How to write a diamante

A diamante poem is a poem fabricated from seven traces of phrases which may be organized in a specific diamond-like sort. The phrase diamante is pronounced DEE – UH – MAHN – TAY; it is an Italian phrase which means “diamond.” This type of poem does not comprise rhyming phrases.

There are two elementary sorts of diamante poems: an antonym diamante and a synonym diamante.

Antonym Diamante Poem

The first step to writing an antonym diamante poem is to think about two nouns which have reverse meanings.

Because of a diamante poem is diamond-like in sort, it ought to begin and end with single phrases that sort the very best and bottom. Inside the antonym sort, these phrases might have the opposite which means. Your job as a writer is to transition from the first noun to the opposite noun in your descriptive phrases.

Synonym Diamante Poem

The synonym diamante takes the an identical sort as a result of the antonym diamante, nevertheless the primary and closing phrases must have the an identical or comparable which means.

Diamante Poems Observe a Explicit Methodology

  • Line one: Noun
  • Line two: Two adjectives that describe the noun in line one
  • Line three: Three verbs that end with “ing” and describe the noun in line one
  • Line 4: Four nouns—the first two ought to relate to the noun in line one and the second two will relate to the noun in line seven
  • Line 5: Three verbs that end with “ing" and describe the noun in line seven
  • Line six: Two adjectives that describe the noun in line seven
  • Line seven: Noun that is reverse in which means to line one (antonym diamante) or the an identical in which means (synonym diamante) as a result of the noun in line one

The first line of this poem will comprise a noun (particular person, place, or issue) that represents the precept matter of your poem. For instance, we’re going to use the noun “smile.”

Two phrases that describe a smile are happy and warmth. These phrases will sort the second line on this occasion.

Three verbs that end with “-ing” and describe a smile are: welcoming, inspiring, and soothing.

The center line of the diamante poem is the “transition” line. It’s going to comprise two phrases (the first two) that relate to the noun in line one and two phrases (the second two) that relate to the noun that you’re going to write in line seven. As soon as extra, the noun in line seven could be the reverse of the noun in line one.

Line 5 may be very similar to line three: it might comprise three verbs ending in “-ing” that describe the noun you will placed on the end of your poem. On this occasion, the last word noun is “frown,” on account of it is the reverse of “smile.” The phrases in our occasion poem are disturbing, deterring, depressing.

Line six is very similar to line two, and it will comprise two adjectives that describe “frown.” On this occasion, our phrases are sad and unwelcome.

Line seven contains the phrase that represents the opposite of our subject. On this occasion, the opposite phrase is “frown.”

A diamante – pronounced dee-uh-MAHN-tay – is an unrhymed seven-line poem. The beginning and ending traces are the shortest, whereas the traces throughout the middle are longer, giving diamante poems a diamond kind. “Diamante” is the Italian phrase for diamond, so this poetic sort is known as for this diamond kind.

Think about it or not, the diamante was invented merely 40 years prior to now. It was created by an American poet named Iris McClellan Tiedt in 1969, and has become very modern in schools.

Additionally referred to as a “diamond poem” as a result of its kind, there are two varied sorts of diamantes; synonym diamantes and antonym diamantes.

The Tips of a Diamante

There are only some pointers to writing a diamante:

  1. Diamantes are seven traces prolonged.
  2. The first and closing traces have just one phrase.
    The second and sixth traces have two phrases.
    The third and fifth traces have three phrases.
    And the fourth line has Four phrases.
  3. Traces 1, 4, and 7 have nouns.
    Traces 2 and 6 have adjectives.
    Traces three and 5 have verbs.

Proper right here’s a easy strategy to visualise all three pointers:

Adjective, Adjective
Verb, Verb, Verb
Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun
Verb, Verb, Verb
Adjective, Adjective

In a synonym diamante, the nouns firstly and end are two phrases that indicate principally the an identical issue. In an antonym diamante, the two nouns are opposites. Listed below are a couple of examples:

Synonym Diamante

On this diamante, the phrases “Monsters” and “Creatures” indicate the an identical issue, in order that they’re synonyms.

Evil, Spooky
Howling, Shrieking, Wailing
Ghosts, Vampires, Goblins, Witches
Flying, Scaring, Terrifying
Creepy, Crawly

Antonym Diamante

On this diamante, you might say that the phrases “Cat” and “Canine” are opposites, or “antonyms,” so that’s an antonym diamante.

Gentle, Sleepy
Purring, Meowing, Scratching
Whiskers, Fur, Collar, Leash
Barking, Licking, Digging
Slobbery, Playful

Getting Started

To start writing a diamante, you first must resolve what issue you want to write about. The rationale you want to select a issue is that your first and closing traces must be nouns. In several phrases, your diamante may be a couple of noun, corresponding to a “pencil” or a “pizza,” comparatively than a couple of verb, corresponding to “bounce” or an adjective like “smelly.” A easy issue to put in writing down about is one factor you need or one factor you see spherical you.

Subsequent, you’ll want to resolve whether or not or not you want to write a synonym diamante or an antonym diamante. In the event you want to write a synonym diamante, you’ll want to select one different phrase that means the comparable issue as your subject. If you are going to write an antonym diamante, choose a phrase that is its reverse.

For this occasion, I am going to current you straightforward strategies to put in writing an antonym diamante in regards to the “photo voltaic,” and my second noun is “moon,” as a result of the photo voltaic and the moon may be thought-about opposites.

If you’ve chosen your two nouns, take a piece of paper and brainstorm as many phrases as you’ll that have to do with each of them. For example, make one column for each phrase and write down each half you’ll think about. You’ll want adjectives (descriptive phrases), verbs (movement phrases), and far more nouns. Your lists must look one factor like this:

Photo voltaic


Don’t worry in case you’ve gotten further phrases than you need. It’s increased to have too many phrases to pick out from than not enough.

Lastly, you’ll want to put together your diamante, putting the synonyms or antonyms on the excessive and bottom, the adjectives subsequent, on traces 2 and 6, the verbs after that on traces three and 5, and lastly your additional nouns on the middle line.

Inside the excessive half of the poem – traces 2 and three – your adjectives and verbs should be ones out of your first brainstorming column – phrases that have to do with line 1, like this:

Photo voltaic
Fiery, Yellow
Burning, Blinding, Exploding

Inside the bottom half of the poem – traces 5 and 6 – your adjectives and verbs should be related to the noun on line 7, like this:

Shining, Orbiting, Reflecting
Chilly, Silver

On line 4, the highway within the midst of the poem, the first two nouns should be related to the noun on line 1, and the ultimate two nouns should be related to the noun on line 7, like this:

Flame, Gentle, Night, Crescent

Whilst you put each half collectively, you’ll end up with one factor like this:

Photo voltaic
Fiery, Yellow
Burning, Blinding, Exploding
Flame, Gentle, Night, Crescent
Shining, Orbiting, Reflecting
Chilly, Silver

Points to Consider

As you begin writing your private diamantes, listed beneath are the important points to remember:

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A diamante is a diamond-shaped 7 line poem. It begins and ends with 1 phrase, and each line has 1 further or 1 a lot much less phrase than the ultimate line. The longest line in a diamante solely has 4 phrases in it, and never one of many traces in a diamante are full sentences. They’re made up of all nouns, adjectives, or verbs that describe the first or the ultimate line throughout the poem.

Poem Template and Sample Poem

  • Summer season and winter
  • Love and hate
  • Men and women
  • Cats and canine
  • For example, for those who’re using summer time season as matter A, you then might itemizing the phrases scorching, sunny, humid, vibrant, warmth, and gratifying.
  • For many who’re using cats as matter A, you then might itemizing furry, stealthy, neutral, cute, and cozy.
  • For example, whenever you’re using summer time season as your matter A, you then might choose phrases like working, participating in, swimming, climbing, and laughing.
  • For many who’re using cats as matter A in your poem, you then might itemizing wanting, sleeping, snuggling, participating in, and purring.
  • For example, in case your second matter is winter, you then might itemizing chilly, dry, festive, snowy, and windy.
  • In case your matter B is canine, you then might itemizing loyal, defending, energetic, playful, and affectionate.
  • For example, in case your second matter is winter, you then might itemizing sledding, snowboarding, hibernating, baking, and sleeping.
  • In case your second matter is canine, you then might itemizing barking, drooling, fetching, working, and collaborating in.
  • For example, in case your diamante is about summer time season and winter, then the nouns would possibly embrace rain, snow, photo voltaic, clouds, holidays, family, and timber.
  • In case your diamante is about cats and canine, you then might itemizing collar, fur, ears, whiskers, paws, treats, and toys.

Tip: For many who’re having hassle arising with phrases, try making an attempt up a phrase in a thesaurus for inspiration. For example, you’ll seek for “scorching” and get synonyms corresponding to “fiery,” “blazing,” and “smoldering.”

  • For example, when you choose summer time season and winter, you then might resolve to place summer time season throughout the first line.
  • Or, whenever you go for cats and canine, then you definitely would start with cats and end with canine.
  • For example, whenever you started your poem with summer time season, then your adjectives is prone to be warmth and vibrant.
  • For many who started the poem with cat, then your adjectives is prone to be stealthy and neutral.
  • For example, in case your noun is summer time season, then you definitely would use laughing, working, and collaborating in as your verbs.
  • In case your noun is cats, you then might embrace the phrases wanting, sleeping, and purring.
  • For example, whenever you’re using summer time season and winter, you’ll itemizing photo voltaic, clouds, holidays, and timber in your fourth line. The first 2 nouns are further about summer time season whereas the second 2 nouns are further about winter.
  • For many who’re using cats and canine in your diamante matter, then you definitely would itemizing whiskers, paws, ears, and toys.
  • For example, if matter B is winter, you then might choose sledding, snowboarding, and hibernating.
  • In case your second matter is canine, you then might choose barking, drooling, and fetching.
  • For example, if matter B is winter, you then might use chilly and dry.
  • In case your matter B is canine, you then might choose loyal and defending.
  • For example, if matter A is summer time season, you then would conclude your poem with winter.
  • If matter A is cats, you then would conclude your poem with canine.

Tip: Attempt swapping out completely totally different phrases and altering the order of the phrases to see what you need best. For example, you might similar to the sound of “sledding, snowboarding, sleeping” increased than “sledding, sleeping, hibernating” as a result of the primary risk choices three two-syllable phrases that all begin with an S.

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About This Article

To put in writing down a diamante, which is a diamond-shaped poem that’s 7 traces prolonged, start by deciding on 2 nouns which may be opposites, like summer time season and winter or love and hate. Then, write definitely considered one of them on the excessive of your internet web page. Subsequent, write 2 adjectives on the second line that describe the noun above them. For example, if the noun you’re using is “summer time season,” you’ll write “warmth, vibrant” beneath it. As quickly as you’ve gotten added these 2 adjectives, write three verbs that relate to your first noun and end in “ing” on the third line, like “laughing, working, participating in.” On the fourth line, write 2 nouns that describe your first noun and a few nouns that describe your second noun. Finish the poem by doing the an identical consider your second noun, merely in reverse. Whilst you’re accomplished, your second noun should be on the ultimate line of your poem. For suggestions on straightforward strategies to present you good phrases in your diamante, maintain learning!

Do you favor to check points quickly? Pretty than take weeks to check an intricate new pastime, would you want a YouTube video to elucidate one factor, or increased however, a diagram? In the event you want to uncover methods to put in writing a poem quickly, then uncover methods to put in writing a diamante.

A Dia-What?

A diamante is a relatively new sort of poetry. It originated in 1969 and was created by an American educator and poet, Iris Tiedt. Nonetheless, like many primary poems, its determine is Italian, and means “diamond.”

Why a diamond? Because of the poem’s development is supposed to provide a diamond kind.

The considered poems being shapes, or “concrete varieties” is a loads older idea. George Herbert, a 17th century English poet, has two poems “Easter Wings” and “Altar”, each fashioned to duplicate their matters. One different concrete occasion occurs throughout the midst of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, when a small mouse supplies his story in a poem — fashioned like a tail!

That’s what a diamante appears to be like in elementary sort:

At its core, all you need is a couple of creativity and a working info of the elements of speech. See how the diamante is put collectively below.

Getting the picture, now? Learning straightforward strategies to put in writing a diamante is way less complicated than writing a sonnet, with its cautious pointers, or a sestina, with its superior measurement. All you need is a subject, or some opposites, and sixteen phrases.
Image by Erika Varga from Pixabay

The Nuts and Bolts (and Nouns and Verbs)

  • Noun — Explicit individual, Place, Issue, or Thought
    • George Washington, Palace, Tiger, Freedom
    • Brave, golden, ferocious, lasting
    • Spoke, glittered, snarled, rang

    Variations on a Diamond Theme

    There are two elementary sorts of diamante, the synonym diamante and the antonym diamante. Each follows the an identical elementary development, nevertheless in composition there are some variations that we’ll make clear below, with examples.

    Synonym Diamante

    The Synonym diamante begins with a noun and ends with a synonym for that noun. Say you start with the phrase “kitten”, you might end with the phrase “cat.” Possibly, you start with “snow”; you’ll end with “winter.”

    Visualizing this however? If not, let’s take one different check out the idea of a synonym diamante about cats.
    Image by iqbal nuril anwar from Pixabay

    You start with the noun, “kitten.” Now you need some adjectives. That is easy for kittens. You provide you with a pair—fluffy, cuddly, there are so many selections!

    Now for some verbs. What are some actions kittens or cats do? Jot them down.

    Once more to nouns. Further verbs and adjectives—after which the parting noun, matching your first one, and you have written a synonym diamante.

    It could look one factor like this:

    Antonym Diamante

    1. The middle nouns straddle the outlet and will very nicely be utilized to each opposing idea.
    2. Or the first two nouns be part of with the preliminary subject, and the second two nouns end in and introduce the opposite idea.

    For example, suppose you decided to put in writing down an antonym diamante about England and America.
    Image by Free-Footage from Pixabay

    You start with the phrase America or England, add some related phrases, and also you then get to the middle of the diamante. What Four nouns would possibly describe every? Correctly. English, for one, since we every converse the language.

    Soccer (even if our definitions are completely totally different, we do use the an identical phrase!)

    Cities—you get the idea, all of these phrases relate.

    Or maybe you resolve to go reverse and so that you just throw in two nouns which may be solely British or American. You could possibly presumably use phrases like “wellies” or “rugby”, “Boston” or “baseball.”

    Your diamante would possibly seem to be this:

    (Observe: the verbs have been extra sturdy to assemble for this antonym diamante until the author narrowed the primary focus to a specific event and idea.)

    Inserting all of it Collectively

    Do you uncover how among the many phrases throughout the examples sparked recollections? A diamante can showcase the power of affiliation—listening to 1 phrase nevertheless contemplating of an idea or event. The beauty of a diamante is which you would be straightforward, ironic, delicate, or daring. Image by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

    The alternatives in your private voice are intensive, so listed beneath are some regular suggestions as you get started writing your private diamante.

    Brainstorm. What would you want your diamante to be about? Write down potential phrases.

    Take a look at your itemizing. Do you’ve got two phrases that be part of, or two phrases which may be good opposites?

    Take your select. Synonyms or antonyms? Which kind of diamante do you want to write?

    Start Writing. The poem begins!

    Some Diamante Poetry Starters

    • A spot, or areas, you want
    • One different literary or cultural work (favorite tv current, anyone?)
    • Meals (why are there no extra poems in reward of espresso?)
    • An animal or pet
    • One factor in nature
    • An abstract idea (endurance, liberty, freedom, quarantine)
    • Two of your favorite points that totally different of us will not be part of (for example, pizza and orange juice. Certain, we’re once more to meals.)
    • A buddy or member of the household

    Further Concepts, Hints, and a Free Thought

    As you write your diamante, be aware of phrase measurement. For many who’re writing a synonym diamante and also you uncover your diamond off-balanced, try swapping phrases spherical. Use a dictionary to seek for phrases—and a thesaurus to go looking out synonyms or antonyms. Merriam Webster on-line is a superb helpful useful resource.

    If you’ve written your diamante, revised it, and are happy with the highest consequence, get inventive. Make your private diamante graphic using Canva. Uncover the correct background image from Unsplash or Pixabay.

    For example, this sample diamante:

    Turned this Canva graphic:

    Hint: whenever you do use Canva, add each line of your poem individually, so it is less complicated to accommodate.

    DOUBLE HINT: your fastidiously spaced diamante will almost certainly not copy and paste inside paperwork. Way more function to make a graphic to showcase your poem!

    Summing it All Up

    Now you perceive how one can write down a diamante. You could write with confidence; you’ve got the devices. the development and sorts. Have gratifying, be inventive, and be capable of share your poetry with a buddy. Or prepare them how they themselves can write this simple nevertheless satisfying poetic sort.


    A lover of books, espresso, and most of the entire gospel, Hayley comes from the Midwest. When she’s not learning, she’s normally looking for a pen or scrap of paper to put in writing down down a model new idea.

    You could prepare kids of all ages to put in writing down a diamante poem. As quickly as they’re accustomed to three elementary elements of speech—nouns, verbs, and adjectives—your homeschoolers can eagerly bounce in and let their creativity soar!

    Diamante: A Poem of Opposites

    What’s a diamante? It’s a seven-line poem that takes the type of a diamond. Nonetheless there’s further to it than that! A diamante is a poem about opposites. Proper right here’s one a couple of lion and a lamb.

    Majestic, proud
    Roaring, snarling, prowling
    Mane, muscle . . . Fleece, fluff
    Bleating, leaping, grazing
    Meek, gentle

    You would possibly recall that in a cinquain, the first and closing phrases are synonyms (the ultimate phrase of the poem renames the first).

    Diamantes rely as a substitute on a fastidiously measured number of phrases to describe two opposing points, areas, emotions, or ideas.

    As you’ll see from the “Lion and Lamb” diamante, a sequence of intentionally chosen phrases tells in regards to the first subject. Halfway through, a set of opposing phrases describes the second subject. Our sample poem begins with a way of energy, vitality, and pleasure sooner than the tone switches to definitely considered one of softness, gentleness, and peace.

    Straightforward strategies to Write a Diamante Poem

    When educating your youngsters straightforward strategies to put in writing a diamante, always start by introducing the poem’s straightforward development. This diamond-shaped poem always has seven traces that adjust to this sequence:

    Line A: Matter A (must be a noun)
    Line B: Two vivid adjectives that describe Matter A
    Line C: Three fascinating “-ing” movement verbs that describe Matter A
    Line D: Two concrete nouns about Matter A and two about Matter G
    Line E: Three fascinating “-ing” movement verbs that describe Matter G
    Line F: Two vivid adjectives that describe Matter G
    Line G: Matter G (must be a noun)

    Proper right here’s one different diamante occasion:

    Clear, good
    Glowing, shining, revealing
    Mirror, candle . . . Whisper, shadow
    Deepening, sleeping, shrouding
    Black, quiet

    Brainstorm for a Diamante Poem

    Brainstorming is a technique to think about ideas sooner than it’s time to put in writing down. Share the data below collectively along with your kids and invite them to brainstorm on clear paper for varied ideas. Then, have them adjust to the directions to write their very personal descriptive diamante.

    Because of the poem doesn’t have many phrases, it’s important to resolve on each phrase fastidiously. As an alternative of obscure, blah phrases, help them select vibrant, fascinating phrases that convey clear which means.

    We love the Synonym Finder! It’s among the finest thesaurus for serving to kids uncover stronger phrases to change uninteresting, flat ones. Check it out whenever you would possibly use a good thesaurus on your family members!

    Reverse Phrase Pair Ideas

    Diamantes always start and end with a noun. Whereas the itemizing below supplies some ideas, encourage your youngsters to think about their very personal, too.

    Applicable: age/youth (nouns)
    Incorrect: earlier/youthful (adjectives)

    • cat/canine
    • boy/girl
    • photo voltaic/moon
    • pencil/paper
    • airplane/submarine
    • sandals/sneakers
    • mountain/valley
    • metropolis/village
    • fire/ice
    • thunder/lightning
    • earth/sea
    • baseball/soccer
    • fairy/goblin
    • rose/thorn
    • crystal/coal
    • cheese/crackers
    • love/hate
    • victory/defeat
    • peace/turmoil

    Line A: Title a matter (see methods above).
    Line G: Title an reverse matter. (This might be the LAST line of your diamante.) Consider—topics must be nouns.
    Line B: Brainstorm 5-6 vivid, concrete adjectives to elucidate Matter A. Do not choose phrases that end in “-ing.”
    Line C: Brainstorm 5-6 extraordinarily descriptive participles (verbs ending in “-ing”) that match Matter A.
    Line D: Brainstorm plenty of nouns that inform one factor about Matter A and Matter G. Make certain you choose NOUNS, not ADJECTIVES!
    Line E: Brainstorm 5-6 extraordinarily descriptive participles (verbs ending in “-ing”) that match Matter G.
    Line F: Brainstorm 5-6 vivid, concrete adjectives to elucidate Matter G. Do not choose phrases that end in “-ing.”

    Write the Diamante Poem

    Now that your faculty college students have quite a few ideas, they’re ready to put in writing down their diamante. Share these instructions with them.

    1. Diamantes rely on sturdy phrases, so decide the most descriptive phrases out of your brainstorming and put your diamante collectively. Diamantes don’t desire titles.
    2. When you end up glad, recopy the poem onto clear pocket guide paper.
    3. Coronary heart your diamante on the paper.
    4. Begin each line with a capital letter and have in mind your commas. Do not use ending punctuation.
    5. Embody three spaced durations within the midst of Line D.
    6. When accomplished, double-check for concreteness!

    Line A. _______
    Line B. _______ , _______
    Line C. _______ , _______ , _______
    Line D. _______ , _______ . . . _______ , _______
    Line E. _______ , _______ , _______
    Line F. _______ , _______
    Line G. _______

    Now that your kids know straightforward strategies to put in writing a diamante poem, I’m constructive they’ll want to write many further!

    Poetry doesn’t must be boring! Your kids will love Let’s Write Imagery Poems! This digital helpful useful resource lets them have gratifying with phrases as they research in regards to the poetic devices and figures of speech that make poems loads gratifying to study!

    Moreover, WriteShop Main and WriteShop Junior homeschool curriculum attribute not lower than one partaking poetry lesson in each stage. Your youngsters might have gratifying with poetry!