended for clinical use.